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Rewire Your Organization
How Connections can Impact Performance

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  • G’Day. My name is Lee White. My company is Decision 3D. I am here today to talk about how the connections that exist within your organization have a direct impact on your organization’s performance. Also, I am going to show you an approach to start optimizing those connections in order to improve performance.
  • Communication and information sharing is the process by which knowledge, experience and opinion is passed from one person to another. It is also...
  • ...about connections and relationships. Which means that the process of communication and information sharing cannot be separated from the environment in which it exists.
    Any thoughts, comments or questions?
  • Has anyone ever worked for this guy?
    Was collaboration possible in this environment?
    Were you very productive?
    Did the organization benefit from this kind of behavior?
  • Have you ever had a great working relationship with a coworker?
    Was collaboration easy?
    Were you productive?
    Did the organization benefit?
    Effective communication and information sharing supports collaboration.
  • To build a collaborative environment, you need to improve the connections that constitute your communication and information sharing capabilities.
    Any thoughts, comments or questions?
  • OK, so where do we start?
  • There are also some new tools that are showing promise. These tools go by many names. I will refer to them collectively as social technology.
  • But should this be the first step?
  • You must keep in mind that these are just tools.
    Without an idea of what you want to accomplish, you have no ability to select the correct tool.
  • Another factor to consider is culture. Are the attitudes and behaviors within your organization conducive to supporting collaboration?

    If you don’t deal with some old school attitudes no collaboration tool will be effective.
  • Without a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, no effort to create a collaborative environment will be successful.
  • So to create a collaborative environment...
  • your infrastructure
  • your behavior
    your attitudes
    your culture
  • and your organizational objectives
  • must work together.
    Any thoughts, comments or questions at this point?
  • Where do you go from here? What does it look like in practice?
  • Rewire also has a second meaning.
  • Let’s look at these specific functions from the perspective of how communications and information sharing support collaboration and lead to desired outcomes.
  • If you have a workplace that values input from all employees, rewards collaboration, and where management decisions are transparent, people will want to work there. If you can attract the best, productivity goes up and costs go down.
  • The best training you can get is when it is real time, where you need it, without a lot of trouble. In a collaborative environment, everyone shares in the training and benefits from the learning opportunities.
  • When you know, who knows what, in your organization you have access to a huge amount of knowledge and expertise that is readily available. This is an invaluable asset.
  • When people that think differently, collaborate and think together, the outcome is unique and often better than traditional solutions.
  • A significant portion of the work done (and expense incurred) in any organization is going back and fixing problems found too late. Project transparency allows more eyes to see the work and increases the odds of catching problems early.
  • When all corners of the organization are collaborating, employees feel connected and part of something bigger. Employees that are engaged will put extra effort into the job. Ultimately this will translate into better products, service and customer perception.
  • So to put it all together, when you design your tools and process appropriately
  • focus on the operations that drive the business
  • you will optimize the connections in your organization
  • and through collaboration, deliver the results you are looking for.
  • Rewire V4.Key

    1. 1. REWIRE Your Organization℠ How Connections Can Impact Performance
    2. 2. Communication and information sharing is...
    3. 3. ...about connections and relationships.
    4. 4. Done poorly, it is the root of most organizational problems.
    5. 5. Done well, it is a key to organizational success.
    6. 6. To REWIRE your organization is to re-imagine it in a way that supports collaboration.
    7. 7. First step? Get some cool tools!
    8. 8. First step? Get some cool tools!
    9. 9. First step? Get some cool tools! Not so fast!
    10. 10. A Tool is just a tool. gs b lo RSS C RM ER P wik Ne S o c i i t w al or k i ng
    11. 11. Behavior plays a big part.
    12. 12. But above all you must begin with a clear vision of your objective.
    13. 13. To effectively REWIRE your organization
    14. 14. Tools gs b lo RSS C RM ER P wik Ne S o c i i t w al or k i ng
    15. 15. Behavior
    16. 16. & Objectives
    17. 17. ...must be aligned.
    18. 18. Great, but... I need help now!
    19. 19. REWIRE offers more help.
    20. 20. “REWIRE Your Organization” means: Re-imagine the connections in your organization with respect to core business functions. Recruiting Education Workforce Management Innovation Risk Management Engagement
    21. 21. Recruiting Build an open collaborative culture that will attract the best and brightest.
    22. 22. Education Real-time knowledge sharing keeps employees prepared for real world projects.
    23. 23. Workforce Management Increase transparency and discover the talent and knowledge hidden in your organization.
    24. 24. Innovation Sharing information across traditional boundaries promotes diverse thinking and drives innovation.
    25. 25. Risk Management Identify problems early, avoid backtracking and redundant efforts.
    26. 26. Engagement Employees engaged in the business and passionate about their work deliver their best effort.
    27. 27. Aligning Objectives, Behavior and Tools ...
    28. 28. For key organizational functions...
    29. 29. Builds the relationships and connections that...
    30. 30. Impact Performance!