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2017 NGB New Varieties Edibles/Vegetables


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National Garden Bureau announces the newest varieties for home gardeners for 2017. Grow the best in vegetables/edibles!

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2017 NGB New Varieties Edibles/Vegetables

  1. 1. Vegetables/Edibles New Varieties For 2017
  2. 2. Basil Pesto Party • Abundance of leaves that offer sweet Italian basil flavor • Perfect for fresh pesto and salads • Ocimum basilicum W. Atlee Burpee & CO.
  3. 3. Beet Fresh Start F1 • Grown only for the leaves (it does not form a root) • Crunchy texture pairs well with any kind of dressing • Beta vulgaris Sakata
  4. 4. Beet Golden Boy • Mild beet that doesn't stain like reds! • Stunning golden-orange • Sweetest and most tender when young • Beta vulgaris Botanical Interests Inc
  5. 5. Beet Gourmet Blend • A mix of Detroit Dark Red, Golden Detroit, White Albino and Chioggia. • Beta vulgaris Terra Organics, LLC
  6. 6. Brussels Sprouts Dagan • Tall plants have firm, smooth sprouts of excellent quality • Blue-green plants do not easily lodge • Beta vulgaris Bejo Seeds
  7. 7. Carrot Rainbow Blend • A kaleidoscope of carrots, colorful mixture of five varieties of baby carrot • Great for all specialty and farming markets • Daucus carota Seeds by Design, Inc.
  8. 8. Chinese Cabbage Suzuko • Tall barrel-shaped heads have a deep vibrant green and white exterior and bright yellow interior • Texture is crisp with a refreshing • Brassica rapa Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  9. 9. Corn Neon Pink • Filled with bright dark pink kernels • It is a great ornamental but can be used for a popcorn • Zea mays Terra Organics, LLC
  10. 10. Cucumber Eversweet F1 • Green slicing cucumber with robust semi trailing vines • Can be enjoyed at a younger stage • Cucumis sativus Terra Organics, LLC
  11. 11. Fennel Antares F1 • Luscious and fleshy bulbs, healthy foliage • Very pleasing anise flavor, tender scales without stringiness • Foeniculum Vulgare All-America Selections
  12. 12. Kale Prizm F1 • Small leaves are tender enough to enjoy in fresh salads and can also hold up to cooking • Quick to re-leaf • Brassica oleracea var. sabellica Syngenta Flowers Inc.
  13. 13. Kohlrabi Konan F1 • Smooth, globe-shaped bulbs that are the perfect size • Sweet flavorful bulb that has an excellent texture! • Brassica oleracea Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  14. 14. Lettuce Mottistone MTO • Crisp outer leaves before forming its sweet, flavorful heads •Wide maroon speckles decorate the deep green leaves •Lactuca sativa Harris Seeds
  15. 15. Lettuce Sweet Valentine • Brilliant red on both sides of the leaves • Lower half of each leaf is apple-green • Lactuca sativa Seeds By Design
  16. 16. Okra Candle Fire F1 • Suitable for both fruit and Ornamental usage • Dry seed can be used as coffee • Abelmoschus esculentus All-American Selections
  17. 17. Onion Blush F1 • A unique long-day storage onion with blush pink-tinted skins • Fairly easy onion to grow • Allium cepa Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  18. 18. Pea Patio Pride • Wonderful in containers or planted as small low hedge • Compact • Pisum sativum All-America Selections
  19. 19. Pepper Mad Hatter F1 • Produces many crunchy fruit which have an unusual disc shape with wings • Can be eaten at any stage • Capsicum baccatum All-America Selections
  20. 20. Pepper Nikita • Begin creamy yellow, eventually developing coral- colored streaks • Sweet and delicious at any stage • Capsicum annuum Territorial Seed Company
  21. 21. Pepper Takara F1 • Mild but rich flavor • Toss Takara with a tiny bit of oil and cook on the grill or in a pan • Capsicum annuum Sakata America
  22. 22. Radish Fiesta Blend • These radish varieties: Hailstone, Scarlet Globe, Sparkler, Purple Plum and Golden Helios. • Raphanus sativus Seeds by Design, Inc.
  23. 23. Squash Honeybaby F1 • Miniature dark orange fleshed butternut squash • Great tasting and healthy Fall treat in container • Cucurbita mushata All-America Selections
  24. 24. Squash Mashed Potatoes F1 • Bright white rind and a low sugar, low carbohydrate flesh • Flesh when baked and fluffed has the consistency of mashed potatoes • Cucurbita spp. Harris Seeds/GardenTrends
  25. 25. Strawberry Delizz® F1 • Abundant harvest during whole growing season of delicious strawberries •Fragaria F. x ananassa ABZ Seeds
  26. 26. Sweet Corn Inferno F1 • Some of the best eating quality you’ll find in an early mid-season • Dark green husks and plentiful flags offer excellent cover • Zea mays Harris Seeds/ GardenTrends
  27. 27. Tomato Braveheart F1 • Very prolific and crack resistant with excellent flavor • Fruit are small and ripen to a brilliant red • Solanum lycopersicum Sakata America
  28. 28. Tomato Damsel F1 • Little to no pruning • Flavor is comparable to pink heirlooms, sweet and tangy with slightly firmer texture • Solanum lycopersicum Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  29. 29. Tomato Chef’s Choice Yellow • Very Large yields of 12-14 ounce yellow beefsteak tomatoes • Perfect acid to sugar balance • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  30. 30. Tomato Giant Garden Paste F1 • Cross between a Beefsteak tomato and a Roma Tomato • It is juicer than other Paste varieties and very meaty! • Solanum lycopersicum Park Seed
  31. 31. Tomato Gladiator F1 • Unbeatable armor of vigor, flavor, aroma and yield •Solanum lycopersicum W. Atlee Burpee & Co.
  32. 32. Tomato Lady Bug F1 • Small red-fruited cherry tomato • Excellent sweet flavor • Lycopersicon esculentum Terra Organics, LLC
  33. 33. Tomato Oxheart • An heirloom variety popular because it is dense with few seeds • Star sliced fresh atop salad greens or paired with mozzarella • Solanum lycopersicum Botanical Interests
  34. 34. Tomato Patio Choice Red F1 • Great determinate tomato for containers • Produce generous amounts of bright red rounded fruit • Lycopersicon esculentum Seeds by Design Inc.
  35. 35. Tomato Patio Choice Yellow F1 • Perfect mild flavored cherry tomato that sets over 100 fruit • Beautiful tomatoes fresh or sun dried • Lycopersicon lycopersicum All-America Selections
  36. 36. Tomato Pink-a-licious F1 • Perfect go-to "all purpose" tomato • A wonderful balance of sugar to acid that brings a juiciness to its great flavor • Lycopersicon lycopersicum Syngenta Flowers Inc.
  37. 37. Tomato Take 2 • Ideal space savers • A slicer and a cherry for summer-long harvests from one hardworking container! •Solanum lycopersicum W. Atlee Burpee & CO.
  38. 38. Watermelon Grandeur F1 • If you are looking for a large Crimson Sweet type look no more • Fruit weigh up to 30 pounds •Citrullus lanatus Seeds by Design Inc.
  39. 39. Watermelon Mini Love F1 • Personal-size, hybrid, seeded watermelon • Crimson Sweet type rind pattern and a sweet, crisp, red flesh that contains very few seeds • Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus All-America Selections