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10 Social Media Tips to Complement Your Trade Show Presence


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Cutting through the noise at trade shows is a challenge for companies of all sizes. While showing up is half the battle, using social media the right way to enhance brand voice can make all the difference in being heard. We’ve been on the front lines at more than 105 trade shows this year, banishing the booth message and maximizing social media properties. Want to know more about how we socialized Dreamforce for our client LiveOps?

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10 Social Media Tips to Complement Your Trade Show Presence

  1. 1. 10 Social Media Tips to Complement Your Trade Show Presence Presented by McGrath/Power Public Relations
  2. 2. 1Make sure it’s “sociable” Understanding, in advance, the online buzz around a conference will help set expectations for the level of engagement during the show. If no one is talking about the event online, it may not make sense to maintain a social presence. Your messages could go into a black hole. In the case of Dreamforce 2014, where we handled social media efforts for our Client LiveOps, there were more than 37,000 tweets discussing the hashtag the month prior to the show. It made sense to socialize! 37,818 Mentions of #DF14 88% Favorable Sentiment
  3. 3. Create a plan of attack Put together a comprehensive plan, which covers all of the show details – from primary company messages that will be incorporated into social posts to key audiences to target to sessions you would like to live tweet from. We also include a daily check list of items we’re going to accomplish on social, such as capturing short video clips, posting images to Instagram and monitoring the show hashtag hourly to identify trends to discuss, attendees to engage with and messages to share. 2
  4. 4. Bring the right equipment The plan will help you prepare for the type of content you’ll capture at the event. Make sure you bring a video camera, digital camera and your phone to capture visuals. While smartphones help with on-the-fly tweeting, you’ll need your laptop to upload videos and work on lengthier copy, such as blog posts. Don’t forget chargers! 3
  5. 5. Find your social media command center In between sessions and walking the expo floor, find a spot away from the chaos. This will allow you to concentrate on blogging, posting more robust messages and engaging with attendees on social channels. Make sure the location has a strong Wi-Fi signal and outlet to recharge your devices; otherwise, you’ll find yourself packing up and moving elsewhere. 4
  6. 6. Embrace the hashtag If you aren’t using the conference hashtag in every tweet, Facebook update, Google+ message and Instagram post, it’s all for naught. Why? Because you won’t show up in the show’s dialogue and attendees may not engage with your messages. Also, make sure you double check the hashtag, as they can change year-to-year. #DF14 5
  7. 7. Follow the 4-1-1 concept Once you’ve found your spot and you’re locked on to the hashtag, it’s time to live tweet! We follow the 4-1-1 rule and make sure to maintain the concept during events across all of our social channels. While you need to drive traffic to your booth, you also need to discuss trends coming out of the show while engaging with attendees, including partners and customers. This provides value to your followers. Share Retweet Tweet new pieces of content one relevant tweet one self-serving tweet 6
  8. 8. Use visuals to increase engagement Our most popular social updates from Dreamforce included at least one visual, whether it was a Vine video of booth staff encouraging attendees to stop by or a photo album documenting the event. Make sure you capture quick video clips and images to increase engagement on your social updates. 7
  9. 9. Try new apps; know their limitations There are always new social media tools, services, apps and more being announced. Know the latest so you can leverage it during the show. For instance, we were able to use Hyperlapse to capture fast-motion videos. However, it’s not easy uploading them to Twitter. Know their limitations, but also know the workarounds. 8
  10. 10. Wrap it all up in a blog post Once all is said and done, take a look back at the trends coming out of the event. Use those to develop a blog post that shows how your brand ties into the trends. This will demonstrate thought leadership and carry on the conversation long after everything is packed up. - LiveOps CEO 9
  11. 11. Be prepared for next year Following the show, create a report which analyzes the activities that took place on your social channels and the results that came out of it. This will reveal challenges and opportunities for next year. For example, we noted that visual elements increased engagement, and we’ll make sure to incorporate more of that into our plan this year. 10
  12. 12. Thank you. Presented by McGrath/Power Public Relations