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2018 NGB New Varieties Flowers and Ornamentals


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The newest of the new from NGB Members!

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2018 NGB New Varieties Flowers and Ornamentals

  1. 1. Flowers & Ornamentals New Varieties For 2018
  2. 2. Baby’s Breath Gypsy White Improved • Semi-double blossoms • New, improved variety • Larger in size and produce more flowers per plant • Gypsophila muralis All-America Selections
  3. 3. Begonia I’Conia™ Miss Montreal • Flowers through fall • Features dark, clean foliage, compact habit • Tolerates shade to part-sun • Begonia x hybrida Dummen Orange
  4. 4. Begonia Nonstop Joy Mocca White • Clean white flowers and chocolate foliage • Flexible branches won’t break in the wind • Begonia tuberhybrida Ernst Benary of America
  5. 5. Begonia Strawberries and Cream • Fully double, giant blooms • Striking in beds, borders and containers • Blooms 3 weeks earlier • Begonia X TUBERHYBRIDA VOSS Van Zyverden, Inc.
  6. 6. Bidens Beedance Yellow • Continuous blooms from spring through fall • Great in containers or combination plantings • Sunny yellow solid color • Bidens hybrid Suntory Flowers Limited
  7. 7. Calibrachoa Bloomtastic Rose Quartz • Performs even in extreme heat and humid conditions • Large flowers • Habit is vigorous • Calibrachoa x hybrida Dümmen Orange
  8. 8. Canna South Pacific Orange F1 • Compact habit, good for containers/landscapes • Vivid bright orange • Grown from Seed • Canna generalis All-America Selections
  9. 9. Clematis Hakuba • Ethereal, lavender-blue flowers • Grows 6 feet tall and covered in blooms Clematis Hakuba Longfield Gardens LLC
  10. 10. Coleus Great Falls Angel • Well-behaved trailing • Well suited for hanging baskets, patio planters or in landscapes • Solenostemon x hybrida Dummen Orange
  11. 11. Coneflower Granada Gold • Rich, golden-yellow color that doesn’t fade • Will flower all summer long • Echinacea Sombrero Ball Horticultural Co.
  12. 12. Coneflower Sombrero® Adobe Orange • Compact, well-branched plants • Rich bloom color all summer • Perennial • Echinacea x hybrida J W Jung Seed Co
  13. 13. Cushion Bush Bed Head • Looks like barbed-wire but soft, flexible • Eye-catching silver foliage • Calocephalus brownii Ernst Benary of America
  14. 14. Dahlia Break Out • Large size similar to Café au Lait but with more pink petals • Blooms are looser and more informal • Dahlia Dinnerplate Longfield Gardens LLC
  15. 15. Dahlia Midalio Yellow • Compact and controlled habit makes it ideal for smaller containers • Dahlia Hybrida Syngenta Seeds, Inc
  16. 16. Dahlia Penhill Dark Monarch • Warm sunset hues of peach and rose • Flowers are large, shaggy & deep in color • Dahlia Dinnerplate Longfield Gardens LLC
  17. 17. Dahlia Rip City • Velvety flowers are almost black in the center • 5 to 6” blossoms • Dahlia Decorative Longfield Gardens LLC
  18. 18. Dahlia Tartan • Two-tone flowers of burgundy and white • A mix of solid and striped petals • Dahlia Dinnerplate Longfield Gardens LLC
  19. 19. Dogwood First Editions Neon Burst • Neon Burst™ compact plant with attractive chartreuse foliage and good sun tolerance • Fall foliage is a rainbow of colors • Cornus alba Bailey Nurseries Inc
  20. 20. Geranium Brocade Fire • Bright bold blooms a top variegated foliage • Creates extended seasonal interest • Pelargonium x hortorum Dummen Orange
  21. 21. Geranium Caliente Magenta • Excellent landscape performer with continuous color through heat & drought • Semi mounding habit • Pelargonium Interspecific Syngenta Seeds, Inc
  22. 22. Geranium Calliope Medium Deep Rose • Intense Color That Lasts™ • Large semi-double flowers with intense color •Pelargonium Interspecific Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
  23. 23. Gerbera Majorette Pink Halo • The most uniformed gerbera series ever! • Perfect for quarts and combination containers • Gerbera jamesonii Sakata Seed America
  24. 24. Holly First Editions® Straight & Narrow™ Japanese • Perfectly suited for vertical accents • Shiny dark green leaves • Ilex crenata Bailey Nurseries Inc.
  25. 25. Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Purple • Three-season flower power • Sun-loving, heat-loving impatiens •Impatiens hybrida hort Sakata Seed America
  26. 26. Lantana Havana™ Gold • Heat tolerant, compact Lantanas in five colors •Increase in flower power for garden beauty & pollinators • Lantana camara Dummen Orange
  27. 27. Lavender Torch Blue • Fast-growing tender perennial • Finely cut silvery-grey oregano scented foliage •Lavandula multifida Hem Genetics BV
  28. 28. Lilac First Editions® Virtual Violet™ • Shiny violet new leaves, deep purple stems, raspberry-purple buds and fragrant violet flowers • Syringa x Bailey Nurseries Inc.
  29. 29. Mandevilla Sun Parasol Giant White • Elegant pure white flowers with white throats • Natural climbers and thrive in heat •Mandevilla hybrid Suntory Flowers Limited
  30. 30. Marigold Super Hero™ Spry • Lovely compact French marigold with dark maroon lower petals and golden yellow upper petals • Tagetes patula All-America Selections
  31. 31. Mexican Heather FloriGlory® Diana • Larger with darker, more intense magenta flowers • Ideal for borders, containers, plantings • Cuphea hybrid All-American Selections
  32. 32. Ornamental Pepper Onyx Red • Compact, well-branched pepper • Eye-catching dark black foliage with shiny red fruits • Capsicum annuum All-America Selections
  33. 33. Pansy Grandio Blue with Blotch • Excellent flowering throughout the spring & fall • Uniform growing habit • Viola wittrockiana Sakata Seed America
  34. 34. Petunia Evening Scentsation™ F1 • Hyacinth-like scented flowers • High flower count of shades of indigo cover the plants • Petunia x hybrida All-America Selections Harris Seeds
  35. 35. Petunia F1 Limbo *GP* Red Picotee • *GP* stands for Garden Performance • Perfect for hanging baskets, containers and landscapes • Petunia grandiflora Hem Genetics BV
  36. 36. Petunia Potunia® Starfish • Bold, bright and uniquely “bubbly” • Flower all season long • Petunia x hybrida Dummen Orange
  37. 37. Petunia SUCCESS! Yellow Chiffon •Petunia forms a mound of flowers • Perfect for the patio and handing baskets • Petunia hybrida Ernst Benary of America
  38. 38. Petunia Surfinia Trailing Red • Larger flowers with a bright color • Perfect for hanging baskets • Petunia hybrid Suntory Flowers Limited
  39. 39. Poppy Sallie’s Double Pink • Heirloom poppy with fluffy, luscious petals • Harvest seedpods for cut flower accent • Papaver somniferum Harris Seeds
  40. 40. Rose Sweet Mademoiselle • Ovoid buds open into pink and orange-pink blooms • Exquisite fragrance of fruit and lemon • Excellent disease resistance • Rosa hybrida Edmunds Roses
  41. 41. Salvia Rose Marvel • Largest flowers of any rose- colored Salvia nemorosa • Stunning color without cutting back blooms • Salvia marvel Ball Horticultural Co.
  42. 42. Scabiosa Black Knight • Blooms for a long time, attractive to bees/butterflies • Long stems & dried seed heads great for arrangements • Scabiosa atropurpurea Botanical Interests, Inc.
  43. 43. Sunflower Golden Eye F1 • 4 foot bright yellow petals that do not drop easily • 100% pollen-less, single flower and head • Helianthus annuus Seeds by Design Inc
  44. 44. Sunflower Pro Cut White Nite F1 • Gorgeous clean, white petals around a dark brown disk • Single bloom, pollen-free and extended vase life • Helianthus annuus Harris Seeds
  45. 45. Sunflower Sunfinity Yellow Dark Center • Nonstop blooming • Multiple branches & more flowers all season long • Helianthus hybrida Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
  46. 46. Thrift, Sea Pinks Sweet Dreams • Attractive lavender mauve large, heat-tolerant flowers • Continuously blooms from March to October • Armeria dreameria Ball Horticultural Co.
  47. 47. Tulip Matchstick • Double flowering (like a peony) • Red and yellow tulip flowers late spring • Tulipa Double Late Van Zyverden, Inc.
  48. 48. Tulip Spring Break • Strong stems with huge, long lasting blooms • White with stunning red flames (white matures to creamy yellow glow) • Tulipa Darwin Hybrid Van Zyverden, Inc.
  49. 49. Verbena Obsession Cascade Scarlet • Cascade of color • Spreading and mounding habit, perfect for hanging baskets and containers • Verbena hybrida Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
  50. 50. Verbena Obsession Twister Red • Unique color pattern great for containers & hanging baskets • Quickly fills pots & baskets with vibrant patterns • Verbena hybrida Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
  51. 51. Wheat Utrecht Blue • Bright blue seed heads keep their color after drying • Dutch heirloom grown in early 1900s Netherlands • Triticum sp. Botanical Interests, Inc.
  52. 52. Zinnia Queeny Lime Orange • A “WOW” color with large, dahlia-like blooms • Easy to grow, sturdy and compact • Zinnia elegans All-America Selections
  53. 53. Zinnia Red Beauty • Red 4-5 inch double flowers with gold tips • 3 foot tall plants with long vase life • Zinnia elegans Terra Organics, LLC