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2013 NGB New Varieties - vegetables


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2013 NGB New Varieties - vegetables

  1. 1. •Crisp spicy flavor•Annual plant for sun or shade•Low growing plants performwonderfully in containers•Harvest 45 days from sowing seed•Diplotaxis tenuifolia
  2. 2. •Infuses salads with a big spicy kick•Puree the leaves for a spicy greensauce or add pizzazz to a pizza•Annual grows in full to part sun•Harvest 35-49 days from sowing seed•Eruca sativa
  3. 3. •Soon to become the next standard forRomano-type beans•Exceptional eating quality enhancedby low fiber•Upright bush habit for ease of harvest•Phaseolus vulgaris
  4. 4. •Vigorous bush habit•Huge yields of straight, 5-7” long pods•Produces quality dark green pods laterin the season than other beans•Staking not required•Phaseolus vulgaris
  5. 5. •Now available to home gardeners!•Tender and mild from stem to top•Harvest central shoot first and theplant will set 3-5 side shoots•Matures 60 days from transplant•Brassica oleracea
  6. 6. •True culinary delight•Long stalks stay red when cooked•Slow to bolt•Let plants bolt to use seed for spice•Matures 80-90 days from transplant•Apium graveolens
  7. 7. •Chic and fanciful striking chive•Remarkably cold hardy plants•Harvest by plucking the lovelyleafette flower head•Sun loving perennial herb•Allium tuberosum
  8. 8. •Phenomenal container sweet corn•Sets 2-3 ears even in containers•Delectably sweet 8-inch long yellowand white bicolor ears•Grows a maximum of 5 feet tall•Zea Mays
  9. 9. •High-yielding pickling cucumber•Excellent flavor•Deep green, blocky, 4-5” long fruit•American-style spines•Vigorous, balanced plant withconsistent fruit setting•Cucumis sativus
  10. 10. •Gourmet quality mini cucumber withlight sweetness and tender skin•Plants set fruit without pollination•Try it in a large patio pot with trellis•Powdery Mildew protection•Cucumis sativus
  11. 11. •Round to egg-shaped fruits average2.5 to 3” long by 1.75 to 2.25” wide•Sometimes produced in clusters of 3•Sturdy plants have compact growthhabit with few spines•Adaptable for garden and container• Solanum melongena
  12. 12. •Improved Red Deer Tongue variety•Gorgeous deep reddish-maroon leaf•Mild flavor and buttery texture•Resistant to Downy Mildew•Latuca sativa
  13. 13. •Small ruffled heads surrounded bygreen outer leaves tinged bronze-red•Extra crunchy•Selected in the desert Southwest•Excellent heat tolerance•Latuca sativa
  14. 14. •Popular color blend of „Freckles,‟„Silvia‟ and „Vivian‟ romaine lettuces•Vigorous growth•Sow every two weeks for continuousfresh salad greens•Harvest in 50 days from sowing seed•Latuca sativa
  15. 15. •Deliciously sweet with undertones ofcantaloupe and tropical fruit•Early maturing, 60-70 days from seed•Disease resistance to Fusarium Wilt,Gummy Stem Blight and Alternaria•Fruit stores well after harvest•Cucumis melo
  16. 16. •Pleasantly hot and spicy flavor•Adds texture and color to any salad•Excellent in a braising mustard blend•Open pollinated cultivar•Harvest 70-80 days from sowing•Brassica juncea
  17. 17. •Large uniform bulb up to 3 pounds•Sweet and mild flavored•Enhanced healthful compounds•Harvest in 107 days•Available only at Dixondale Farms•Allium cepa
  18. 18. •Fancy, dark green snow peas•Harvest at 2.5 inches for extra fancy•Vines averaging 36 inches producemore tendrils than typical peas•Tendrils make excellent garnishes•May be grown with or without support•Pisum sativum
  19. 19. •Burpee exclusive introduced in 1902•Deliciously flavored heirloom variety•Bountiful blue-green 6-inch podswith 8 berries per pod•Packed with vitamins A, C and folate•Pisum sativum
  20. 20. •Ornamental and edible•Perfectly suited to containers andhanging baskets•Abundance of sweet, mild, snacksized 1-2oz red bell peppers•Harvest 75-80 days from transplant•Capsicum annuum
  21. 21. •Tasty thick-walled, flat oblate fruit•Great for stuffing or as a serving dish,Hungarian recipe stuffs with cheese•Extremely long-storing on the shelf•Perfect for preserving, canning, jarring•Capsicum annuum
  22. 22. •Colorful lunchbox snack peppers•Remarkably sweet•Intensely flavorful•Immediate hit in salads and as a snack•Tall strong plants•Capsicum annuum
  23. 23. •Sweet flavored golden Marconi-type•Great yield – 20 to 25 per plant•Elongated shape - up to 15 inches long•Harvest 80-90 days from transplant•Capsicum annuum
  24. 24. •Thick walled Hungarian cheese pepperholds any filling deliciously•Sweet flavor - enjoy raw or baked•Prolific plant will produce 12 peppers•Harvest mini-sized 2 to 3-inch peppers55 days from transplant•Capsicum annuum
  25. 25. •Rainbow mix of brilliant coloredfun shaped mini sized peppers•Firm, crunchy deliciously sweetraw or cooked – kids love them!•For eye-catching canapés, saladaccents, kebabs and stuffed treats•Capsicum annuum
  26. 26. •Exceptionally sweet and fruity tastingminiatures just 4 inches long• Harvest up to 25-50 peppers per plant•Medium sized, space-saving, generousyielding plants for garden or patio pot•Tasty raw, roasted, grilled, or stir-fried• Capsicum annuum
  27. 27. •Hybrid Cinderella type•Flattened shiny red/pink smooth fruitsare a decorative fairytale treat•Nutty tasting 40 pound fruit•In 110 days harvest 2-4 pumpkins fromvines spreading 3-4 feet•Cucurbita pepo
  28. 28. •Expand your salad greens selection withthis mild lemony domesticated purslane•Highly nutritious - rich in vitamins Aand C, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids•Begin harvesting tender shoots andleaves when plants are 3-4 inches tall•Portulaca oleracea sativa
  29. 29. •Unique ultra sweet, mild almostcreamy texture•Slow to bolt•Roots can be harvested from 2inches to 6 inches•Harvest 30 days from sowing seed•Raphanus sativus
  30. 30. •Novelty colored vining pumpkin•100 days to maturity•Large 9-15 pound 10” globe shape•Yellow/orange rind with greenstripes between the big ribs•Cucurbita pepo
  31. 31. •Attractive autumn squash withdark orange fruit•Tasty, deep yellow-orange fibrousflesh good for baking and roasting•Fruits weigh 10-15 pounds•Resists squash bugs•Cucurbita maxima
  32. 32. •Uniform, highly ornamental plantsgive appearance of peppermint candy•Fast growing – 60-65 days to maturity•Glossy, savoyed green leaves•Ideal as edible or ornamental beddingplants•Beta vulgaris
  33. 33. •Small-sized, flavorful grape tomato•Highly nutritious – has 45% morelycopene which helps fight disease•“Snackable” 1.5 oz. sweet red fruit•High yielding plants require staking•Harvest in 65 days from transplant•Solanum lycopersicum
  34. 34. •Vigorous semi-indeterminate tomato•Produces in abundance for anextended period of time•High sugar, great flavor stands incomparison to heirloom types•Excellent disease resistance•Long shelf life•Solanum lycopersicum
  35. 35. •Vigorous indeterminate plants withmini-plum shaped fruits•Burst of sweet flavor followed by arich tomato finish•Heavy yields of crack-resistant fruit•Lycopersicon lycopersicum
  36. 36. •Very sweet with excellent flavor•Deep pink, shiny cherries are borneon long trusses•Vigorous, healthy, high-yieldingindeterminate plants•Resistant to leaf mold and cracking•Solanum lycopersicum
  37. 37. •At 2 lbs, one tomato can fill asauce jar all by itself!•Luscious red, meaty, nearlyseedless - jam-packed with flavor•5.5‟ tall super-prolific plants•Harvest 70 days from transplant•Lycopersicon esculentum
  38. 38. •Compact yellow cherry tomatowith sweet mild flavor•Great for containers or plantedwith other annual ornamentals•Harvest 50 days for sowing seed•Lycopersicon esculentum
  39. 39. •Beautiful sister to „Crimson Sweet‟ hasa tough light green rind with small darkgreen stripes•Blocky oval melon weighs 25 pounds•Bright yellow flesh with high sugars•Harvest 80-95 days from sowing seed•Citrullus lanatus
  40. 40. •True gourmet zucchini predominatelyused in the Mediterranean region•Prized for superior flavor, texture andcooking quality – taste the difference!•Harvest 55-65 days from sowing seed•Cucurbita pepo