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Helping People’s Potential S tand Out!                                                                  LERIO COACHING    ...
“Coaching: No longer a reserve for the elite” (S. Fiehl)                     I often listen to hotel managers saying:     ...
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Lerio coaching flyer


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Lerio coaching flyer

  1. 1. Helping People’s Potential S tand Out! LERIO COACHING Understanding ● Planning ● ActingWho is it for? LERIO Coaching is not tempted to give recipes, tipsLERIO Coaching is for those professionals and ready-made solutions.who never stop exploring ways to develop LERIO Coaching questions the routes of beliefs that lead to actions. Actions governed by Prudence.their personal mastery and achieve their Deriving from the Aristotelian and Platonic wisdomtargets in life and work. we challenge attitudes, behaviours, habits that stand in front of you and delay your journey whileLERIO Coaching is for those hotel managers you should move forward.who want a powerful way to boost theirperformance and strengthen their LERIO Coaching helps you see the road to your and your organisation’s success clearer. We use coachingleadership skills. approaches that suits you the most to assist you inLERIO Coaching is for those organisations understanding where you stand,which aim high and get there by investing in realising consequences of your thoughts and actions,bringing their employee’s full potential out. identifying your purpose in life and role, deciding what to do and how to achieve yourAre you one of those? goals, acting with positive thinking & enthusiasm,Call now for a non-obligation appointmentwith an experienced coach. monitoring the implementation of your decisions and your progress Reg. Office: 582-586 Kingsbury Rd., Birmingham, B24 9ND Correspondence: 6 Augustus Rd., Birmingham, B15 3NB 077·22333·114 •
  2. 2. “Coaching: No longer a reserve for the elite” (S. Fiehl) I often listen to hotel managers saying: “I wish I could pay my staff more to work better; but when you give peanuts, you get monkeys!” …and hotel staff saying: “I wish I had better managers who understand me and make me love my job! I could run the extra mile, but they wouldn’t let me”.Michalis KourtidisBA Hons, MA, MCIPD Conflicting impressions among managers and employees is a commonManaging Director phenomenon in any type of industry. False impressions about reality are most likely to lead to erroneous decisions. Don’t we all wish our organisation runs effectively, efficiently, profitably, competitively, and is an enjoyable place to work? Why exceeding expectations often sounds an impossible task to achieve? People’s potential is not always met, because it is not always acknowledged. Many experienced hotel executives are dissatisfied with their own decisions they make because they are afraid to take the risk to decide what they truly believe it is the “right” thing to do and not the “safe” thing to do; are not confident enough to take the lead; fear their boss will blame them if something goes wrong; think they’re alone into it and their employees will not follow them reliably; haven’t tried it before, so they will not succeed. Our Approach Our coaching approach follows 3 steps. Each step offers the opportunity to find the right answers to your concerns. We call it the MTR approach: M - Mirror - Coach reflects the image of coachees thoughts, words, beliefs, or actions T - Table - Coach puts the M-stages outcomes on the table with the coachee to design and set an action plan R - Running Track - Coachee hits the road running putting their decisions into action with the support of the Coach Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for an exploratory free discussion and see by yourself how we might be of help to you and your business in hospitality. CALL NOW: 077.22333.114 EMAIL: