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2019 NGB New Varieties Edibles


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Grow something new this year with these new for 2019 vegetables and edibles from our National Garden Bureau members that are easy to grow in your garden!

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2019 NGB New Varieties Edibles

  1. 1. Vegetables & Edibles New Varieties For 2019
  2. 2. Bok Choi Bopak F1 • Uniform size with smooth leaf margins and white stems. • Use the tender leaves in soups, stews, and for grilling. • Brassica rapa Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  3. 3. Broccoli Lieutenant • Long stemmed variety great for florets. • Grows 18 – 24” tall and does well in the warm to cool transition season. • Brassica oleracea Seminis/Bayer
  4. 4. Corn, Sweet Flagler • High yielding plant with 8” ears and contrasting colors. • Super sweet taste and tender kernels. • Zea mays Harris Seeds Garden Trends
  5. 5. Corn, Sweet Natural Sweet XR • Seed is only produced organically. • Excellent eating quality • Zea mays var. saccharata Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.
  6. 6. Cucumber Artist Hybrid • Fine-spined cukes have non- bitter flavor and can be enjoyed fresh or made into pickles. • Abundant yields and disease resistance make it a garden joy. • Cucumis sativus J W Jung Seed Co
  7. 7. Cucumber Gateway Brand • New variety of slicing cucumbers with 8 – 9” fruits. • Great for home gardening, grows well on trellises and is disease resistant. • Cucumis sativus L Seminis/Bayer
  8. 8. Eggplant Japanese Pickling • Mild and sweet flavor with creamy white, delicious flesh. • Excellent for pickling and cooking. • Solanum melongena Seeds by Design, Inc
  9. 9. Kale Redbor F1 • Available as conventional or organic seed. • Gorgeous deep green foliage takes on rich burgundy color as season ends. • Brassica oleracea Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  10. 10. Kalettes Autumn Star Hybrid • A cross between Brussel Sprouts and Kale - great sautéed, roasted, grilled or raw. • Beautiful purple and green bi-color • Brassica oleracea J W Jung Seed Co
  11. 11. Lettuce Blush Butter Oak • Buttery taste • Compact head that is a combination of a butterhead and an oakleaf lettuce that does well in containers and garden. • Lettuce sativa Seeds by Design Inc
  12. 12. Marigold Dropshot • Foliage has excellent sweet licorice or anise flavor, making it great for use as flavoring or herb. • Ideal for use in containers. • Tagetes filifolia Hem Genetics BV
  13. 13. Melon Orange SilverWave • Extremely sweet, orange flesh and unique rind color. • Great eaten alone or in salads of all kinds. • Cucumis melo All-America Selections
  14. 14. Mustard Osaka Purple • Tender green leaves, mild and flavorful. • Growing to 12 – 14” tall, once matured the leaves are pungent and sharp. • Beta vulgaris Terra Organics LLC
  15. 15. Onion Red Carpet F1 • Long day variety whose bulbs store very well. • Grows to 24 – 36” and is perfect for garden or containers. • Allium cepa Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  16. 16. Pepper Chianti F1 • Early maturing sweet pepper. • Plants grow to 18” in height and produce 4” wide by 3” tall fruits. • Capsicum annuum Terra Organics LLC
  17. 17. Pepper Hot Cayenne • Famously, fiery pepper, wear gloves when handling! • Use fresh, canned or pickled to add flavor and spice. • Capsicum annuum Bonnie Plants
  18. 18. Pepper Just Sweet F1 •Unique snacking pepper with sweet, aromatic accents. • Vigorous growers, up to 36” high, no need to stake due to their strong bushy habit. • Capsicum annuum All-America Selections
  19. 19. Pepper Primero Red • Ripens early and provides huge yield. • One-third the heat of standard habaneros, great for salsa and cooking. • Capsicum chinese PanAmerican Seed
  20. 20. Pepper Mad Hatter F1 • Unique flattened shape adds ornamental beauty to the veggie garden. • Slightly floral, citrus flavor, perfect for salads, pickling or appetizers. • Capsicum baccatum Bonnie Plants
  21. 21. Pepper, Park’s Mini Bell Pepper • Versatile snack pepper perfect for single size portion with excellent, fresh taste. • Grill them, roast them, can them, snack on them! • Capsicum annuum Park Seed Co.
  22. 22. Pepper Sweet Habanero Orange • Sweet and spicy but lower heat rating (850 Scoville Units) than the spicy habanero. • Unique wrinkled, lantern shape fruit measures 2” x 2”. • Capsicum annuum Terra Organics LLC
  23. 23. Pepper Tricked You • Easy to grow and offers jalapeno flavor with NO HEAT! • Blend with hot jalapenos to customize the heat level of your salsa or hot sauce. • Capsicum annuum Seminis/Bayer
  24. 24. Pepper Waltz • A drying paprika! • Younger fruits start out tangy and develop a smoky, rich flavor with time. • Capsicum annuum Territorial Seed Company
  25. 25. Pumpkin American Tondo • Decorative heirloom pumpkin. • 8 – 10 lb orange beauties with mottled green stripes. • Cucurbita pepo Terra Organics LLC
  26. 26. Pumpkin Specter • Early maturing, produces 12 to 20 lb fruits. • Semi-hard, slightly warted shell and firmly attached handles. • Cucurbita pepo Harris Seeds & Garden Trends
  27. 27. Radish Philadelphia White Window Box • Crisp with a spicy flavor. • Excellent yield of small, white round radishes. • Raphanus sativus Seeds by Design Inc
  28. 28. Salad Mix Burpee Fresh Mix Mesclun • Gourmet salad mix you can grow in beds and containers. • Includes arugula, tangy endive, radicchio, red and green lettuce and mustard. Bonnie Plants
  29. 29. Spinach Green Beret • This hybrid is dark green with oval/round leaves. • Can be grown as baby spinach or as large leaves. • Spinacia oleracea Seminis/Bayer
  30. 30. Squash Mexican Grey Zucchini • Flavorful and tender green fruit with grey speckles is easy to harvest. • This highly productive hybrid offers excellent disease resistance in the garden. • Cucurbita pepo Bonnie Plants
  31. 31. Squash, Winter Amish Pie • This heirloom fruits weighs 60 – 80 lbs. • Thick, sweet and moist flesh making it perfect for pies. • Cucurbita maxima Terra Organics LLC
  32. 32. Squash, Winter Baker’s Choice Marbled F1 • Delicious winter squash, 3 – 5 lb. fruits with up to 15 per plant. • Flesh has dense, dry texture and a pleasant nutty flavor. • Lagenaria siceraria Seeds by Design Inc.
  33. 33. Squash, Winter Turk’s Turban • Thick orange flesh, perfect for baking and stuffing. • 8 – 12” in size, excellent for seasonal displays. • Curcubita maxima Seeds by Design Inc
  34. 34. Squash, Winter Honeynut • Extra sweet, smooth textured mini-butternut is high in beta-carotene. • Each plant yields approximately 5 fruits, 4 – 5” long. • Curcubita moschata Botanical Interests, Inc.
  35. 35. Tomato Atlas • Beefsteak tomato perfect for containers or in ground. • Delicious flavor has a balance of sweetness and acidity. • Solanum lycopersicum Burpee
  36. 36. Tomato Bronze Torch • Brick red fruit with bronze striping adds beautiful contrast to any salad. • Exceptional flavor and sweetness, 1 ¼” x 2 ½” fruits. • Solanum lycopersicum Harris Seed/GardenTrends
  37. 37. Tomato Chef’s Choice Black F1 • This AAS winner is a beefsteak type tomato with green/brown/black hue. • Plants produce 30 or more meaty, flavorful fruits. • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  38. 38. Tomato Dixie Red • Extra large fruit grows on plants 24 – 36” tall. • Boasts a good yield and is heat tolerant. • Solanum lycopersicum Seminis/Bayer
  39. 39. Tomato Fire Fly F1 • The super sweet fruits weigh about ½ oz. and are perfect for snacking and salads. • Plants yield 500+ pale yellow tomatoes. • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  40. 40. Tomato Get Stuffed • The striped, bell shaped fruits are hollow and perfect for “stuffing”. • Enjoy the classic bold flavor and eye-catching effect. • Solanum lycopersicum Totally Tomatoes
  41. 41. Tomato Honeycomb Hybrid • Mini golden-orange cherry tomatoes touched with a taste of honey. • Prolific plants produce clusters of sweet, aromatic fruit. • Solanum lycopersicon W. Atlee Burpee & Co.
  42. 42. Tomato Invincible • This plant stands up well to heat, rain and late blight, hence Invincible. • Easy to grow in beds and containers. •Solanum lycopersicum Sakata Seed America
  43. 43. Tomato Mountain Merit F1 • Classic mild tomato flavor, perfect for salads, snacks, sandwiches and slicing. • Harvest is approximately 45 fruits per plant. • Solanum lycopersicum Bonnie Plants
  44. 44. Tomato Purple Boy • Traditional tomato flavor. • Hybrid heirloom provides strong plant and more fruit. • Solanum lycopersicum Seminis/Bayer
  45. 45. Tomato Red Torch F1 • Striped, oblong tomato, 1½” long, has excellent flavor and great texture. • Plants yields 100+ fruits and are tolerant to harsh growing conditions. • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  46. 46. Tomato Roadster • Candy-apple red beauty is perfect for salads. • Extra large fruit, 8 – 12 oz. • Grow in the garden or containers. • Solanum lycopersicum Sakata Seed America
  47. 47. Tomato Shimmer • Beautiful fruits shimmer in a green, gold and red blend. • 1/2 ounce cherry type tomatoes boast sweet taste. • Solanum lycopersicum Burpee
  48. 48. Tomato Sparky XSL F1 • Very sweet and boasts an extended shelf life post- harvest. • Each plant yields 60 – 70 fruits and is tolerant to harsh growing conditions. • Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  49. 49. Tomato Yellow Canary • An ideal tomato for urban and patio gardeners. • Delicious, sweet fruit perfect for salads and snacking. • Solanum lycopersicum Bonnie Plants
  50. 50. Watermelon Cal Sweet Bush • Compact, bushy vines with foliage cover protecting the fruit yield 2 – 3 fruits weighing 10 – 12 lbs. • Exceptional taste. • Citrullus lanatus All-America Selections
  51. 51. Watermelon, Seedless Eclipse • Has it all – flavor, texture and juiciness, but NO SEEDS! • Fruits are 10 – 12 lbs. and mature early in about 80 days. • Citrullus lanatus Sakata Seed America