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Helping People’s Potential Stand                                                            Out!                          ...
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LERIO performance flyer


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LERIO performance flyer

  1. 1. Helping People’s Potential Stand Out! LERIO PERFORMANCE PUTTING SIMPLE WORDS IN ORDERDo you see yourself in it? What do we do for you? I’ve met some performance Investigate “the way things are done” in your management experts. Too much organisation and understand its culture. technology, too little understanding. Explore adaptability of the right performance Consultants try to transfer in my approaches which best suit your needs and business what’s been applied environment. Ensure how much your elsewhere. organisation can afford to take on. I do appraise my employees, but it Simple is better – Fit is best. seems it’s not enough to boost their performance. Build rapport with the people who are to take It started well, but sometime later it part in the process as leaders, supervisors and was drowned in system’s staff. bureaucracy. Design, modify, and test the system through My staff’s background is not workshops with the managers. sufficient enough to get such Modify, implement, evaluate, and re-modify. systems. Our valuesRest assured you’re not alone. We’ve heard No over-reliance on ready-made Performance Appraisal forms and Performance Managementthose stories many times and investigate Systems!root causes and how to overcome them. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! If there is a will, there is a way! Reg. Office: 582-586 Kingsbury Rd, Birmingham, B24 9ND Correspondence: 6 Augustus Rd, Birmingham, B15 3NB 077·22333·114 •