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History, Background and Future Perspectives of Near Field Communication for the Packaging Industry

Matthew Bright, Chair of NFC Forum Retail and Payment Special Interest Group (SIG) presented this History, Background and Future Perspectives of Near Field Communication for the Packaging Industry presentation at the Active & Intelligent Packaging World Congress and Hackathon on Friday, November, 3 in Amsterdam. Learn how NFC plays an important role in intelligent packaging.

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History, Background and Future Perspectives of Near Field Communication for the Packaging Industry

  1. 1. Matthew Bright, Chair NFC Forum Retail & Payment Working Group 3 November 2017, Amsterdam History, background and Future Perspectives of Near Field Communication for the Packaging Industry
  2. 2. THE NFC FORUM REPRESENTS Advancing Near Field Communication Technology2 All of the world’s major: ● Chip vendors ● Payment service providers ● Smart phone manufacturers ● Mobile operating system providers ● 150 member companies ● Sponsor Members / Board of Directors:
  3. 3. THE NFC FORUM REPRESENTS Advancing Near Field Communication Technology3 Collaborations with Industry Consortia:
  4. 4. NFC FORUM’S MISSION Advancing Near Field Communication Technology4 The NFC Forum brings the convenience of NFC technology to life. We empower organizations to deliver secure, tap-based interactions with an intuitive, reliable experience to users around the globe. Or in technical terms: The NFC Forum stands for the open and interoperable implementation of NFC technology. Specifications & Application Documents Compliance & Interoperability Branding, SIGs & Networking
  5. 5. NFC FORUM: DRIVING NFC FORWARD ON ALL FRONTS 5 Advancing Near Field Communication Technology • Ensure compliance and interoperability with the NFC Forum’s standards • Develop and maintain product certification and interoperability programs • Plugfest program • Encourage broad adoption of NFC technology in targeted vertical markets • Gather business requirements to drive work within the Technical and Compliance Committees • Engage market critical liaisons Compliance Committee Special Interest Groups Technical Committee • Creation and maintenance of technical requirements documents and specifications • Engage with NFC Forum liaison partners
  7. 7. LATEST MARKET DEVELOPMENTS Advancing Near Field Communication Technology7
  8. 8. Mobile IS Commerce 40%Ecommerce transactions from Mobile* 90%Consumers using Smartphones in-store** * IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmark, February 2015 **, “Survey: 90% of Retail Shoppers Use Smartphones in Stores”, July 20th, 2015
  9. 9. Source: Nielsen 2015 PULLPUSH 43% 46% 47% 48% 56% 58% 60% 63% 56% 61% 70% 66% 66% 83% Ads on Mobile Ads in Social Networks Ads in Search Engines Online Video Ads Billboards Ads in Magazines Ads in newspapers Ads on TV Emails I signed up for Brand Sponsorships Branded Websites Editorial Content Consumer Opinions Posted Online Recommendations from People I know 65%more than “push” based advertising. Consumers trust ”pull” based research HOW DO YOU WIN MINDSHARE?
  10. 10. Source: Google Trends Data, 2015-2016 In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers. I-need-some- ideas-moments • 65% of online consumers look up more info online now versus a few years ago I-want-to-go- moments • 2X increase in “near me” search interest in the past year I-want-to-do- moments • 100M+ hours of “how- to” content have been watched on YouTube so far this year I-want-to-buy- moments • 82% of smartphone users consult phones while deciding what to buy in-store “MICRO-MOMENTS” TO ENGAGE MOBILE CONSUMERS
  11. 11. GROWTH OF THE USER-INITIATED EXPERIENCE: RETAIL AND BRANDS 11 90% of shoppers use their phone while in-store1 23% repeat shopping trips from retail omnichannel shoppers2 $1.2T IoT retail economic impact per year up from $410B3 1.5T market potential of connected packaging & labels by 20264 NFC Forum Next Generation Retail & Brand Experience Infographic Advancing Near Field Communication Technology
  12. 12. NFC Intelligent Packaging Universal Smartphone Ownership Mobile-First Attitude Mobile Payments Readiness NFC: CONVERGING TRENDS
  13. 13. NFC: A NOW TECHNOLOGY Advancing Near Field Communication Technology13 Source 1: IHS Source 2: Markets and Markets Source 3: Strategy Analytics Source 4: Juniper NFC Transaction value to reach $20B by 2020 • Payment systems now across ALL major mobile platforms • Enabling NFC usage beyond payments: • Transport, IoT, Connected Car, Retail 2.2 billion NFC handset shipments annually, by 20201 • NFC adopted across all handset OEMs, covering all OSs • 72% by 20203, up from 52% in 20163 and 18%1 in 2013 • Global NFC market to exceed reach 21.84 Billion by 20202
  14. 14. WHAT DOES NFC LOOK LIKE TODAY? Advancing Near Field Communication Technology14
  15. 15. Advancing Near Field Communication Technology15 NFC Forum: What is NFC? (video)
  16. 16. Advancing Near Field Communication Technology16 USERS LEARNING TO TAP VIA PAYMENTS… Apple Pay Android PaySamsung Pay
  17. 17. JR East NFC-enabled Mobile Suica Advancing Near Field Communication Technology … AND TRANSPORT …
  18. 18. Mercedes-Benz & Samsung NFC Car Key Advancing Near Field Communication Technology 18 … AND EVEN AUTOMOTIVE
  19. 19. WHY NFC? IT’S THE UX! Advancing Near Field Communication Technology19
  20. 20. Proprietary & Confidential20 ARE WE LISTENING? SERIOUS MISALIGNMENT! Translation Fast Easy Fast Easy
  21. 21. IS THIS THE FUTURE OF COMMERCE? ● Pre-order required ● Setup required ● Battery powered ● High-power wireless tech ● Single fixed point ● Multi-use yet single- purpose
  22. 22. … OR THIS? ●Instant, simple ‘Buy Button’ on every product ●Zero friction setup – no pre-order and no configuration required ●Dynamic – enables adaptable post-purchase promotions, plus cross-sell & up-sell ●Encourages brand loyalty, can also facilitate channel loyalty
  23. 23. HOW DOES NFC COMPARE TO QR CODES? Advancing Near Field Communication Technology23 NFC QR Codes SECURITY Secure, resists cloning Graphics can be copied READABILITY Read with One Tap Need line of sight, good camera, good lighting EASE OF USE Easy! One Tap Need app to read DESIGN Limitless! Invisible and integrated into Brand Graphics Unattractive Must maximize size/contrast to improve usability
  24. 24. USERS PREFER THE NFC EXPERIENCE Novice users completed an identical task 31% faster using NFC compared to a QR code (Strategy Analytics) After initial use: • QR code 10-15 sec • NFC tag 1-2 sec Users prefer NFC because it is: 1. Fast 2. Convenient 3. User-first
  25. 25. NFC IN RETAIL & INTELLIGENT PACKAGING Advancing Near Field Communication Technology25
  26. 26. Advancing Near Field Communication Technology26 Children use their imaginations to literally and figuratively ‘think outside the box’. This book illustrates the value that comes from thinking beyond the obvious nature of a simple package.
  27. 27. Advancing Near Field Communication Technology27 NOT A JERSEY With an NFC label, it’s - digital content portal - loyalty program - music playlist - offers platform - rewards system - brand engagement tool - potential authentication mechanism - window into real-world activity
  28. 28. Advancing Near Field Communication Technology28 NOT A NECKLACE With an NFC medallion, it’s - a wearable immunization record - protection against preventable disease - connecting babies to the healthcare system - a lifesafer Source: Khushi Baby
  29. 29. Advancing Near Field Communication Technology29 NOT A… It’s a(n)… - Delivery confirmation - Ingredients/allergens index - Comparison shopping guide - Personalized offer - Gateway to social proof - Connector to support - Customer feedback mechanism - Warranty registration portal - Loyalty program voucher - Trigger for AR/VR - E-commerce experience BOX BOTTLE TUBE HANGTAG
  30. 30. NFC CONSUMER JOURNEY & INTELLIGENT PACKAGING Advancing Near Field Communication Technology30 ●Product & category education ●Trusted reviews – expert & social ●Viral discovery (first see a brand outside retail setting) 1 PRE-PURCHASE / DISCOVERY
  31. 31. NFC CONSUMER JOURNEY & INTELLIGENT PACKAGING Advancing Near Field Communication Technology31 ●Pre-sale brand messaging / brand story ●Couponing / offers ●Gateway to support (chatbot, brand experts) ●Omnichannel link to e-commerce inventory ●NFC payment at POS 2 IN-STORE
  32. 32. NFC CONSUMER JOURNEY & INTELLIGENT PACKAGING Advancing Near Field Communication Technology32 ●Post-sale brand messaging / brand story ●Product registration, support, manuals ●Cloud-based updates: recalls, notices ●Premium e-commerce unboxing ●Follow-up commerce: product, consumables re-order 3 POST-SALE
  33. 33. NEW INFOGRAPHIC – ‘RETAIL AND BRAND EXPERIENCE’ ● Developed by NFC Forum’s industry experts ● See how NFC connects brands and consumers in pre-purchase, in-store, and post-purchase environments ● Free download now from NFC Forum website 33
  34. 34. THANK YOU! For more information on how to get involved: Advancing Near Field Communication Technology34