2012 NGB New Varieties Vegetables


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2012 NGB New Varieties Vegetables

  1. 1. •Large, aromatic leaves•Easy to harvest and bountiful yield•Large classy 3-inch leaves•Well-branched 12 to 18-inch plants•Slower to bolt•Ocimum basilicum
  2. 2. •Most attractive long, thin straight pods•Delicious tasting raw or cooked•Purple pods turn green when cooked•Pods average 5 to 5 1/2 inches long•No staking required of the medium-sized upright plants•Harvest 56 days from sowing seed•Phaseolus Vulgaris
  3. 3. •Prized for its beautiful golden seedswith maroon markings•Versatile bean can be harvested atalmost any stage from 55 to 95 days•Eat young beans like a snap bean•Use mature green pods like a shellbean•Delicious buttery texture and flavor•Phaseolus vulgaris
  4. 4. •Atlantis is a broccoli/gailon cross thatcompetes favorably with baby broccolisold in supermarkets•Florets slightly bigger with potentiallyhigher yield than „Happy Rich‟•If harvested 1-2 times perweek, plants will bear well for 4-6weeks•Brassica oleracea
  5. 5. •Beautiful Italian heirloom with eye-catching lime green, spiraled headcomposed of many small pointed florets•Delicious nutty broccoli flavor andcreamy texture•Sure to intrigue gourmet chefs andfinicky eaters alike•Harvest 65 days from transplant• Brassica oleracea
  6. 6. •New Zealand import similar to lemoncucumber from the early 1930‟s•3-inch diameter fruit weighing 4-6ounces is apple-shaped when ripe•Thin tender creamy-white skin•Mild flavor•Very prolific vining plants•Cucumis sativus
  7. 7. •Petite specialty cucumber•Delicately sweet andcrisp, slim, smooth green fruits 5-7inches long•Tender skin needs no peeling•Intermediate resistance to PowderyMildew•Yields best when trellised•Harvest 50 days from sowing seed•Cucumis sativus
  8. 8. •Highly ornamental black 2-3 oz fruit•Container conversation piece•Pick from ping pong ball size until tennisball size•30 or more tasty fruits per plant•Harvest 58-62 days from transplant•Colorful addition to a vegetable medley onthe grill•Solanum melongena
  9. 9. •Huge crops of small orange ribbed10 to 14-ounce fruit•Round 2 ½ to 3-inch fruits areperfect size for stuffing•Insect resistant plants 24 inches tall•Harvest 85 days from transplant•Solanum melongena
  10. 10. •Colorful mixture of many small typepepo gourds including egg, spoon,warted dumpling and semi wings•A must for everyones fall displays andgardens•100 days to maturity from sowing seed•Prolific vines spread 3 to 5-feet•Cucurbita pepo
  11. 11. •Produces a large number of extremelysmall bird house shaped fruits•Green and tan colored 2-3 inch fruits•Great item for toys and decorations•Vigorous vines spread up to 10 feet•100 to 120 days to harvest from seed•Lagenarai siceraria
  12. 12. •Very uniform heads of iceberg lettuce•Retains mild flavor as temperatures rise•Slow to bolt in summer heat with goodtolerance to tip burn•Attractive addition to sunny containers•Harvest 73 days from sowing seed•Lactuca sativa
  13. 13. •Large sutured cantaloupe•Can be described as a classicEastern muskmelon•Sweet tender dark salmon coloredflesh full of flavor and aroma•Vines spread 3-5 feet•Harvest 85 days from sowing seed•Cucumis melo
  14. 14. •Lovely white rind and white fleshedmelon originating in Japan•Very crisp flesh and extremely highsugars•8 to 10-inch oblong melons weigh 3to 4 pounds•Prolific vines set 6 to 7 fruit each•Cucumis melo
  15. 15. •Outstandingly sweet and juicy•Deep, smooth orange flesh•Big 7 to 9-pound size family treat•Disease resistance to Fusarium Wilt(races 0,1, and 2) and Powdery Mildew(races 1 and 2) makes it easier to grow•Cucumis melo
  16. 16. •Unique orange fleshed honeydew!•Sensational taste and sweetness•Beautiful orange flesh transitions toan edible green color toward the rind•Harvest the smooth 6 to 7-inch roundfruits in 80-90 days from sowing seed•Disease resistant 48 to 72-inch vines•Cucumis melo
  17. 17. •To your health!•Six most nutritious and delicious“Best-in-Class” vegetables selected byBurpee experts for a harvest of health•„Boost‟ includes 3 tomatoes „SolarPower,‟ „Power Pops,‟ and „CherryPunch,‟ Pepper „Sweat Heat,‟ Cucumber„Gold Standard,‟ and lettuce „HealingHands Mix.‟
  18. 18. •Braised mustard greens are creamy,nutty and nutritious•Mix of „Segal‟ with savoy leavesmaturing from green to purple;„Lahav‟ with serrate chartreuseleaves; and „Green Sefiron‟ withdeeply lobed medium green leaves•Brassica rapa
  19. 19. •Very frilled leafed mustard - beautiful!•Leaf changes from green to red at avery small stage•Mild peppery flavored leaves 4 to 6inches long•Plant in garden or containers after thelast frost or in early fall•Harvest 30 to 40 days from sowing seed•Brassica japonica
  20. 20. •Dark red, globe shaped pungent onion•3 to 4-inch fruits weigh ¾ pounds•110 days to harvest•Storage potential of 6 to 7 months forthis short day storage onion•Biennial Zone 6•Disease resistance to Pink Root•Allium cepa
  21. 21. •Red mild tasting hybrid•Large 1 pound globe shaped onions 2¾to 3½ inches in size•Storage potential of 4 to 6 months•Harvest 100-120 days from transplant•Biennial Zone 1•Allium cepa
  22. 22. •White globe shaped sweet onion•Large 1-pound, 5½ to 6 inches•Pink Root disease resistant, boltresistant and resistant to greening•Biennial Zone 6•Harvest 110 days from transplant•Storage potential 2 to 3 months•Allium cepa
  23. 23. •Premium tightly curled leaves•Outstanding bolting tolerance•Strikingly bright green color•Tidy bunched habit 8-10 inches tall•Excellent choice for containers•Both heat-tolerant and excellent forover-wintering•Petroselinum crispum
  24. 24. •Sweet version of favorite hot pepperstuffer „Cherry Bomb‟•Ready to stuff and bake in one knife move•2 to 4-ounce fruit is about 2½” long•Plants 2 feet tall produce 20 to 25 sweettasting bright red peppers•Harvest 73 days from transplant•Capsicum annuum
  25. 25. •First true hanging basket pepper!•Spicy hot peppers turn from creamto orange and maturing to red•Small leaves don‟t hide the fruitwhich pop from under the foliage•Basal branches cascade•Matures in 90 days•Capsicum frutescens
  26. 26. •Tasty medium-hot flavored pepper•Slender, flame-shaped 3-inch fruit•Matures from green to a rich red color•Compact, mounding plants remain atidy 12 inches wide and tall•Stunning display in containers•Matures in 65 to 75 days from sowing•Capsicum frutescens
  27. 27. •Medium-hot type hybrid pepper•Matures from purple to bright redcolor•3-inch long flame-shaped fruit•Compact plants 12 inches wide andtall are well suited to containers•Matures in 65-75 days protected•Capsicum frutescens
  28. 28. •Pepper collection of ancho, pasillo and chilipeppers for homemade mole recipes•Hot and smoky flavored 2 to 2.5-inch fruits•Tall bushy plant suitable for containers•Plant produces 20 to 25 peppers•Harvest ripe red peppers about 130 daysfrom sowing seed•Capsicum annuum
  29. 29. •Large Jack-O-Lantern type pumpkinwith thick flesh and a sturdy handle•Dark orange color and deep ribs thatgive fruits a unique “wrinkled” look•Plants produce large yields of 20-30pound barrel-shaped fruits•This good tasting fall decorator can beharvested in 100-110 days•Cucurbita pepo
  30. 30. •Smooth, dark green arrowheadshaped leaves•Long 6 to 8-inch stems•Uniform plants with an upright habit•Fast growing, just 35 days to harvest•Resistant to downy mildew races 1-7, 9 and 11•Spinacia oleracea
  31. 31. •Golden-yellow egg-shaped squash•Measures up to 5 inches across•Boasts succulent sweet creamy flesh withhints of chartreuse•Best-tasting squash in the Burpee tastetrials two years in a row•Harvest 41 days from sowing seed•Cucurbita pepo
  32. 32. •New from Cornell – a small butternutthat is an orange-buff color•Fruits are 4 to 5 inches long andweigh 5 to 8 ounces•Great item for any home garden•Vines spread 30 to 50 inches•Harvest 100 days from sowing seed•Cucurbita moschata
  33. 33. •Fine grained, orange flesh•Sweet, nutty flavor - good for baking•Beautiful orange and green skinnedpear-shaped squash of 5 to 7 pounds•Vines spread 3-4 feet•Matures in 85 to 105 days•Cucurbita pepo
  34. 34. •Miniature ornamental squash with aturban-like shape•Eye-catching brightly colored orangestem end with a creamy top•Fruits are 3 to 6 inches in diameter•Vines spread 3 to 5 feet•Matures in 80 to 100 days from seed•Cucurbita maxima
  35. 35. •Grown for their tasty spectacularseeds flavored like pumpkin seeds•Round 12-inch tan fruit with greenstripes•Fruit weigh 5 pounds•Vines spread 3 to 5 feet•4 to 8 fruits per plant•Cucurbita mixta
  36. 36. •Bred from all-time great „Big Boy‟•Upright plants produce deliciousharvests of ruby red round meaty fruits•Robust tomato flavor•Tips the scales at whopping 15 ounces•Enhanced disease resistance•Matures 119 days from sowing seed•Lycopersicon esculentum
  37. 37. As the name implies, cherry sized andcherry colored fruit cascades to form awaterfall of about 300 fruitsSweet and juicy 1.5 inch half ouncefruitWell suited for baskets, window boxesand mixed combination potsRipens in 68-72 days from transplantSolanum lycopersicum
  38. 38. •First high-anthocyanin (pigmentshown to fight disease in humans)tomato commercially available•Vibrant indigo, almost blue skin onportion of fruit exposed to light•2-inch, round fruit•Good flavored red interior flesh•Lycopersicon lycopersicum
  39. 39. •A must for container gardens•Compact determinate plant•Unlike other determinates, it can beharvested a longer period of time•Sweet, bright-red grape type fruitsmature early•Lycopersicon lycopersicum