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Type Cross browsers testing


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Cross browsers testing, tool to test cross-browsers

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Type Cross browsers testing

  1. 1. CROSS BROWSERS TESTING Presenter: Thu.Nguyen
  2. 2. What is Cross Browsers Testing ? • Is a process to test web applications across multiple browsers • Involve checking compatibility of application across multiple web browsers and ensures that web application works correctly across different web browsers • Involves testing both the client side and server side behavior of the Web application when it is accessed using different Web Browsers
  3. 3. Cross Browsers Challenges New versions released frequently Many different versions Many different browsers 3
  4. 4. What should I test in Cross Browser Testing ? • Page validations with and without JavaScript enabled • Ajax and JQuery functionality • Font size validation • All images and alignment • Page content alignment to center, LHS or RHS • Date formats • Special characters with HTML character encoding • Page layout in different resolutions • Page layout in different browsers (with different versions) • Page layout in different operating systems
  5. 5. Which devices and browsers should I test?
  6. 6. Which devices and browsers should I test?
  7. 7. Type of Cross Browsers Testing • Multiple Installations – Install real browser and OS on your devices. Use virtual box like VMWare and VirtualBox. – Services: Mordern.IE
  8. 8. Type of Cross Browsers Testing • Web-Based Screenshot Service – Services which grab a screenshot of your chosen website in a wide array of browsers and operating systems – Services: • Browsershots • IE NetRenderer • Browsera
  9. 9. Type of Cross Browsers Testing • Web-Based Browser Simulator – Services allowing you to take control of a remote machine and play with its browsers through your own system – Services • Browserstack
  10. 10. Type of Cross Browsers Testing • Desktop Application – Install application on your system and allow you to capture screenshot or simulator – Apps • Spoon • Browserseal • Microsft Expression Web Super Preview
  11. 11. Type of Cross Browsers Testing • Browser Developer Tools – Some browsers offer plugins and tools which allow them to mimic the behavior of other browsers – Tools • Firefox + Chrome: IE tab • IE: Compatibility Mode
  12. 12. Type of Cross Browsers Testing
  13. 13. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Browsershots
  14. 14. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Browsera
  15. 15. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Browserstack screenshot
  16. 16. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Browserstack emulator
  17. 17. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Browserstack responsive
  18. 18. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Spoon
  19. 19. Cross Browsers Testing Tools • Multi Browser Viewer
  20. 20. Thank you!