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Tools, Tech, and Processes to Scale Your Enterprise Social Media Programs


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Want an in-depth look at how integrating the right tools and processes can help you scale your social media program? Check out Megan' Conley's presentation from #SMMW18!

Published in: Marketing
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Tools, Tech, and Processes to Scale Your Enterprise Social Media Programs

  1. 1. @megconley Tools, Tech, and Processes to Scale Your Enterprise Social Media Programs Megan Conley CEO + Founder
  2. 2. @megconley Disclaimer • All knowledge, no pitch. I promise • Use the hashtag #SMMW18, but please take good photos #kthanks • Ask questions! I’m friendly  • Get the goods • Let’s be friends @megconley @socltribe
  3. 3. @megconley Social is the foundation for a great customer experience
  4. 4. @megconley Your customers don’t care • How big your company is • The complexities of your organization • Where you are in the world • What you want @megconley
  5. 5. @megconley Customers expect • Seamless experiences • Hyper-relevant information • Personalized interactions • Real-time communication And that’s just the basics @megconley
  6. 6. @megconley 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience Less than 10% of their customers agree
  7. 7. @megconley Over the next 3-5 years, 75% of marketers say they will be responsible for the end-to-end experience over a customer’s lifetime Marketers are the heroes of today’s customer experience
  8. 8. @megconley Why do so many enterprise brands fail to deliver the experience customers expect?
  9. 9. @megconley Scale
  10. 10. @megconley The good guys of scaleThe good guys of scale • Stakeholders • Processes • Workflow • Technology @megconley • Data
  11. 11. @megconley The good guys of scaleThe bad guys of scale • Disjointed data • Silo’d teams • Disparate processes • Point solution tools @megconley
  12. 12. @megconley Scaling is an inside job 1. Strategy 2. Infrastructure 3. Collaboration Customer journey (Strategy) Get rid of silos (Collaboration ) Build the team (Infrastructure ) Determine the channels + platforms (Strategy) Develop the process (Collaboration ) Find the right tools (Infrastructure )
  13. 13. @megconley Strategy: Flying Blind Ain’t Fun
  14. 14. @megconley Know thy customers If you don’t know who your customers are – stop. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.
  15. 15. @megconley Do your homework Age, gender, household income, location Attitudes, interests, hobbies Demographics Psychographics Buyer persona WHO? Pain points + challenges Goals + Objectives Industry trends Where do they collect information? Online conversations Social buzz Relevance WHAT? Social listening Content strategy Social strategy Influencers Digital ‘watering holes’ WHERE?
  16. 16. @megconley Tactics + tools • Demographics Pro– demographics + competitive insights • FollowerWonk– demographics + competitive insights • Audiences – demographics + psychographics + competitive analysis • Social Mention – social listening + sentiment analysis • MakeMyBuyerPersona – step-by-step online wizard to create a buyer persona
  17. 17. @megconley Obsess over your customers ANDRE WILLIAMS Online Retail Merchandiser DEMOGRAPHIC INFO Gender: Age Group: Location: Income: Marital Status: Household Size: Male 25-29 Major City $30k - $39k / year Single 2-3 people ACTIVITIES & HOBBIES Fashion, Music, Writing/Blogging, Going to Clubs/Bars WHERE TO FIND THEM Social Media: Websites: Magazines: Instagram, Snapchat GQ, Genius, Hypebeast Rolling Stone, Esquire BUYING HABITS Sole decision maker. Researches and reads reviews. Prefers quality over economy. ATTITUDE & VALUES Prefers to shop with ethical brands. Values time spent with friends. GOALS & CHALLENGES Wants to be as informed as possible, but short on free-time due to work.
  18. 18. @megconley Collaborate: Build Windows
  19. 19. @megconley If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African proverb
  20. 20. @megconley Your job (at first)
  21. 21. @megconley Global • Social governance • Best practices Regional • In country marketing leads • Lead gen Align key stakeholders Immediate • Product Marketing • Sales • Comms • AR + PR • Lead Gen • Partners
  22. 22. @megconley Build a collaboration hub Team Alignment Campaign Tagging Approval Process Topic Partner Ecosystem Employee Advocacy Amplification Tracking
  23. 23. @megconley Collaboration Tools  Transparent  Accessible  Self-service  Real-time
  24. 24. @megconley Define the process
  25. 25. @megconley Develop a repeatable, scalable process Collaboration hub Community Management Editorial + social management system Local Regional Global Social Promotion Stakeholder alignment Regular meetings Content planning Performance review Transparent Accessible Self-service Day-to-day execution Local, regional + global activation Amplificatio n Employee Advocacy Regional Activation Influencer Networks
  26. 26. @megconley Key functionalities + tools Multi-channel management Best-in-class enterprise solutions Cross-functional capabilities Scalability Social governance Customized reporting
  27. 27. @megconley Recap The disconnect is real Marketers are the hero’s of today’s customer experience Scaling is an inside job Collaboration is key – don’t go it alone Tech + tools to accelerate – not replace
  28. 28. @megconley More goodies! What more tools? Take our tailored online assessment to find out which social, content + influencer tools are right for your program Expert guidance. After taking the assessment – set up a 15 min chat more about how these tools can work for your biz Free collaboration template! Get a jump start on scaling with our custom designed collaboration template – ready for download
  29. 29. @megconley
  30. 30. @megconley Thank you!