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Contents page analysis

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Contents page analysis

  1. 1. Contents page Analysis
  2. 2. Vibe
  3. 3. Analysis• As the audience looks at the Vibe contents page the first thing they see is the title and the image . The title ‘ Contents’ is not written in a conventional font but is written in a modernised bold font , the word it slip between three sections and creates a modern artistic feel to the contents page . This type of font and word layout is not only featured in this contents page but through a few other creating a sense of continuity which the audience can familiarise themselves with creating as said in the previous slide a brand identity .In continuation , the wording is against a light grey background and the strong bold black font attracts the reader to the wording informing them that this is the contents page. At the end on the word ‘ Contents’ the reader is informed that this particular page is one of three contents pages encouraging the reader to view the other pages.• The overall background which is featured in the contents is very simple and again follows the trend that is set by Vibe across there magazine . The background compliments the main image and the bold text which is featured in the contents and creates an artistic element to the whole contents page , by using this background Vibe have created a current , clean and finished look to there contents page . Secondly , the background allows the artist in the main image to stand out and become the main attraction for the audience and also fits the character of the artist as a fashionable artists who has based his brand around that idea. Featured in the background is a large ‘V’ which is faded out and placed in a light grey font to fit in with the contents page and the theme which is presented by the magazine for this contents page. This ‘V’ stand for Vibe and remind the reader what they are reading and also allows vibe to take ownership of this contents page. In addition , this use of this ‘V’ not only informs the reader but also makes the contents complete not making it too plain and boring giving the reader something to catch there eye on an d look at . In the same way , this ‘V’ is featured in more than one front cover and shows a level on continuity creating a brand identity that the audience can relate to .
  4. 4. • As stated in an earlier paragraph the artist featured in this section on the contents page is Kanye West . He is the main object featured in this section and immediately will attract audience to read the information which is based in the contents page . He is dressed is smart wear and this provokes a serious feel to the contents page as if the artist is making a statement to the audience announcing his place in the Hip Hop industry . In addition , this again reflect the fashionable nature of the artist and shows this side of his character. The body language given of to the audience if very aggressive but also very simple . The artists is facing the audience straight on allowing the audience to see facial expressions clearly . In the picture Kanye West has his hands in his pocket , this is a contrast although wearing a blazer and a shirt this connotes to show that he is relaxed and still normal . In addition , in the main image features is a females hand grabbing Kanye West’s heart broche . This is a key symbol and suggest to the audience that Kanye has been through pain as the heart is broken but also that is heart and love for an individual has been taken way from him . This is key as at the time the picture was taken Kanye West’s mother had just died and this picture featured in the Vibe contents page reflects this. While going through this pain Kanye West released an album and these feelings and emotions are reflected in his music especially in songs on his ‘808 and Heartbreak album which feature singles such as ‘Welcome To Heartbreak’. Fans of the artist will be interested by this contents page and will want to read on learning more. In addition , the heart is made to draw the attention of the reader a the rest of the picture is plain in black and white and the heart is the only colour which is offered to the audience . By doing this allows the audience to understand the importance of the heart and what it represents in this image.• The information that is featured on the Contents page is featured to the left of the main image . This allows the reader focus on the writing but also doesnt draw attention away from the main image. The title used at the top of the contents text read ‘Features’ the font used is a handwriting font and is provides a stylish edge to the section . By having this writing bolder and different font allows it to draw the attention of the reader to read the information featured therefore , reading the articles which are in the Vibe magazine.
  5. 5. xxl
  6. 6. • The contents page featured in the slide above is an XXL edition which was released in November 2010 . The contents features the all round American artist BOB .The first thing that the audience see’s as they look onto the contents page is the title which is placed at the top of the page . This title reads ‘doin’ lines’ and is a use of mode address used by XXL . This would appeal to the target audience and they would feel like the magazine is addressing them giving the contents page a more personal feel and gives a sense of ownership feeling that the magazine is theres to enjoy . The word ‘doin’ is also a use of informal slag and creates a friendly informational ton e with the reader.• In addition , the words are in a bold black font this makes them stand out to the audience and create a statement on the page which cannot be missed , also the writing is featured in black asserting the statement which has been made. Below the main title is a sub title that reads ‘B.O.B fills in all the blanks’ this links in with the title which is placed above and directly refuses to the artist featured on the contents page , this is something that would appeal to an audience which would be interested in B.O.B and would provoke to audience to read through the articles featured inside. In addition , this sub title also refers to music as an artist fills in the blanks on a page by writing lyrics and would appeal to rap fans as rappers are said to write lyrics with a ‘pen and pad’• The main image which is featured in this contents page as stated before includes American rapper B.O.B . The artist is crouched down looking directly at the audience. The facial expression given by the artist is very hard and harsh and features a slight raised eye brow and follows the stereotypes of a male Hip Pop / Rap artist featured in magazines such as Vibe and XXL. Similarly, B.O.B has his hand facing in the direction of the audience and allows us to see his bracelet and ring which are silver and have diamonds imprinted in them , this also follows Hip Hop convention . On Other hand , although being Hip Hop convention the sliver jewellery featured in small and not very ‘flashy’ this shows that B.O.B is not just a typical rapper and he has been praised for not flashing around him money although being extremely wealthy.• In continuation , the choice of clothing by the artists allows the audience to relate to him as he is wearing normal affordable clothes and trainers which the audience would have seen and probably could afford . In addition by him crouching down it gives the impression to the audience