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VISIONFC - an NFC Forum event: NFC Payment & beyond presentations


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At the recent VISIONFC sessions hosted by the NFC Forum, Flomio and panelists from Parks Associates, Red Solution Finland, and Strategy Analytics (moderated by NFC Bootcamp) shared their perspective on what the future holds for NFC in payment and beyond.

Presentation Abstracts:
Flomio - Cashless on the Catwalk
Fashion Label House of Holland teamed up with Visa, Flomio, and the makers of the NFC Ring to create a buying experience in 100 days that has taken fashion and retail by storm. What if you could skip the checkout line and purchase a ring right from the rack? Learn how this team of innovators is reimagining the retail journey by using proximity ID technology to enhance the customer experience and increase sales.

Panel - Vision to Reality: NFC Beyond Payment
People who have been involved with NFC almost cringe at the idea the Apple invented NFC with the introduction of Apple Pay, but the reality is that Apple Pay did serve a very important purpose of bringing NFC into general consciousness of consumers. Now we need to build on the growing success of NFC in payments and help support and develop other uses cases for NFC across all industry verticals. This panel discussion covered some of the more innovative uses of NFC now and in the future.

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VISIONFC - an NFC Forum event: NFC Payment & beyond presentations

  1. 1. NFC PAYMENT & BEYOND PRESENTATIONS June 15 – 16, 2016 Dallas, TX, USA
  2. 2. VISION TO REALITY: NFC BEYOND PAYMENT Moderator: Robert Sabella, NFC Bootcamp, author of NFC for Dummies Panelist: Chris Tweedt, Parks Associates Panelist: Nitesh Patel, Strategy Analytics Panelist: Jayden Khakurel, Red Solution
  3. 3. About Robert P. Sabella Robert Sabella brings more than 20 years of legal and entrepreneurial experience to NFC Bootcamp and is considered one of the most innovative leaders in developing and bringing new technologies to market. Mr. Sabella is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor, innovator and author. He started several companies, invested in a few more and invented a few products along the way with two current patent-pending applications. He authored two books, RFID+ Cram Exam and NFC for Dummies™. He is passionate about start-ups, both as an entrepreneur and an investor. Mr. Sabella’s focus is on all things related to mobile proximity, specifically RFID, NFC, BLE and mobile apps. Mr. Sabella created and co-founded the proximity ID technology focused accelerator program, AccelerateNFC, as well as co-organized the global hackathon series TrackHack™: The Proximity ID Hackathon. He continues to train people and organizations around the world on proximity technologies and the solutions they enable through the NFC Bootcamps. Mr. Sabella earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in philosophy and a Juris Doctor from Boston College and is a member of the New York and Massachusetts bar.
  4. 4. NFC Bootcamp™ is a training program that focuses on leveraging near field communication to drive brand awareness and enhance customer experience. Attendees learn best practices for using NFC in real-world scenarios — presented by people actually creating and implementing solutions. Includes hands-on demos and training on how to build an NFC campaign, presented by local and international NFC experts. Building the industry, one tap at a time Accelerating the best in near field communication, AccelerateNFC™ is a mentor driven, mentor funded idea incubator/ success accelerator focused exclusively on proximity ID technology companies including NFC, RFID and BLE. AccelerateNFC™ focuses on near field communication companies, matching the highest caliber talent, resources and funding with those companies who are ready to take their ideas and products to the next level.
  5. 5. Chris Tweedt Research Analyst Mobile Products Industry and consumer research focused on all segments that are digital or provide connectivity within the home • Over 25 years of experience in providing consulting services (Fortune 500 to startups) • Analysis and consulting by industry experts in Digital Living and the Connected Home • Turnkey project management Services • Quantitative Surveys • Focus Groups • Interviews • Market Sizing and Forecast Modeling • Market Assessment • Strategy Analysis • Presentations, Workshops • Whitepapers Apple | AT&T | Cisco | Comcast | HP | IBM | Intel | Microsoft | Motorola | Phillips | Samsung | Verizon
  6. 6. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% PayPal Retail store-branded payment apps, like the Starbucks app Google Wallet/Android Pay Apple Pay Other mobile payment apps Smartphone Users (n=3,892, ±1.57%) Those who use mobile payment apps (n=1,009, ±3.09%) %IndicatingUseofSpecified App Types of Mobile Payment Apps Used: Adoption among General Smartphone Users and Mobile Payment App Users (Q3/15) The top 2 are not NFC solutions • Low NFC payment adoption due to low merchant acceptance NFC solutions likely to rise • Apple Pay is gaining merchant adoption • Expect Apple Pay to advertise to consumers after sufficient merchant adoption • Growth likely once Apple advertises Apple Pay to consumers
  7. 7. STRATEGY ANALYTICS – DELIVERS INTEGRATED PERSPECTIVES ON THE DIGITAL CONSUMER 6/23/2016 Strategy Analytics, Inc. 7 Integrated, Global Perspective on Digital Consumers Insights, Information, and Forecasts on Companies, Brands, Products, and Technologies Competing for the Consumer Intelligence on Consumer Activities, Behavioral Patterns, and Usage Profiles through Big Data Analytics Market Intelligence on Buyer Behaviors, Consumer Attitudes, Brand Preferences, and Emerging Behaviors Design Guidance and Competitive Intelligence on User Experiences and Opportunities for Innovation
  8. 8. NFC RESEARCH AT STRATEGY ANALYTICS June 23, 2016 Copyright© Strategy Analytics, Inc. 8 • Consumer technology preference • NFC Handset forecasts • NFC penetration by price tier • Mobile payment forecasts NFC Preferred Over Competing Technologies
  9. 9. In Brief Jayden Khakurel - strong background in mobile and wearable technologies. - M.Sc. in Computer Science and - MBA (International Business Management). - Currently doing PhD in Computer Science. (User Interface and Usability: Wearable Technologies) Awards - Top30 Innovators, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Society Forum (SVIEF) 2014, San Jose, California - Best Mobile Commerce application- 4G world, Chicago, USA. Projects - European Union Funded Research Project: Single European Mobile Service Area “SEMOSA”, AAL RSF Confidential.. Don’t distribute without permissions
  10. 10. In Brief Red Solution Finland - est. 2008, Finland Business Field (NFC), Mobile Applications - Consulting - Applications and solutions provider - Outsourcing What we have provided so far? - Mobile Wallet (NFC based and Non-NFC) - Smart Map (First NFC enabled map) - NFC Event Management - Loyalty Solutions - mobile point of sale using Iphone (ICarte) and add on.. ….more… RSF Confidential.. Don’t distribute without permissions In Brief
  11. 11. CASHLESS ON THE CATWALK Richard Grundy, Flomio
  12. 12. Cashless on the Catwalk Reinventing the Buy Experience
  13. 13. BUILT IN 100 DAYS VIP VISA 2in Model VIP P O S 50ft Associate? Attach AssetReader iPad Association Experience 2
  14. 14. 3
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  16. 16. 5
  17. 17. Expected: -30.55dB Actual: -2.02dB 6
  18. 18. SIDE FRONT 20mm 100mm LED Ring Lock Union Large Scan Surface Uses 4 AAA Batteries INSIDE LED OFF LED ON 35mm 44.5mm 15mm LED OFF LED ON Snap Union Pin size and weight Uses 2 stacked CR2032 Batteries NFC antenna SIDE FRONT 20mm 100mm LED Ring Lock Union Large Scan Surface Uses 4 AAA Batteries INSIDE LED OFF LED ON 35mm 44.5mm 15mm LED OFF LED ON Snap Union Pin size and weight Uses 2 stacked CR2032 Batteries NFC antenna 7
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  23. 23. PHOTO GUEST STAIRS LINE UP C D A F B E TRUSS 1.22m 13.70m 3.05 m 1.22m 2.44m50ft 12
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  25. 25. 14
  26. 26. Over 150 pieces of coverage 250 million opportunities to see Across broadcast, online & social media 15
  27. 27. Our Vision • Shopping should be as easy as shoplifting™ • Convenience and security at right size • Empower DIY types, lower barriers to entry 16
  28. 28. Why NFC? • Near field passive is best for wearables • Ubiquity achievable with portable readers • Economies of scale already in place 17
  29. 29. Challenges • Educating the market • Consistent user experience • Reducing time to innovation 18
  30. 30. We ♥ Proximity ID Flomio has been helping enterprises and developers integrate proximity ID for over 5 years. ๏ Graduated and closed $500k+ seed funding (2012) ๏ Successful : first NFC reader for iOS (2012) ๏ Large enterprise deployments with and (2015) ๏ Community of over 1800, active forum+hackathon 19
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  32. 32. 21