Emotional intelligence - What it is and how you tools to help you get results in the work place


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Presentation on what is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how you can help improve your emotional intelligence. It covers tools to help and explains why it's important to be emotionally intelligent. The end as examples of companies using emotional intelligence to get results for their companies.

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Emotional intelligence - What it is and how you tools to help you get results in the work place

  1. 1. “ ” Emotional Intelligence What is it, Why is it important, and how can I actually use it? Ankit Patel – Managing Partner The Lean Way Consulting
  2. 2. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Agenda  What is emotional intelligence  Why it’s important  Tools that you can use  Exercise  Examples of success stories
  3. 3. TheLeanWayConsulting.com What Is Emotional Intelligence  Audience Participation
  4. 4. TheLeanWayConsulting.com What Is Emotional Intelligence  Self- Awareness  Self – Management  Social Awareness  Relationship Management *From the Hay Group in their ECI assessment
  5. 5. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Why is it Important?  Exercise  Audience Participation  Stress response  70% of American workers either are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” at work  Emotional intelligence is 2x as important as cognitive abilities in predicting outstanding employee performance*  Emotional Intelligence accounts for more than 85 percent of star performance in top leaders*  Divisions managed by leaders with strong emotional intelligence outperformed revenue targets by 20 percent**  Performance of highly emotionally and socially intelligent sales representatives was more than double that of their less effective peers.** June 2013 Gallup Survey *Hay Group studies **Hay Group study and anecdotal sample size
  6. 6. TheLeanWayConsulting.com What you can do to improve  Individually  Language  Mindfulness/awareness  Self-care  Groups  Appreciative Inquiry  Company Level  S.O.A.R. strategy methodology
  7. 7. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Language (http://youtu.be/Hzgzim5m7oU)
  8. 8. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Language Matters *The Role of Positivity and Connectivity in the Performance of Business Teams Losada and Heaply Performance Level High Medium Low Positive/Negative Comment Ratio 5.614 (~6:1) 1.855 (~2:1) .363 (~1:3)
  9. 9. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Mindfulness/Awareness What it is  Makes you aware of yourself  Lowers blood pressure*  Critical for Self Awareness and Social Awareness components of Emotional Intelligence What you can do  Mindfulness journaling  Meditate - HeadSpace.com for Daily mindfulness practice  Positive Intelligence * Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Prehypertension
  10. 10. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Self Care  Mitigate effects of power stress  Compassion  Mindfulness  Playfulness  Hope
  11. 11. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Appreciative Inquiry The cooperative search for the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them. It involves systematic discovery of what gives a system “life” when the system is most effective and capable in economic, ecological, and human terms* * Appreciative Inquiry Handbook
  12. 12. TheLeanWayConsulting.com
  13. 13. TheLeanWayConsulting.com SOAR Strategy Methodology  Based on Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology  Designed as a methodology and not just a tool  Desired outcome is clarity and aligned action for every stakeholder* * The Thin Book of SOAR
  14. 14. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Strengths -Organizations Resources and capabilities -Basis for differentiating advantage Weaknesses -Absence of strength; lack of resource or capability -Flipside of a strength; downside of focusing on competitive advantage Opportunities -External circumstances that support profit and growth -Unfilled customer needs, new technology, favorable legislation Threats -External circumstances that hinders profits and growth Strengths -What are we doing really well? -What are our greatest assets? -What are we most proud of accomplishing -What do our strengths tell about our skills Opportunities -How do we collectively understand outside threats? -How can we reframe to see the opportunity -What is the enterprise asking us to do -How can we best partner with others Aspirations -Considering Strengths and Opportunities, who should we become -How do we allow our values to drive our vision -how can we make a difference for our organization and its stake holders Results -What are our measurable results -What do we want to be known for -Ho do we tangibly translate Strengths, Opportunities, and AspirationsSource: Stavors, Hinriches, Hammond, Annis; The Thin Book of SOAR; 2009 SWOT -> SOAR Mapping
  15. 15. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Let’s Try it Topic: Deep Supportive Connection(s) Description: Deep Supportive Connections are relationships that you have where it is open, transparent, honest, and very trusting. You feel at ease with these relationships and know that if you need support you can get it, if you need feedback you know they are a safe place to go for feedback. It might be with an individual or with a group of people. Q1: (Inquiry) Tell me about a time in your life when you experienced an amagin deep supportive connection(s). It could have been in Kindergarten or it could have been last week. Think of an example outside of Vistage if possible. How did it make you feel? What was the most memorable story from the deep supportive connection(s)? Q2: (Aspirational) It’s now 2016 and because of the great work you and the Vistage group you have developed a group that is even better than it was in 2014 when it comes to having deep supportive connections. Your group is the envy of other Vistage groups and they look to your group on how you did it. How did you do it? What does it look like? What were the tools that you used to help you get there?
  16. 16. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Hunter-Douglas Long Term Outcomes* • Yields surge to 98.5%--$10-12 million revenue • Turnover hovers at ≤15% down from 42% • $25MM in cost savings during AI work • Multiple-year winner of the STAR award • Top “10” Places to Work * Appreciative Inquiry Handbook
  17. 17. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Nutrimental Foods*  Rodrigo Loures, CEO  300 % Increase in Profit  75 % Decrease in Absenteeism  Appointment to President Lula’s Economic and Social Council  World Business Academy Award  Rise to Best 100 Companies in the Nation * Appreciative Inquiry Handbook
  18. 18. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Other Results* Navy  $2 Billion* “Winning the Battle for People” Trucking Company**  Stock Price Follows Increasing Engagement Scores:$14  $41 in 1.5 Years  38 % Higher Productivity *Testimony House Armed Services **Appreciative Inquiry Handbook
  19. 19. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Regional Office of Professional Services Firm* Rankings are based on the companies internal ranking system * The Thin Book of SOAR
  20. 20. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Roadway*  Revenues increased by 25.7% following the SOAR event  Generated over $1,000,000 in business from an idea that was conceived in the SOAR event  Income from operations went from $.72 per share to $1.37 per share for Q4 year over year * Appreciative Inquiry Handbook
  21. 21. TheLeanWayConsulting.com teknetex SOAR Strategy  2012 INC 500 list #485  790.2% growth over three years  Best places to work in Nashville for companies less than 50 employees
  22. 22. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Christie Cookies  Doubled efficiency for one division in three weeks saving $179,000/year  Reduced change-over times by 40% saving $64,000/year
  23. 23. TheLeanWayConsulting.com Questions? Contact Information  Ankit Patel  Managing Partner  The Lean Way Consulting  404.855.1634  www.TheLeanWayConsutling.com  ankit@theleanwayconsulting.com