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Contents page analysis

  1. 1. Contents page analysis
  2. 2. Top of the Pops • • • • At the top of the page it has the word ‘contents’ so the reader knows what is on this page. This is a code and convention of magazine contents pages. The main title on this page is ‘inside your mag…’ By using the word ‘your’ this immediately makes the reader feel special and that this magazine was made for them. It gives a personal touch also. The font used for the text is rounded and girly which suggests the female target audience and the final word ‘mag’ is capitalised and in a different colour to stand out. The font used for the text is rounded and girly which suggests the female target audience and the final word ‘mag’ is capitalised and in a different colour to stand out. The word ‘mag’ is an abbreviation which is cool and will appeal to the target audience.
  3. 3. Top of the Pops • • The main title is positioned in a shape which directs your eye to the text beneath which is clever as it tells the reader what order they should read the information. The cover is organised into columns and sections to categorize the information on the page. The ‘on the cover’ section includes and image of the cover and arrows pointing to different articles and their page number which informs the reader of where to find each article in the magazine. As the articles on the front cover are likely to be the main reasons the reader bought the magazine having a quick guide to show where those articles can be found is a good feature.
  4. 4. Top of the Pops • • • • • There is a bold title saying ‘Hey girls!’ which shows the target audience is mainly girls. Also the bold part at the end of the letter is in a font which looks handwritten and there is a kiss after her name which makes it more personal for the reader. Also it makes them feel as though they are friends with her or that the magazine was made for them. There are images of some magazine staff with celebrities. They aren’t professional images but it is evidence that the stories are real and the staffs meet the stars. The article information is organised into three columns (with four main sections). They each have a purple rectangular shaped header with the text in white. This enables the reader to go directly to the section of articles they want. The page numbers are a different colour to the article text and are slightly bigger than the text so they stand out. Any images on the contents page that relate to an article have the page number by the edge.
  5. 5. We Love Pop • • • This contents page includes the logo (masthead) from the cover of the magazine which adds professionalism to this contents page. Unlike on many other contents pages there is no main title which says ‘contents’ – I think this is because the style of this magazine is quite cool and funky and so having a plain title like that would make it less interesting for the reader. Alternatively there is a titles which reads ‘WE LOVE THIS…’ This links with the name of the magazine as that also begins with ‘we love’. The font used is big and bold which immediately catches the readers eye and demands them to read that first. The use of the word ‘we’ makes it more personal and leads the reader to think it’s cool and that they should love it too as the editors have that power to make something cool and interesting.
  6. 6. We Love Pop • • • • The next thing which grabs the reader’s attention is the main image. This is a busy but intriguing image due to the poses the girls are in. The mise en scene of this image fits well with the teenage female target audience as each of the girls is wearing different bright funky outfits. The lighting is bright and suggests ‘pop’ to the reader and the props relate to the small captions that come with the image. The editors letter although being a block of text will catch the readers eye as it has the blue puff shape at the beginning with the text ‘snuggled up with the sats’ inside. The language used suggests they are friends with the Saturdays as they are using a shortened version to call them by. Also the word ‘snuggled’ is something that could be linked with sleepovers and this would appeal to the target audience as it will be of interest to them at their age.
  7. 7. We Love Pop • • • The handwritten font which has been used to sign off the letter makes it more personal and is friendly. It will make the reader feel more comfortable and that they are friends with the editor. The layout of this contents page is very busy and cluttered however this style suits the target audience as they will want lots of things to look at that will interest them without having to read a lot of text. The small box with the title ‘inside this month…’ has a tidy layout however. You can clearly see which page each article is on and the pink black repeated use of colour is funky and pleasing on the eye. The big numbers look good and this may be a feature that I use on my own contents page.
  8. 8. We Love Pop • • • There is a photo banner along the bottom of the page which is clearly there just to kill dead space and it looks very busy with all of the images positioned at different levels. Personally this layout of images doesn’t appeal to me however, the target audience would enjoy something like this as it includes lots of different pop idols. The small images on the right hand side are organised into a column which is pleasing to the eye. Each of the images has been anchored by a page number so the reader can easily find that article in the magazine. I like the style of the page numbers with the yellow shape and white number however the font style that has been used for the page number doesn’t fit in with all of the other text on the page. At the bottom of the page there is the page number and issue information in the form of the website.
  9. 9. NME • • • This contents page is very different to the two I have already looked at as the genre of music is different. However there are some features which are similar as all three magazines have a similar target audience. The title on this page is made very clear by being in a black box. This makes it stand out and look bold on the page. The nme logo is included and following is the text ‘this week’. This tells the reader that this magazine is published weekly and so if they like reading it they immediately know they can buy it again next week. Inside the black box is also the date of publication which also adds to the text above as the reader knows a week from the 1st November is the 7th and so they can buy the magazine then.
  10. 10. NME • • • • The layout of the page is very busy and full. This is a feature apparent to the target audience range as magazines aimed at the older audience are more organised and structured. On first glances this contents page looks very textual but the column layout makes it easier to read. There is a clear colour scheme of red, black and white which suits the genre of music this magazine is based on. The main image fits in with the black, white, red colour scheme as the clothing the actors are wearing all match this theme and also the lighting in the image is red. The image is positioned in the centre of the page which demands the reader’s attention and this is a clever feature as below the image is an extract from that story which if interests the reader then leads them to go to that page and read the whole article. The caption for the image is the second largest piece of text on the page so stands out on the page.
  11. 11. NME • • • On the left hand side of the page down the full length of the page is a band index. This is something individual to this magazine and provides the reader with a list of every band included in that week’s edition of the magazine. It makes it easy for the reader to find a page that will interest them immediately. As the list is the full length of the page it suggests that this magazine is going to be full to the brim of band information which could lead the reader to buying this magazine again. Also through the text being red it makes this list stand out on the page. The contents column on the right hand side of the page is clearly organised into five different sections. Each section has a subheading in a black rectangular shape which clearly marks the start of the section.
  12. 12. NME • • • Within each section there are the articles – each page has a mini subheading in bold text then beneath a small snippet of information on that article. This helps the reader to find something quickly and easily that interests them. Some interesting graphical features have been included such as arrows. This gives the reader extra information if they chose to read it. In the centre column of the page there is a black box with yellow text in giving information about the subscribing to this magazine. This feature is to advertise and so by introducing completely new colours to the page it makes it stand out.