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How various personality traits affect the managers thinking, feeling, and the way they behave?


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How various personality traits affect the managers thinking, feeling, and the way they behave?

  1. 1. How various personality traits affect the managers thinking, feeling, and the way they behave? By: Mc. Kevin C. Porlares As I learned, personality traits are the tendencies to feel, think, and act in a certain ways. It also known as the big five personality traits or five factor model. These five factors will create a big role on each one of us. A person having a big responsibility in an organization, are seemingly observable such how they perform in a group. Looking forward, managers are one of which some various personality traits are being belt to them that's why, managers are more attentive and aware about what they think, feel, and act. If more fortunate, we can be a manager even in a simple way and how we deserve it, may be not now but soon. Achieving the point that the manager are not a robot but a human that can think what is good and bad, can feel emotionally and behave accordingly. Managers need to realize that people vary along a wide array of personality traits (HDZSROI 2009). According to Howell, T. (2004),social aspect can almost never be removed, and is a must for many people due to personal needs for interaction. The model will have its affect in a large number of cases. They all both define that personality traits would contribute a big impact in a way a person will interact and perform. As well as a manager in a firm, it would also affect their behavior within. However, being particular, some managers and leaders possessing much more in extraversion personality. According to Coope, B. B. (2014), that those who are high on this scale (extraversion) draw thier energy from being around others, so they tend to be more sociable. People who are high in extraversion need social stimulation to feel energized (Cherry, K. 2016). The two ideas have a point that the extraversion personality will gain energy from social interaction. The managers having this personality will more cooperative to all the people within the firm. Some personality traits can also affect manager's behavior like for example openness to experience. According Gentile, A. (2015), openness to experience displays the ability to be flexible enough to quickly learn and understand tasks. Sometimes, relationship between openness to experience and extraversion has a big role for the individual. According to Matzler, K. et. al. (2006), it was found that extraversion and openness to experience are positively related to hedonic product value and that the personality traits directly and indirectly. I think the effects of these on managers are obviously showed in the way they perform their role as a manager. The way the manager will think, perceive, and behave, should be fit to all in a firm, providing that being a leader is a good and effective for achieving group goals.
  2. 2. Therefore, personality traits affect the performance of individual especially those individual that has a big responsibility in planning, organizing, leading and controlling and that is a manager. They kept doing well to maintain the effectiveness in a firm. So it might be prostrated for them to seep in mind to be always cool and sound. However, there's a time to experience such negative emotions and feel distressed causing by some factors of trouble and challenges. But good thing, all problems has always a corresponding solution. Being positive will must always be dominated in all aspect. References hdzsroi (2009, February 11). Personality Traits at Work: Management Implications. Retrieved from management-implications/ Neubert, S. (2004). The Five-Factor Model of Personality in the Workplace. Retrieved from Cooper, B. B. (2014, February 3) How The “Big Five” Personality Traits in Science Can Help you Build a More Effective team. Retrieved from can-help-you-build-a-more-effective-team/amp Cherry, K. (2016, November 18) What Is Extroversion? How Extroversion Influences Behavior. Retrieved from Gentile, A. (2015, Mar 20). Openness to experience and the workplace. Retrieved from Matzler, K. (2016). Individual determinants of brand affect: the role of the personality traits of extraversion and openness to experience. Retrieved from