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Questionnaire results


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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire ResultsDuring my research and planning phase of making my ‘TRENDS’ music magazine I carried out aquestionnaire allowing me to collect information from my target audience by asking a variety ofappropriate questions , the results will give me a variety of feedback to analyse and leave me tofigure out how they would will implicated into my music magazine. The Questions asked in thequestionnaire are already separately featured in my blog. The graph featured to the left shows Age the results from the first questionnaire which asked for the individual’s age bracket. Most of the 19-25 people fell into the 15-18b age 41% bracket. The target market for my 15-18 59% magazine is 15-30, after getting these results. 2) What Genres of music do The second question asked the individual for their top 3 music you enjoy ? genres and a variety of options. The most popular answers are featured 10 in the bar chart shown. The most popular answers where Hip- Hop 5 and R&B, this is what my music magazine is based around and tells 0 me I am creating the right magazine Hip-Hop for the target audience R&B Club Music
  2. 2. The next question simply asked the 3) Do you frequently read a individuals if they currently red a music magazine at this music magazine at the time. 80% of moment ? the people asked answered no. Due to this my magazine will be featured as an easy read and will not feature Yes a large amount of heavy text. In 20% doing this it will be specific for my young target audience as they don’t usually buy music magazines this No magazine will be accessible and 80% extremely visual. Question 4 asked the individuals how 4) How musch would you be much they would be willing to pay for a music magazine. The most popular willing to pay for a music answer which 80% of people choice magazine was the cheapest price which was £1.50-2 £2-3.50 £3.50+ ‘1.50-2’. This then tells us that here at ‘TRENDS’ magazine that the target 10% audience would like a high quality but 10% affordable magazine. These results also follow the trend which has been set by the last few questions which show the younger target audience. As the target 80% audience in general have not bought a music magazine before they will not want to spend a lot of money and be sceptical when buying a music magazine.5) Question five of the questionnaire asked the individual to rate a variety of options from 1-8, 8being the highest about which articles they would rather see in a music magazine. The answersvaried from person to person in a general sense the main answer which popped up frequently wherefashion, new upcoming artists and reviews. These answers reflect the target audience as themagazine is aimed at young people who are also fashion conscience as well as heavily dependent onmusic , The results also me to confirm the type of articles which will be featured in the ‘TRENDS’magazine .
  3. 3. Question 6 asked the individual 6) what attracts you most to a what attracted then to a front cover front cover ? the most out of the options offered. The results are featured I the graph 12 to the right hand side and it shows 10 that the most popular was the main image. This tells me that the main 8 image for my front cover must be a 6 key feature of my main image. From 4 these results I have taken it and 2 created a slick and powerful main 0 image that will attract my target Main Adverts Colour Free Gifts Sell Lines audience. Image7) The seventh question on the question asked the individual to write the artist they would like tocollaborate with if they where an artist. Again with this question the answers varied betweendifferent people, popular answers featured: A$AP Rocky, Rita Ora and Rihanna. From the results ofthis question it helped me to understand popular artists and which artist I should feature in mymusic magazine that would attract my target audience. The finial question of my music 8)Does music feature in your magazine asked the individual if everday Life ? music featured in there everyday life. The graph to the right hand shows that the large majority of No people answered this question with 15% the answer yes . The results from this question confirmed that I had handed out my question to the right Yes target audience who needed music 85% in their life and would be interested in reading ‘TRENDS’ music magazine.