Jessica steffes - Leadership Philosophy


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Jessica steffes - Leadership Philosophy

  1. 1. Leadership Philosophy Jessica SteffesI believe that great leadership skills are acquired through Leadership requires the ability to take the proper steps tostudy and experience in addition to natural talent. Every ensure the best possible solutions and outcomes ingreat leader has their own natural abilities that they will situations. I am not afraid to say, “This is what I ameither build upon or struggle with. It is what we do when thinking, but let me (and I will) get back to you on thatfaced with the complications of the struggle that help us after I have gathered the necessary facts andto grow into great leaders. information.”As a leader, I believe it is very important to set an I believe that another great skill of a leader is to utilizeexample through words, interactions, and actions. As the the ability to instill new processes and tasks where theyfamous saying goes, actions speak louder than words. I may be lacking. One thing that many people do notbelieve that the example I set as a leader shapes the realize is that organizational processes and tasks mayworkplace environment and the outcome of the work better with one employee than it does another.department. Based on the abilities and needs of others Sometimes leaders may find that their processes are notwhom I have the privilege to lead, the type of work running as smoothly now that they have new employees,environment I can provide helps to obtain the overall or have even experienced turn-over. I use my problemesthetic of the company and exceed company goals. solving skills to see where errors are taking place. I take a step back to see the main goal points of the process andI believe that great leadership retains employees, nurtures generate new processes to meet those goals based on thethem to become great leaders, and generates an overall skills and abilities of my employees to smooth thosehappiness and success within the company. To help processes further.others grow in their skills is a large benefit to a company.When employees feel appreciated, respected and needed, Every employee should feel a sense of ownership of theirthey are more likely to stay with a company and desire to position and be proud of the work they do. One of thebe a continued part of the success of their company. greatest achievements of a leader is to have a team that is driven, comfortable, happy, productive, and confident.In addition to understanding your employees and helpingthem grow, being a great leader means making the rightdecisions based on experience and facts. This can alsotranslate into not making the wrong decisions.