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RadiciGroup Chemicals, corporate presentation

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RadiciGroup Chemicals presentation

  1. 1. RadiciGroup Chemicals
  2. 2. Our Group RadiciGroup is one of the most active Italian chemicals Groups at an international level.A Group with diversified businesses operating worldwide in A Group that is part of a WIDER WORLD including
  3. 3. Our Numbers
  4. 4. RadiciGroup Worldwide Presence Our production and sales units- in our Chemicals, Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Textiles business areas - are located in Europe, Asia, North and South America. PERSONNEL: 3,700
  5. 5. Synergy&Integration One of RadiciGroups key strengths… The synergistic vertical integration of its polyamide chain. The Group has total control over its production chain,from chemical intermediates, starting with cyclohexanol, to polyamide 6 and 66, engineering plastics and synthetic yarn.
  6. 6. In the Chemicals Sector… RadiciGroup is oneof the leading producers of POLYAMIDE 6 AND 66AND RELATED INTERMEDIATES
  7. 7. Our Strengths… Thanks to its production units, RadiciGroup chemicals business plays a vital role in the upstream vertical integration of the Group’s polyamide production chain. Our strong points:Vertical Integration Production Flexibility Immediate response to market needs
  8. 8. CompanyBackground 1970RadiciGroup, already operating in the polyamide yarn sector, diversifiedits business through vertical integration: it began producing nylon 6polymer. 1986RadiciGroup bought and revamped a former Montedison productionsite in Novara, Italy, which became Radici Chimica SpA. Nitric andadipic acid production was re-started up. 1991At the Radici Chimica site, a new plant was built to producehexamethylenediamine; this enabled the production of nylon 66polymer.
  9. 9. CompanyBackground 1998Radici Chem Trade BV was opened in Mendrisio, Switzerland. 2001Radici Chimica Deutschland GmbH, a new plant for the productionof adipic acid, was set up in Zeitz, Germany. 2003RadiciChem Shanghai Co. Ltd, was opened in China. 2004The Novel combined-cycle cogeneration (turbogas) power plant wasbuilt-up in Radici Chimica Novara site. The plant has an output of 100MW of electric power and can supply all the steam required for theNovara plant’s operations. Today…Over the years RadiciGroup has expanded its chemicals businessand become a world leader in the production of polyamide 6 and 66, andrelated intermediates. Today RadiciGroup can reach consumers inchemicals markets all over the world: Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa,North and South America.
  10. 10. Production UnitsPA 66ADIPIC ACID Radici Chimica SpANITRIC ACIDSALT 66 Novara - ITHEXAMETHYLENEDIAMINEADIPIC ACIDNITRIC ACIDCYCLOHEXANOL Radici Chimica Deutschland GMBHCYCLOHEXANONE Zeitz - DE Radici Fil Casnigo - ITPA 6 Radici Yarn Villa d’Ogna - IT
  11. 11. Production CapacityADIPIC ACID 190Radici Chimica SpA, Novara – ITRadici Chimica Deutschland GMBH, Zeitz – DE KTonsPA 66 90Radici Chimica SpA, Novara – IT KTonsHMDA 45Radici Chimica SpA, Novara – IT KTonsPA 6 110Radici Yarn, Villa d’Ogna – ITRadici Fil, Casnigo - IT KTons
  12. 12. Products&Brands ChemicalsRadichem® AdipicA Adipic acid.Radichem® AGS Mixture of dicarboxylic acids (Adipic, Glutaric, Succinic).Radichem® NitricA Nitric acid.Radichem® HMDA Hexamethylenediamine.Radichem® KAOil Cyclohexanol - Cyclohexanone mixture.Radichem® Esters Dimethyl Adipate, Dimethyl Esters AGS, Diisobutyl Esters AGS.
  13. 13. Products&Brands Polyamide 6Radipol® S Polyamide 6 (PA6) obtained from the polymerization of caprolactam. Polyamide 66 Polyamide 66/6 copolymer obtained from the polymerization ofRadipol® C hexamethylenediamine, adipic acid and caprolactam.Radipol® A Polyamide 66 (PA66) obtained from the polymerization of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid.
  14. 14. Products&Applications Adipic Acid for fibres , PA 66 engineering plastics, polyurethanes, resins, plasticizers, lubricants, adhesives, additives, pharmaceutical products, pesticides, herbicides.Chemicals Nitric Acid for metallurgy; surface treatment in steel production; galvanic industry; machinery cleaning and disinfection in the dairy industry; nitrogen fertilizer production. Esters for biodegradable solvents, paint removers, cosmetics, detergents/cleaners, coatings, plasticizers, chemical intermediates.Polyamide 6 Compounds - ExtrusionPolyamide 66 Films - Fibres sector.
  15. 15. Quality RadiciGroup Chemicals Business Area companies are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.Radici Chimica SpA Radici Chimica Deutschland GmbHNovara - IT Tröglitz - DEIQ Net - Certiquality: DQS:ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004IQ Net:ISO 9001:2008 IQ Net: ISO 9001:2000IQ Net - Certiquality: ISO 14001:2004ISO 14001:2004 DQS: ISO 9001:2000IQ Net ISO 14001:2005ISO 14001:2004
  16. 16. Sustainability Quality and Sustainability are vital to RadiciGroup. We want to ensure the sustainability of our manufacturingoperations and make sure that our products further our goal to protect our natural resources. As we are a chemicals Group, we, more than others, have to focus on the efficiency and quality of our productionprocesses, products and services by using new technology and innovative systems that are compatible with our objective of safeguarding the environment. By embracing the Responsible Care voluntary programme, RadiciGroup renews its commitment to put into practice principles fostering increasingly responsible conduct in the areas of employee health and safety and the environment.
  17. 17. Contact us Radici Chem Trade BV Radici Chimica SpA Via Lavizzari, 4 Via G. Fauser, 50 CH - 6850 Mendrisio IT - 28100 Novara Phone +41 91 6400750 Phone +39 0321 693111 Fax +41 91 6300912 Fax +39 0321 693201 Radici Chem (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Radici Chimica Deutschland GmbH Room I, 30th Floor, Cross Region Plaza, Dr. Bergius - Strasse, 6 No. 899 Lingling Road, Xuhui District DE - 06729 Tröglitz CN - 200030 – Shanghai Phone +49 3441 8298122 Phone +86 21 64389210 Fax +49 3441 8298124 Fax +86 21 64389960www.radicigroup.com/chemicals