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Web design or rules for interface design


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Published in: Technology
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Web design or rules for interface design

  1. 1. Web design orrules for interface design Media Develop EU
  2. 2. 1. WEB PAGE DESIGNWeb page design is what attracts visitors at first sight. But content is what makes them stay on page.
  3. 3. Art vs. Technology Methods for creating interfaces:• Artistic;• Technical.Can we break the rules ?Which side shall we choose ?
  4. 4. Common mistakes• Business model – web is not a brochure;• IT architecture – web site structure and company structure;• Web page design – need for preliminary tests;• Structuring content – writing in a linear style.
  5. 5. Web page design Useful pixels
  6. 6. Rules 1 and 2• If the design looks better without a certain element of it, remove the excess item !• Control every pixel – GUI design (Graphical User Interface) !
  7. 7. Rule 3 Using basicfonts is a must !
  8. 8. Rule 4The interface must be independent of the resolution !
  9. 9. Rule 5 Quick links, quick downloads !• Page size – what is it ?• Conservative use of graphics does notnecessarily mean boring pages !
  10. 10. Rule 5
  11. 11. Rule 6 Describe clearly and concisely the hyperlinks !• Titles of hyperlinks should not exceed 60characters;• Do not repeat the anchor and the maintext;• Hyperlink and background colors shoulddiffer.
  12. 12. Rule 7 Use the same set of styles for all of the pages !• Do not use more than two fonts;• Do not use absolute font sizes.
  13. 13. Rule 8 Frames and tables – simply NOT !• Some browser versions cannot displayframes correctly;• Search engines have trouble with framesand tables;• In some browsers it’s difficult to bookmarkframes.
  14. 14. Rule 8 Frames and tables – simply NOT !
  15. 15. Rule 9 Post only trustworthy information !• Sophisticated graphic design – first step toconfidence;• If you use information from users – givedetails on how and why you are using it.
  16. 16. Rule 10 Printing your web page information – why not ?• Make two versions for all your long webdocuments;• Capabilities of the PDF format.
  17. 17. Conclusions• From where are users coming ?• Interface, independent of the resolution;• Clear and concise hyperlink description;• Set of styles;• No frames;• Quick links, quick downloads;• Unconventional interface – where lies thekey?
  18. 18. 2. CONTENT DESIGN The purpose of design is to allow users see the content.“Nobody goes to the theater because ofthe beautiful costumes” - Jacob Nielsen
  19. 19. Rule 11 Write concisely !
  20. 20. Rule 12 Check the text for correction !
  21. 21. Rules 13 and 14• Use meaningful, not quotable titles !• Use ordered and unordered lists or similar design elements to break the flow of monotonous text blocks !
  22. 22. Rule 15 Enable brief review of the content !The state of Nebraska is filled with manyinternationally renowned attractions, all of whichattract a great number of people every year. Themost visited places in 1996 were Fort Robinson(355,000 visitors), the national monument Scotts Bluff(132,166), U.S. History Museum Arbor Lodge (100,000visitors), Pioneer Settlers Museum Stuhr (60,000 visitors)and U.S. Historical Park Buffalo Bill Ranch (28,446).
  23. 23. Rule 16 Simple language !
  24. 24. Rule 17 Readability !
  25. 25. Conclusions• Write concisely;• Check the text for correction;• Possibility for brief reviews;• Break the page;• Page titles;• Online help;• Multimedia;• Capability for response.
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention! Media Develop EU