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2018 NGB New Varieties of Edibles/Vegetables


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National Garden Bureau announces the newest varieties for home gardeners for 2018. Grow the best in vegetables/edibles!

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2018 NGB New Varieties of Edibles/Vegetables

  1. 1. Vegetables/Edibles New Varieties For 2018
  2. 2. Basil Holy Basil • Striking with long green leaves, jagged edges and purple stems. • Perfect for pesto, pizza, oils, bruschetta, salads and cocktails. • Ocimum tenuiflorum Bonnie Plants
  3. 3. Bean, pole Seychelles • Produces long (5-6”) straight stringless pods • Grows 7-9 feet tall in the garden or container • Phaseolus vulgaris All-America Selections
  4. 4. Cabbage Red Dragon • Full-size, red Chinese cabbage • Great for use in salads, stir- fries and kimchee. • Boosts a slightly punchier flavor than green types. • Brassica rapa pekinensis Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  5. 5. Corn, Sweet American Dream • Excellent germination, very tender, super sweet kernels • Perfect fresh, roasted, grilled, canned or frozen • Zea Mays All-America Selections
  6. 6. Cucumber Bush Hog • Plants are short and compact • Medium sized cucumbers that are not bitter • Cucumis Sativus Seeds by Design, Inc.
  7. 7. Cucumber Goliath Hybrid • Nearly spineless fruit up to 8 inches long • Fruit has a pleasant texture and holds well in the field • Cucumis sativus J W Jung Seed Co
  8. 8. Cucumber Max Pack • Produces huge yields of attractive fruit • Ideal for pickling and preserving. • Cucumis sativus Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  9. 9. Dill Teddy •Productive slow-bolting dill with full, dense leaf shape • Compact spirals of thick leaflets surround each stem • Anethum graveolens Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  10. 10. Fennel Green Leaf • Non-bulbing variety • Sweet-tasting, feathery leaves that add fresh flavor to salads, slaws, dressing, and flavored butters. • Foeniculum vulgare Bonnie Plants
  11. 11. Kale Darkibor F1 • Improved yields and excellent color • Plants resist bolting and yellowing • Available as organic seed • Brassica oleracea Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  12. 12. Lettuce Optima • Darkest green Boston lettuce on the market • Excellent heat tolerance and resistance to bolting, downy mildew, bottom rot & tip burn • Lettuce sativa Terra Organics
  13. 13. Carrot Malbec • Red Carrot • Fun to grow and can be used in carrot blends or on it’s own • Daucus Carrot Seminis Home Garden
  14. 14. Melon Vine Peach • The fruit is the size of a peach with a yellow rind and white flesh • Best used for making sweet pickles, pies and preserves. • Cucumis melo Seeds By Design Inc
  15. 15. Mizuna Miz America F1 • Striking beautiful red mizuna mustard • Pleasant, mild taste, neither bitter nor spicy • Brassica juncea Harris Seeds
  16. 16. Okra Star of David • An Israeli variety • Grows up to 8-10’ with unique purple colorations on the leaves • Abelmoschus esculentus Terra Organics, LLC
  17. 17. Onion Blush F1 • Unique pink variety • Strong skin for storing well over winter • Allium cepa Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  18. 18. Pak Choi Asian Delight F1 • Very slow to bolt- forms 5-7 inch heads • Tasty, tender white rib and dark green textured leaves •Brassica rapa All-America Selections
  19. 19. Pepper Candy Cane Red F1 • Snack pepper with unique, eye-catching variegated foliage and fruit • Sweet and delicious at any stage • Capsicum annuum Harris Seeds Totally Tomatoes
  20. 20. Pepper Habanada • Unique habanero flavor WITHOUT the heat • Traditional open-pollinated techniques • Capsicum chinense Botanical Interests, Inc
  21. 21. Pepper Lunchbox Red Sweet Snacking • Sweet flavor, crunchy crispness, and small size • Grow in containers and kid’s gardens • Capsicum annuum Bonnie Plants
  22. 22. Pepper Mexican Sunrise F1 • Add full spectrum of colors • Thick-walled conical pendant shaped peppers • Capsicum annuum All-America Selections
  23. 23. Pepper Park’s Whopper II Hybrid • Big blocky bells are thick- walled, sweet, crunchy bite • Fruit ripens continuously all summer to deep red • Capsicum annuum Park Seed Co
  24. 24. Pepper Red Ember F1 • Produces a large number of rounded end fruits • Add some spice to your life • Capsicum annuum All-America Selections
  25. 25. Pepper Roulette • Resembles a traditional habanero except NO HEAT! • Produces up to 100 fruits • Capsicum chinense Seminis Home Garden All-America Selections
  26. 26. Pumpkin Corvette PMR Hybrid • Easy-to-grow pumpkin great for small gardens • Semi-bush plants with bright orange-gold pumpkins • Cucurbita pepo J W Jung Seed Co
  27. 27. Pumpkin Cushaw Orange Striped • Pear shaped with crookneck • Creamy white with gold/orange stripes, hard thin smooth rind, excellent for baking or pies • Cucurbita Mixta Terra Organics, LLC
  28. 28. Pumpkin Pepitas F1 • Named for its hulless or naked seeds (pepitas) that lack the tough outer hull • Uniform medium sized (9- 12 lb) pumpkins • Cucurbita Pepo Seeds by Design Inc
  29. 29. Radish Rudolf • Grows to be 1 1/2in. round • Deep red color and full of flavor – crisp, sweet and mild • Nice uniform shape and color • Raphanus Sativus Terra Organics, LLC
  30. 30. Shallot F1 Nero Shallots • A traditional shaped shallot with slightly higher shoulders like French Shallots • Add to any dish for great flavor • Allium Onion Dixondale Farms
  31. 31. Squash Honeybaby F1 • 1-2 lb flavorful butternuts • Shorter vies grow 2-3 feet in a semi-bush habit • Delicious steamed, baked or made into soups and stews • Cucurbita mushata Seeds by Design Inc
  32. 32. Squash Honeynut • Convenient, personal-sized fruit • ½-1 lb each with sweet, rich flesh and an unusual, smokey tan skin • Cucurbita moschata Territorial Seed Company
  33. 33. Squash, Butternut Waldo • Fruit 3-3.5 pounds • Excellent flavor on vigorous plants and strong powdery mildew resistance • Cucurbita moschata Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  34. 34. Squash, Summer Peter Pan F1 • Meatier patty pan type containing a sweet, delicious flavor. • 1-3 in fruits that can be picked through the season • Cucurbita pepo Terra Organics, LLC
  35. 35. Squash, Summer Tempest • Traditional yellow crookneck with a twist: vibrant color, gourmet flavor & eye- catching ridges • Cucurbita pepo Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  36. 36. Swiss Chard Rhubarb Supreme • Exceptional resistance to bolting for a red chard variety • Boasts a beautiful bunch, with rich red petioles • Beta vulgaris Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  37. 37. Tomato Bonnie Centennial • Exclusive variety to celebrate their 100th anniversary • Perfect for sandwiches, burgers and salads • Lycopersicon esculentum Bonnie Plants
  38. 38. Tomato Chef’s Choice Red F1 • Firm-fleshed with just the right balance of acid to sugar • Harvest 30 or more fruits per plant • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  39. 39. Tomato Giant Garden Paste F1 • Wonderful sweet and acidic balance • 8-10 ounce fruit that are bright red ruffle boat shaped • Lycopersicon esculentum Seeds by Design Inc.
  40. 40. Tomato Mountain Vineyard F1 •Excellent sweet and acidic balance, high lycopene, intense red color • Indeterminate grape tomato • Solanum lycopersicum Bejo Seeds Inc.
  41. 41. Tomato Organic Braveheart Cherry • Meaty, juicy cherry tomatoes with a rich flavor • Prolific plants • Good disease resistance • Lycopersicon esculentum Bonnie Plants
  42. 42. Tomato Red Racer F1 • Cocktail tomato with a good sweet/acid balance • Uniform fruit mature in clusters •Solanum lycopersicum Harris Seeds All-America Selections
  43. 43. Tomato Sweet Valentines F1 • Stays compact 12-16 inches in height • Produces tasty heart- shaped fruits • Use in hanging baskets or in combination planters • Solanum lycopersicum Hem Genetics
  44. 44. Tomato Valentine F1 • Sweet, firm flesh meaty resembles a Roma but in a smaller, grape-type fruit • Takes the summer heat and keeps producing • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  45. 45. Zucchini Green Griller • Broad, blocky shape makes it ideal for slicing and flipping on the grill • Fruits mature quickly and are easy to harvest • Cucurbita pepo Bonnie Plants