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LRGH CC Brochure 2012 WEB2


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LRGH CC Brochure 2012 WEB2

  1. 1. Strengthening the Community’s Well-Being Paul Racicot, MD Co-Chair, Capital Campaign just as you need us, we need you. – 1 Dear Friends, A century ago, Lakes Region General Hospital and Franklin Regional Hospital made a promise to provide healthcare for the people of our community. We have kept that promise, and have been here for our community in good times and bad. But in order for this organization, and our local provider network, to remain viable, we must look to the future. There are many exciting things happening at LRGHealthcare today. Completion of the new Interlakes Medical Center in Meredith; completion of a newly expanded Emergency Department at Franklin Regional Hospital; and the completion of a 97,000-square-foot addition at Lakes Region General Hospital— all of these projects, funded through an innovative program offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, will help position us to meet our community’s healthcare needs today and in the future. However, one critical need remains: converting all of our remaining patient rooms to single-patient rooms to enhance quality of care, safety, and privacy for our patients, while meeting their expectations for their hospital experience. Today, LRGHealthcare’s “Strengthening the Community’s Well-Being” Capital Campaign is underway. Through this Campaign, we seek to fund this conversion to single-patient rooms, which is vital to the continuing delivery of our commu- nity’s healthcare. Just as you need us, we need you. LRGHealthcare is committed to being here for you and your loved ones, not just today or tomorrow, but for many years to come. Your gift to this Campaign is not just an investment in your local healthcare system; it is an investment in your future health, and the future health of your loved ones and your community. Sincerely, Gil Schohan Co-Chair, Capital Campaign
  2. 2. Our Beginnings M ore than 100 years ago, Lakes Region General Hospital and Franklin Regional Hospital were founded by visionary philanthropists commit- ted to strengthening the community’s well-being by providing patients with high quality healthcare. In 1893, Rhoda Ladd left her entire estate to the Town of Laconia to build its first hospital, Cottage Hospital, which opened in 1898. Franklin’s Sally Proctor made a similar bequest, and Franklin Regional Hospital opened in 1910. The two hospitals merged in July of 2002 to become LRGHealthcare. With each passing year, our commitment to quality care grows. Our vision for the future is simple: strengthening the community’s well-being by providing patients with the highest quality healthcare. StrengtheningtheCommunity’sWell-Being – 2
  3. 3. Our Focus Remains the Same Y ear after year, we continue to fulfill the mission set forth by our founders. In the last year, Lakes Region General Hospital, Franklin Regional Hospital, and our affiliated practices provided more than $42 million in community benefits, much of which assisted families and individuals who needed medical care, but could not afford to pay. It’saFact:Thepeopleinourcommunityinspireus––theygiveusthemotivation to provide the highest level of clinical care. Our passion shows through the intense dedication of our skilled doctors, nurses, and staff. During an average year, our more than 150 staff physicians, 50 associated physicians, representing 35 medical specialties, 57 allied medical providers and 450 nurses and allied health and support personnel care for 50,000 patients needing emergent and non-emergent medical care. Throughout the history of our organization, our goal has been to anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare needs and concerns of our community. How? We listen to you. We work tirelessly to ensure our community members receive a superior level of healthcare in a modern, technologically-advanced facility. We remain focused on providing the best care for our patients and community. investinginyourlocalhealthCARESYSTEM – 3
  4. 4. A Need for Growth and Expanded Care A t LRGHealthcare, we understand the importance of adapting to the changing healthcare climate and our region’s aging population. As an organization, we are prepared to meet the critical care and day-to-day health and wellness needs of patients and families. Our comprehensive plans for the Lakes Region and Franklin campuses include state-of-the-art ambulatory services, expanded medical facilities, and much more. Our master facilities planning process identified opportunities for growth and advancement to meet the needs of our community. We are committed to meet- ing those needs. Our focus has been, and will continue to be, providing our community with the highest level of quality healthcare. Our vision for growth and expansion will enable us to: • Position ourselves to meet the critical and intensive care needs of our growing senior population; • Improve infection control and privacy standards by offering single patient rooms; • Build infrastructure to support current and future healthcare technology improvements and emergency capabilities during times of crisis; • Provide greater, more convenient access to primary care, specialty care, and outpatient services. StrengtheningtheCommunity’sWell-Being – 4
  5. 5. Building a Stronger Community AND Region O ur goals may seem ambitious, but our focus on improving patient care for the Lakes and Three Rivers Regions remains grounded. LRGHealthcare has already taken the initiative to invest in your future: we have completed a 97,000-square-foot patient care addition, which includes new Intensive Care and Progressive Care Units; Senior Services Unit; power plant and a renovated and reconfigured lobby with space for future development of diagnostic and outpatient services. These major renovation plans became a reality because the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) insured the bonds, and allowed LRGHealthcare to refinance existing loans. This provided a long-term savings of nearly $27 million over the life of the loan. Separate from this project, we identified additional projects needed to enhance and modernize our current facilities. As a result of our dedication to the people we serve and care for, we have launched the “Strengthening the Community’s Well-Being” Capital Campaign. This Campaign addresses immediate and long-term patient needs, including: Private Patient Rooms Studies reveal that patients in private rooms experience faster recovery and have a reduced risk of infection, resulting in improved patient outcomes. State-of-the-Art Technology Technology is a vital factor in meeting the diagnostic needs of our patients, which is why LRGHealthcare must utilize newly-updated imaging equipment including mammography and CT scanners, and a new endoscopy suite. EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Renovate and expand the emergency department for enhanced patient care. investinginyourlocalhealthCARESYSTEM – 5
  6. 6. TOGETHER, We Can Make it Happen O ur focus on providing the highest quality patient care, facilities, and technology remains strong, but we need your help. It is our promise to you to provide excellent healthcare supported by dedicated and skilled medical professionals. When you or a loved one receives care at Lakes Region General Hospital or Franklin Regional Hospital, you can be assured that we will be here to meet all of your needs and answer all your questions. Our community has a strong tradition of philanthropy, generosity and compas- sion. Let’s work together to continue to meet our mission of providing quality patient care, state-of-the-art facilities and technology, and a healthier commu- nity for us all. – 6 StrengtheningtheCommunity’sWell-Being
  7. 7. Furthering Our Healthcare Mission Capital Campaign Committee Campaign Co-Chairs: Gil Schohan Paul Racicot, M.D. Committee Members Cindy Baron Norm Belanger Tom Clairmont Greg Dickinson Jim Dirubbo Rebecca Doherty BJ Eckardt Peter Russell Suzanne Stiles Scott Sullivan Maureen Wilkins investinginyourlocalhealthCARESYSTEM – 7
  8. 8. StrengtheningtheCommunity’sWell-Being – 8 I have been involved with LRGHealthcare for more than 15 years. This organization is committed to making sure the whole community is healthy. I have a strong personal belief in LRGHealthcare’s mission of providing quality, compassionate care. I give to LRGHealthcare because of that belief. I make annual gifts every year, and have made a planned gift through my will—but I am also giving totheStrengtheningtheCommunity’s Well-Being Capital Campaign. This Campaign is about the future. It is about providing our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and ourselves with the healthcare services we need today, and the care that we will need tomorrow. I see my gift to this Campaign as an investment in my future, and in the future of my community.” Jim Dirubbo, Laconia Malone, Dirubbo & Company, P.C. An investment in the future “
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