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Task 4 hand of the artist


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Drawing Project

Published in: Education
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Task 4 hand of the artist

  1. 1. Lesson 4: The Hand of the Artist
  2. 2. Drawing Hands by M. C. Escher Drawing Hands is a lithograph by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher first printed in January 1948. It depicts a sheet of paper out of which, from wrists that remain flat on the page, two hands rise, facing each other and in the paradoxical act of drawing one another into existence. Although Escher used paradoxes in his works often, this is one of the most obvious examples. Now Produce a drawing in the style of the artist M C Escher Success Criteria: • The hand you draw must be life size (1:1 scale) • Add detail of your skin texture • Your drawing must include a background
  3. 3. NOW: Analyse this Art work… • What is the medium? • What is it? • Describe the tones? • Describe the shapes? • Who is the artist? • What is the subject matter?NOW: On the piece of paper you must all write at least ONE key word to describe the art work GROUP ACTIVITY