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Custume ideas


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Custume ideas

  1. 1. Comme des F~****************Kdown BennieThis accessory piece was madepopular by the American rapper‘ASAP Rocky’ . As he became knownand signed to RCA Records , his styleevolved and ASAP has quicklybecome a fashion Icon . These hatsbecome popular as ASAP Rocky wascontentiously seen wearing themand they caught on in the urbanfashion seen. The hat has bee wornby artists and fashion icons as acrossthe world .Now the hat is part of urban fashionat this moment and as seen as amust for this fall season.
  2. 2. Ripped Skinny jeansRipped skinny jeans have been in trendin high fashion for a number of yearsand have been a timeless necessity toa fashion conscious male’s wardrobe .Recently , it has become a statementworn largely by fashion based musicartists and this has spread to retail .The piece of clothing compliments anyoutfit and is a great statement piece .The pictures presented to the rightshows a picture of the Americanrapper and fashion icon Kanye Westwearing some light blue ripped skinnyjeans . Kanye West was one of the firstto start this trend as it spreadthroughout mens high fashion tourban fashion.
  3. 3. Jordan retro 6’sJordans have taken over fashion as they havespread all over the world and become one ofthe most popular trainers in the world.These particular Retro 6’s where released along time ago but have now stormed into thefashion world and have been praised for theresimplistic but powerful appearance . As you canimagine they have been worn by a largeamount of Artists across the world some of themost popular featuring : Kanye West , Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar , and Rick Ross .The picture presented to the right shows theAmerican rapper Rick Ross sporting the JordanRetro 6’s and he has recently said these shoesshould be in everymans wardrobe .
  4. 4. Trapstar Leather JacketsAt the moment the brand Trapstar isextremely popular and have spread therewide range of clothing across the world .With artists as big as Rihanna , ASAP Rocky, G Frsh , Stalley , Rita Ora and Sincereregularly spotted in Trapstar goods. Thepicture featured is of a well known UK R&Bartist name ‘Angel’ . Angel , like many artistsis a fan of the clothing and is regularlyspotted wearing the brandIn the particular picture he is wearing aTrapstar leather jacket and as stated beforethese are particular popular . In the fashionworld leather jacket have moved from therock stereotype and have become a figure ofurban an high fashion.
  5. 5. Dope chef teesDope chef is a UK brand that specializes inretro original clothing . There unique simplebut effective clothing have caught the eye ofmany people and even people in the fashionworld . There clothing originated from the‘Hipster’ style of clothing and they havebought this type of style to the urban fashionseen . Like Trapstar , a large number of Artistshave been spotted wearing the UK brand .Some of the most popular feature Mikill Paneand Ed Sheeran.The picture shown to the right features MikillPane wearing the Tie Die Tee , which isextremely popular at the moment and Mikillpane has adopted the lifestyle.
  6. 6. TRENDZ MAGAZINE• The male artists featured in my magazine will wear and outfit that is in trend featuring pieces that are in fashion in this moment in time . Dark colours will reflect he male pride and sinister side but also including he odd bright colour to stand out and add some fun. Each artist featured will wear different clothing to show there type of music and there individuality that will leave a print of the urban music scene .• There will be a continuation of style going threw the magazine with artist being styled wearing mostly blacked creating a masculine feel , showing the power of rap but the importance of fashion . Each artists will look different from the next creating there own brand and like stated earlier there own stamp on the urban music scene.• The sides before show the ideas and pieces of clothing that may be featured on the ‘TRENDZ’ magazine and the artists featured have inspired me to create this look and have made each piece of the jig sore.