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Object viewpoints sustained_outcome


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Year 8, Art project outcome, Still Life, Michael Craig Martin

Published in: Education
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Object viewpoints sustained_outcome

  1. 1. Lesson 9 - 12: Sustained outcome Lesson objective: By the end of the project everyone will produce a sustained outcome investigating colour, line and shape. This will be a painted abstraction of a selection of objects. All: Draw overlapping objects to create a variety of shapes Most: Paint flat colours in complementary combinations Some: Use paint accurately to emulate Michael Craig-Martin’s style. All pupils will be following a step by step process, inspired by the work of Michael Craig Martin. Watch the you tube demonstration clip ‘Art lesson: Lightbulb’ (School of Yule) before you start Materials: • Carbon paper • Pencil • Paint • Object images / sketch • Fine brushes • Thick paper Task 1. Stick the carbon paper over thick paper 2. Trace an object (from photo / sketch) using a pencil with the carbon paper underneath 3. Trace another object 4. Remove the carbon paper 5. Set up palette, mix paint 6. Paint background in flat colour 7. Paint complimentary colour for some shapes 8. Choose another colour for some shapes 9. Alternate between complimentary colours until the surface is filled and the painting is complete Extension 1. Repeat on larger scale with more objects