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2020 NGB New Varieties Vegetables and Edibles

Our National Garden Bureau Members have new, delicious and easy-to-grow vegetables and edibles for your garden this year! Don't buy your veggies...grow them!

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2020 NGB New Varieties Vegetables and Edibles

  1. 1. Vegetables & Edibles New Varieties For 2020
  2. 2. Broccoli Burgundy F1 • Broccoli with rich purple color throughout every season! • Sweet enough to be eaten raw or added to salads. • Brassica oleracea var. italica Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  3. 3. Broccoli Montebello F1 •Vigorous plants perform well in the heat! •Has large florets and thick, tender stems. • Brassica oleracea Osborne Quality Seeds
  4. 4. Cabbage Piccolima RZ •Green mini cabbage, perfect with salads. •Fantastic sweet flavor with tender leaves. • Brassica Oleracea Brassica Oleracea Rijk Zwaan USA, Inc.
  5. 5. Cabbage Scarrossa F1 •Stunning, bright magenta color. •Compact plants with improved bolt resistance. • Brassica rapa Osborne Quality Seeds
  6. 6. Carrot Orangeblaze •Jumbo-sized carrot •Orangeblaze makes a smooth, cylindrical high-quality root. • Daucus carota Seminis/Bayer
  7. 7. Corn, Sweet Affection •Flavorful, sweet taste and tenderness make this corn unique. •Outstanding earing quality with uniform ear shape and size. • Maize Zea Seminis/Bayer
  8. 8. Corn, Sweet Catalyst XR •The earliest supersweet available. •Has delectably sweet, flavorful kernel. Great addition to a home garden! • Zea Mays JW Jung Seed Co.
  9. 9. Corn, Sweet Signature XR Reserve •Strong husk cover and great ear size makes Signature XR a great, quality choice. • Zea Mays Ilinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.
  10. 10. Cucumber Cucamelon Mexican Gherkin •Tastes like a cucumber with tangy citrus overtones. •Loads of tiny, one-inch fruits that are delicious eaten fresh from the vine! • Cucumis sativus Bonnie Plants
  11. 11. Cucumber Green Light F1 •Green Light gives you loads of fruits per plant •Mini seedless, sweet cucumbers! •Easy to trellis and ready to pick at 4 inches. • Cucumis sativus All-America Selections
  12. 12. Kohlrabi Beas RZ •The first kohlabi hybrid with brilliant white skin. •Mild flavor and glossy green leaves. • Brassica Oleracea Gongylodes Rijk Zwaan USA, Inc.
  13. 13. Lettuce Bronze Mini Romaine •Adorable, compact romaine perfect for containers or as a border in a garden. •Delicious as it is pretty! • Lactuca sativa Bonnie Plants
  14. 14. Lettuce Cheap Frills Mix •Colorful and frilly, highly textured combination. • Lactuca brassica Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  15. 15. Lettuce Chicarita RZ •Small, crunchy and sweet tasting. •Very slow to bolt with a strong stable shape. • Lactuca Sativa Rijk Zwaan USA, Inc.
  16. 16. Lettuce Jara •Beautiful hardy, dense hearts and is slow to bolt. • Lactuca Sativa Garden Trends
  17. 17. Onion Blush •Blush onions are a unique cross between yellow and red onions. •Delicate pink color with a hint of sweetness •Allium cepa Dixondale Farms
  18. 18. Onion Blush F1 •Unique pink variety with strong skin. •Pungent flavor and standout color •Allium cepa Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  19. 19. Pea Snak Hero •Appearance of green beans but the taste of a snap pea. •So super-sweet and delicious, great for snacking! •Pisum sativum All-America Selections
  20. 20. Pepper Bambino F1 •Perfect jalapeno for bitesized jalapeno peppers! •Bambino has a strong upright plant with medium-sized fruit. •Capsicum annuum Garden Trends
  21. 21. Pepper Just Sweet •Sweet mini pepper with a lively yellow color and crispy skin. •The flavor is sweet and tart. •Capsicum annuum Seminis/Bayer
  22. 22. Pepper Lilo Organic F1 Bell •Lilo begins a beautiful dark purple and eventually ripens red. •Mild flavor with a high yield. •Capsicum annuum Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  23. 23. Pepper Ninja •Green-to-red bell pepper. •Gives a high yield of extra-large jumbo fruit. •Capsicum annuum Sakata Seed American
  24. 24. Pepper Park’s Whopper Yellow Hybrid •Bright yellow fruits with very thick walls and a sweet, juicy, crisp and tender flavor. •Excellent yield per plant and resistant to bacterial leaf spot. •Capsicum annuum Park Seed Co.
  25. 25. Pepper Roulette •Unique new habanero with almost no heat. •Exotic citrusy flavor •Capsicum chinense Seminis/Bayer
  26. 26. Pumpkin Blue Prince F1 •Pretty as they are delicious. •Beneficial for gardeners with a shorter growing season. •Disease resistant too! •Capsicum maxima All-America Selections
  27. 27. Pumpkin Grizzly Bear F1 •Small round pumpkin with a unique look for fall decorating. •Resistant to Powdery Mildew. •Curcurbita pepo Garden Trends
  28. 28. Pumpkin Pipsqueak PMR F1 •Cute doorstop pumpkin with handles. •Productive, upright small pumpkin with long, curling handles. •Cucurbita pepo Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  29. 29. Pumpkin Porcelain Princess F1 •Eye-catching variety with a porcelain color. •Purchases support the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation •Capsicum pepo Garden Trends
  30. 30. Radish Confetti Mix Organic Micro Green •Mildly spicy blend of purple and green radish leaves with red, purple, and pink stems. •A visually stunning and flavorful mix! •Raphanus sativus Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  31. 31. Radish Red King F1 •Fire engine red roots with crisp white interior. •Crisp, juicy and sweet. •Raphanus sativus Osborne Quality Seeds
  32. 32. Raspberry Double Gold •Warmer climates will enjoy berries in spring and fall. •Sweetly flavored, medium size berries with a firm texture. •Rubus idaeus JW Jung Seed Co
  33. 33. Snack Pepper Mardi Gras Fun •Eye-catching colors that are perfect snacking size. •Sweet and colorful varieties. •Capsicum annuum PanAmerican Seed Co.
  34. 34. Spinach Oceanside •Slow, moderate, dark green spinach. •Nice thick leaves that remain upright. •Spinacea oleracea Sakata Seed America
  35. 35. Squash Golden Griller •Mild, rich zucchini flavor great for grilling, baked or sautéed. •Easy to harvest these egg-shaped, bright yellow fruit! •Cucurbita pepo Bonnie Plants
  36. 36. Squash Starry Night PMR F1 •Delicious Acorn Squash with a bush habit. •Unique, pixelated color pattern. •Cucurbita pepo Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  37. 37. Squash Zodiac Hybrid •Unique, elongated shape makes it easier to peel and chop! •Produces loads of flavorful, uniform fruit. •Cucurbita pepo Sakata Seed America
  38. 38. Tomato Apple Yellow F1 •AAS Winner with incredible garden performance and a sweet citrus taste. •Non-splitting, long-holding, uniformly shaped tomatos! •Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  39. 39. Tomato Apricot Zebra •Golf ball sized fruit with unique, firm and meaty texture. •Wonderful tomato flavor, rich with moderate sweetness. •Solanum lycopersicum A.P. Whaley LLC
  40. 40. Tomato Bronze Torch F1 •Exceptional flavor and texture with a beautiful dark red interior. •Extremely prolific plants produce oblong marketable fruits! •Solanum lycopersicum A.P. Whaley LLC
  41. 41. Tomato Buffalosun F1 •This AAS Winner has great texture, a higher yield and less cracking than other tomatoes. •Unique marbled exterior and interior. •Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  42. 42. Tomato Cedro Hybrid •Cedro’s bright red color and pleasant texture makes it perfect for the kitchen. •Extra-large, oval fruits grow in clusters on a compact plan. •Solanum lycopersicum Sakata Seed America
  43. 43. Tomato Celano F1 •This AAS Winner is a patio type grape tomato with a strong bushy habit. •This semi-determinate hybrid tomato is an early producer of sweet oblong fruits. •Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  44. 44. Tomato Chef’s Choice BiColor F1 •These heirloom looking tomatoes are as sweet as they are beautiful! •They have early maturity and uniform fruits that hold up all season. •Solanum lycopersicum Totally Tomatoes
  45. 45. Tomato Citrine, Organic F1 •Great snacking tomato with rich, balanced flavor and a meaty bite. •High resistance to splitting and cracking and a beautiful orange color. •Solanum lycopersicum Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  46. 46. Tomato Crokini F1 •This AAS Winner has a very sweet, light acidic taste. •Crokini provides a lovely burst of sweetness along with a compact habit. •Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  47. 47. Tomato Early Resilience F1 •A rounded Roma tomato with a deep red interior color. •Resistant to Bloosom End Rot with a high yield. A very healthy plant! •Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  48. 48. Tomato Galahad F1 •This AAS Winner is a great tasting, high- yielding, fruit that grows on a strong sturdy stem. •It has a sweet, meaty texture and is crack resistant. •Solanum lycopersicum All-America Selections
  49. 49. Tomato Gold Spark F1 •A yellow grape with high yields of sweet flavorful fruit. •Uniform golden fruit that does not crack. •Solanum lycopersicum Garden Trends
  50. 50. Tomato Jamestown •Robust tomato plant with high-yield and deep red color. •Excellent for tomato sauce recipes. •Solanum lycopersicum Seminis/Bayer
  51. 51. Tomato Little Sicily •This compact tomato produces fruit with big flavor. •Abundant, small, red fruits ripen over a few weeks for a large harvest. •Solanum lycopersicum Bonnie Plants
  52. 52. Tomato Midnight Snack •Unique-colored cherry tomato that’s healthy and tasty. •Ripens red with a glossy black-purple overlay. •Lycopersicon esculentum Bonnie Plants
  53. 53. Tomato Mountain Gem F1 •Higher yield with extra-large fruit and clean blossom ends. •Vigorous determinate plant with high quality fruits. •Solanum lycopersicum Bejo Seeds, Inc.
  54. 54. Tomato Pink Champagne •Excellent new variety with dark pink, grape-shaped fruits. •Amazing flavor and productivity. •Solanum lycopersicum A.P. Whaley LLC
  55. 55. Tomato Plumbrella Series F1 •Perfect tomato for containers or patio use. •Medium-compact upright plant with delectable sweet flavor. •Solanum lycopersicum Hem Genetics BV
  56. 56. Tomato Purple Boy •Purple Boy is an heirloom-looking hybrid that has vigor and disease resistance. •Looks great sliced up on your plate. •Solanum lycopersicum Seminis/Bayer
  57. 57. Tomato Red Torch •This AAS Winner has superb flavor to match its stunning appearance. •Great snacking tomatoes through frost. •Lycopersicon lycopersicum Territorial Seed Company
  58. 58. Watermelon Mambo F1 •Mambo is one of the easiest watermelons to grow. •Perfectly round melons with a crisp tasty fruit. •Citrullus lanatus All-America Selections