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2020 NGB New Varieties Ornamental Edible


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Is it an ornamental or an edible? It's both! A delicious vegetable/herb that is beautiful to look at and eat!

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2020 NGB New Varieties Ornamental Edible

  1. 1. Ornamental Edible New Varieties For 2020
  2. 2. Basil Everleaf™Emerald Towers •Flowers 10 weeks later than standard basil. •Beautiful columnar habit and great flavor. •Ocimum basilicum PanAmerican Seed Co.
  3. 3. Mexican Anise Dropshot •Interesting, fun new herb with a sweet licorice flavor. •Beautiful accent plant in containers and gardens. Tagetes filifolia Hem Genetics BV
  4. 4. Nasturtium Tip Top Rose •This AAS Winner is a unique pink color! •Covers the plant with beautiful blooms while remaining a tidy mound. • Tropaeolum minus All-America Selections
  5. 5. Pepper Hot Burrito Pepper •Compact pepper with a spicy kick. •A beautiful edible pepper perfect for patios or balconies. • Capsicum annuum Bonnie Plants
  6. 6. Strawberry Summer Breeze Snow •Double white flowers resemble snow in summer. •Produces aromatic bright red strawberries all summer. • Fragaria x ananassa Dutch ABZ Seeds Holland
  7. 7. Sweet Potato Treasure Island •Months of color in combination pots or landscapes. •Both the leaves and Sweet Potato tubers are truly edible. • Ipomoea batatas UpShoot LLC