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2020 NGB New Varieties Flowers and Ornamentals


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What's new in gardening for 2020 from our National Garden Bureau Members. Lots of new and beautiful flowers and ornamentals to make your garden the best ever!

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2020 NGB New Varieties Flowers and Ornamentals

  1. 1. Flowers & Ornamentals New Varieties For 2020
  2. 2. Anemone Harmony Double • Compact plants topped with unique double flowers. •Ideal for container or garden. • Anemone coronaria Sakata Seed America
  3. 3. Balloon Flower Platycodon Corsa Blue • Large bright blue bubbles open to beautiful flowers. •Compact, uniform plant. • Platycodon grandiflorus Evanthia Seeds & Plants
  4. 4. Begonia Bossa Nova™Night Fever Papaya • Bright oblong blooms with dark bronze foliage. •Great trailing habit and easy. •Begonia boliviensis Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  5. 5. Begonia Dreams Beauvilia Hot Pink •Easy to grow and very floriferous. •Extra-long flowering season • Begonia boliviensis Beekenkamp Plants
  6. 6. Begonia Move 2 Joy Pink • Beautiful clusters of pink blooms. •Shiny, dark green foliage is the backdrop for this stunner. • Begonia hiemalis Dummen Orange
  7. 7. Bellflower Spring Bell ™2.0 Blue •Dense flower clusters •Held upright and compact all season. • Campanula interspecific Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  8. 8. Black Eyed Susan American Gold Rush • AAS Winner with bright, golden- yellow flowers. •Blooming July-September. • Rudbeckia x All-America Selections
  9. 9. Blanket Flower Fire Wheels • Yellow-red flowers •Hardy vigorous long-lasting stems. • Gaillardia aristata Jelitto Perennial Seeds
  10. 10. Calibrachoa Aloha Nani Calibash • Warm orange tones with a semi- upright habit. •Abundance of tropical colors. • Calibrachoa hybrida Dummen Orange
  11. 11. Calibrachoa Cabaret Good Night Kiss • Abundance of bright blooms covering the trailing plant. •Stays neat and tidy. • Calibrachoa hybrida Ball FloralPlant
  12. 12. Campanula Champion II • Large blooms with each stem giving many blooms. • Campanula annuum Sakata Seed America
  13. 13. Campion Sibella • Can be a cold crop along with pansies. •Makes a carpet of tiny colorful flowers. • Silene pendula Van Hemert &Co. B.V.
  14. 14. Clematis Taiga • True garden standout. •Stunning double purple flowers abundant in summer. •Clematis Taiga UpShoot LLC
  15. 15. Coleus Main Street Beale Street • Deep red foliage that holds color into late summer. •Easily grown in full sun or full shade. •Solenostemon scutellarioides All-America Selections
  16. 16. Coneflower Sombrero ® Baja Burgundy • Prolific blooms from mid- summer to first frost. •Sturdy branches, good cut flower. •Echinacea hybrida All-America Selections
  17. 17. Coneflower SunSeekers ® Salmon • Semi-double flowers with a shade of salmon-pink. •Soft yellow petals in the center. • Echinacea SunSeekers Salmon Breck’s
  18. 18. Cotoneaster First Editions® Autumn InfernoTM • Great form, easily pruned. •Great foliage all season. • Cotoneaster C. lucidus x C. apiculatus Bailey Nurseries Inc.
  19. 19. Dahlia Impression Fantastico • Cranberry-red petals and a collar of white petaloids. •Just 30” tall, ideal for front of border. • Dahlia Dahlia Longfield Gardens LLC
  20. 20. Dahlia Libeccio • Large, fully double, 6”flowers. •Low-maintenance blooms summer-fall. • Libeccio Dahlia Breck’s
  21. 21. Dahlia Maxime • Muted, red-orange petals with a pale, yellow wrapping around each petal. •Stunning addition. • Dahlia Dahlia Longfield Gardens LLC
  22. 22. Dahlia Seniors Hope • Two-toned dahlia with dusky rose petals. •Burgundy center adds contrast and drama. • Dahlia Longfield Gardens LLC
  23. 23. Dahlia Sincerity™ • Compact and well-branched •Pink and white blooms with a touch of yellow in the center. • Dahlia Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  24. 24. Dahlia Venti™ • Double-flowered dahlias with broad range of solid colors. •Controlled habit for a tidy garden display. • Dahlia Longfield Gardens LLC
  25. 25. Dahlia Verrone’s Obsidian • Exotic dahlia boasts nearly black, windmill-like flowers. •Large flowers with yellow centers. • Dahlia Breack’s
  26. 26. Daylily Lavender Tonic • Rounded and lightly ruffled, lavender-pink flowers. •Compact height great for front borders. • Hemerocallis Longfield Gardens LLC
  27. 27. Delphinium Dewy Blue F1 • Compact delphinium covered with gorgeous blue flowers. •Earlier bloom time and extended flower period. • Delphinium grandflorum All-America Selections
  28. 28. Dianthus F1 Diana Loving White • Lovely blushing white flowers with a deep magenta-crimson center. •Cold and light frost tolerant. • Dianthus chinensis Hem Genetics BV
  29. 29. Dianthus Rockin’™ Pink Magic • Knee-high blooms that stand out in your landscape. •Soft fragrance, intense color and cold tolerant. • Dianthus barbatus interspecific PanAmerican Seed Co.
  30. 30. Diervilla El Madrigal Nightglow™ • Bright yellow flowers glow against the dark red foliage. •Easy to grow •Diervilla splendens Van Belle Nursery/Bloomin’ Easy
  31. 31. Digitalis Panther • Quick to flower and compact. •Multiple spikes produced at one time without a pinch. • Digitalis hybrida American Takii, Inc.
  32. 32. Foxglove Arctic Fox Rose • Long-flowering hybrid hardy in Northern climates. •Blooms spring through late summer. • Digitalis hybrida PanAmerican Seed Co.
  33. 33. Fuchsia Aretes Upright Arroyo Grande • Loads of resilient colorful flowers that retains the color all season. •Unique structure is a magnet for hummingbirds. • Fuchsia hybrida Dummen Orange
  34. 34. Fuchsia Bella Fuchsia Mariska • Full leaves and improved branching. •Outward and upward facing flowers. • Fuchsia hybrid Beekenkamp Plants
  35. 35. Geranium Survivor Idols Pink Charme • Loads of hot pink clusters of blooms. •Heat tolerant with ruffled foliage. • Pelargonium interspecific Dummen Orange
  36. 36. Gerbera ColorBloom™ • Compact, less leafy and faster to flower. •Indoor/outdoor potted plant. • Gerbera jamesonii PanAmerica Seed Co.
  37. 37. Hyacinth Sweet Invitation • Fragrant, neon-coral colored blooms •Container or border garden. • Hyacinthus orientalis Van Zyverden, Inc.
  38. 38. Hydrangea Kolmavesu Flare ™ • Fiery red blooms and low- maintenance. •Very compact and showy plant. • Hydrangea paniculata Van Belle Nursery/Bloomin’Easy
  39. 39. Hydrangea Miss Saori • Blooming from early summer to early fall. •Eye-catching blossoms with dark foliage. • Hydrangea macrophylla UpShoot LLC
  40. 40. Impatiens Beacon® • High resistance to downy mildew! •Lasting color all season. • Impatiens walleriana PanAmerican Seed Co.
  41. 41. Impatiens Imara ™ XDR Rose • High degree of downy mildew resistance. • Reliable flowering all season long. • Impatiens walleriana Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  42. 42. Impatiens SunPatiens® Compact • Three season blooms • Sun-loving, heat-loving flowers thrive in full sun or part-shade. • Impatiens hybrida hort Sakakta Seed America
  43. 43. Iris Mission Bay • Rare true-blue color. •Wide, pale blue petals with yellow markings • Iris Siberica Longfield Gardens LLC
  44. 44. Lantana Hot Blooded™ Red • Beautiful red, medium sized blooms. •Compact form makes it great for containers and borders. • Lantana camara •Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  45. 45. Lavender Cleo-Patio® • Beautiful colors and soothing scents. •Compact with clear lavender- blue flowers. • Lavandula angustifolia Evanthia Seeds & Plants
  46. 46. Lavender Violeta™ • Spanish lavender from seed with repeat flowering. •Vigorous growth habits. • Spanish Lavender stoechas Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  47. 47. Leucothoe Burning Love • Pointed foliage changing from crimson red to dark green and back to dark burgundy in fall. • Leucothoe keiskei UpShoot LLC
  48. 48. Lily Gaucho • Enormous flowers with a bold two-toned color. •Beautiful fragrance. • Lilium Oriental Lily Longfield Gardens LLC
  49. 49. Lupine Blacksmith • Purple and white bi-color lupine. •Blooms late spring preferring cooler weather. • Lupinus hybrid Rozanne & Friends
  50. 50. Mandevilla Madinia™ Maximo • Incredibly showy and easy to grow. •Large, deep red 5 petal flowers. • Dipladenia hybrida Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  51. 51. Marguerite Daisy Grandaisy®Dark Pink • Striking, hot pink color flowers cover the plant. • Patios, gardens or balcony • Argyranthemum frutescens Suntory Flowers Limited
  52. 52. Narcissus White Petticoat • Fragrant variety with stark white, con-shaped cups. • Grass-like foliage great for low borders. • Narcissus bulbcodium Van Zyverden, Inc.
  53. 53. New Guinea Impatiens Magnum Rollercoaster Hot Pink • Tropical hot pink colored blooms. • Unique ruffled margin gives a three-dimensional texture. • Impatiens hawkeri Dummen Orange
  54. 54. Pennisetum Lumen Gold • Full foliage and compact color for tight spaces. •Bright color is light green in hotter climates. • Pennisetum alopecuroides UpShoot LLC
  55. 55. Pentas Graffiti 2020 Flirty Pink • Dense flower clusters of large, star-shaped florets. • Bi-color pink blooms that don’t fade. • Pentas lanceolate Ernst Benary of America
  56. 56. Pericallis Senetti® White • White flower petals with dark blue/grey eyes. •Compact plants that thrive in cool conditions. • Pericallis hybrid Suntory Flowers Limited
  57. 57. Petunia Amore King of Hearts • Easy flowering. • Uniform and stable bloom pattern. • Petunia hybirda Danziger “Dan” Flower Farm
  58. 58. Petunia ColorRush White • Exceptional garden performance all season. • Quickly fills landscape beds with mounds of white. • Petunia hybrida Ball FloraPlant, Selecta, and Darwin Perennials
  59. 59. Petunia ColorRush™ White • Mounds of color hold up in the heat and rain. • Looks good until frost. • Petunia hybrida PanAmerican Seed Co.
  60. 60. Petunia Durabloom Royal Pink • Vigorous plant which is heat tolerant. • Resilient after rains, huge attractor of pollinators •Petunia hybrida Dummen Orange
  61. 61. Petunia Easy Wave®Lavender Sky Blue • Fast growing spreading petunias. • Blooms freely all season long. • Petunia hybrid PanAmerican Seed Co.
  62. 62. Petunia Tea Light Violet • Mix the colors of the Tea series for endless combinations. • Container, hanging pot or landscapes. • Solanaceae hybrid Beekenkamp Plants
  63. 63. Petunia SuperCal® • Part petunia, part calibrachoa. • All-weather performers! • Petunia hybrida Sakata Seed America
  64. 64. Petunia Surfinia®Purple Starshine • Bicolor with hot purple blooms. • Star pattern in each flower. • Petunia hybrid Suntory Flowers Limited
  65. 65. Petunia Wave® Carmine Velour • Spreading petunia creates a ground-hugging carpet. • Lowest growing series • Petunia hybrida PanAmerican Seed Co.
  66. 66. Primula Princessa • Large blooms, nearly twice the size of other acaulis. • Six bright colors ideal for mass plantings. • Primula acaulis Sakata Seed America
  67. 67. Rose Enchanted Peace • Full of fragrance and blooming power. • Opens yellow, largely suffused with orange. • Rosa hybrida Edmunds Roses
  68. 68. Rudbeckia Dakota Gold • Huge 4” golden yellow blooms. • Stays in compact mound. • Rudbeckia hirta Green Fuse Botanicals, Inc.
  69. 69. Seven-Son Flower First Editions®Tianshan™Seven-Son • Clusters of fragrant, creamy-white flowers. • Each whorl contains 7 flowers. • Heptacodium miconioides Bailey Nurseries Inc.
  70. 70. Sunflower Suncredible • Everblooming sunflower perfect for along fence. • Each bloom 3”-4”. • Helianthus hybrid Proven Winners North America LLC
  71. 71. Tulip Double Surprise • Peony-like blooms with pink-white centers. • Raspberry colored outer petals. • Tulipa Double Late Van Zyverden, Inc.
  72. 72. Vinca Cora® XDR Hotgenta •Vibrant, large flowers pack this mounding plant. •Disease resistant and easy to grow. • Vinca Catharanthus roseus Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  73. 73. Wallflower Erysistible™Sunset • Hardy to zone 5 with many multi-colored blooms • Compact green foliage • Erysimum linifolium Syngenta Flowers, LLC
  74. 74. Weigela Elecric Love™ZR • Vibrant red bell-shaped flowers that cover dark foliage. • Unique contrasting look. • Weigela hybrid Van Belle Nursery/Bloomin’Easy
  75. 75. Weigela My Monet Purple Effect •Variegated cream and mint green foliage. •Turns purple toned great for a spot of color. Weigela florida Spring Meadow Nursery-Proven Winners
  76. 76. Willow,Sageleaf First Editions ®Iceberg Alley™ Sageleaf Willow •Powdery, silver foliage adds texture and contrast. •Spring blooms of silver and red are great cut. •Salix candida Bailey Nurseries, Inc.
  77. 77. Zinnia Holi Pink •Vibrant pink color that doesn’t fade. •Produces fresh, colorful blooms all season long. •Zinnia elegans All-America Selections
  78. 78. Zinnia Preciosa Light Yellow •Light yellow blooms. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  79. 79. Zinnia Preciosa Pink •Bright pink blooms. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  80. 80. Zinnia Preciosa Red •A true red zinnia. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  81. 81. Zinnia Preciosa Rose •A zinnia with a deep rose color. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  82. 82. Zinnia Preciosa Scarlet •A gorgeous scarlet color with yellow centers. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  83. 83. Zinnia Preciosa Tropical Blend •Add a colorful punch to the garden. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  84. 84. Zinnia Preciosa White •A calming white addition to the garden. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  85. 85. Zinnia Preciosa Yellow •A deep yellow flower. •Abundant branching and blooms. •Zinnia elegans American Takii, Inc.
  86. 86. Zinnia Queeny Lime Red •Double blooms in antique colored hues. •Mauve, red, and lime shine through. •Zinnia elegans Garden Trends
  87. 87. Zinnia Zesty™ •Excellent border plants that pollinators love! •Available in Fuchsia, Pink, Scarlet, White and Purple! •Zinnia elegans PanAmerican Seed Co.