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Top 10 Digital Tips From Pwr


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10 Digital Ideas for PR professionals from the folks at PWR.

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Top 10 Digital Tips From Pwr

  2. 2. NEWS MOVES ON-LINE The Digital Shift News creation and consumption has moved to the web. Main-stream media outlets have migrated on-line and downsized. Journalists and bloggers have little time and support but aggressive publication demands, particularly the demand to create on-line content. In addition, there are now millions of new voices as the blogosphere expands and social platforms enable new means of communicating. Now, even consumers encounter your PR efforts on-line. PR professionals can take advantage of these trends by successfully aligning their strategies and tactics with this new(s) reality.
  3. 3. COUNTDOWN 10 Digital Ideas At PWR, we work with a variety of brands to help them make the most of their digital and social collateral, aligning their efforts with the needs of today’s journalists, bloggers and even consumers. Click through for a count-down of ten great ideas we’ve seen recently…
  4. 4. UNDERLINE YOUR POINT WITH VIDEO Ten Incorporating video into your newsroom and releases is a great way to hand easy-to-use digital content to the media. Use a social player that allows journalists and bloggers to view, download or grab embed codes. Consider offering a lot of short videos, rather than one long B-roll, so anyone who wants to cover your story on-line can grab site-ready player with a topic customized to meet their needs (but offer a downloadable link of the long, higher quality version as well). Click here to see the video module PWR created for AAOS’s newsroom, making their newsroom more digital-friendly.
  5. 5. UNLOCK SUCCESS WITH TRANSFERABLE ASSETS Nine Journalists and Bloggers are looking for easy-to-grab and use transferable assets. Look for creative ways to meet those needs. In addition to video, consider power point presentations delivered in Slideshare players, images dropped into image players with embed codes, Sprout Builder mini-sites, or other recipient-friendly assets. Check out the image player PWR created for a recent American Academy of Dermatology release, making it easy for the media to grab and transfer to their own sites... click here
  6. 6. MAKE YOUR NEWS RELEASES A REAL TREAT Eight In a recent survey , 89% of journalists said they want releases via email. They also want them loaded with assets—images, video, bios, and backgrounders—but don’t want attachments. Use email wisely by sending media-rich New Media Releases. Include social media elements as well as forward, opt-out and PDA friendly links. And, be sure to optimize for the web. . Click here to see the New Media Release PWR distributed for Yum! Brands Hunger to Hope campaign. See more NMRs here .
  7. 7. CELEBRATE YOUR BRAND BY INVITING PARTICIPATION Seven When your brand has fun, informative and accessible events going on, make sure you let the media know.  Whether it’s adding streaming video of a big news conference or just inviting them to an on-line demo, the press will appreciate your efforts to keep them plugged in, especially if it’s low-hassle, easy to access, and ideally a bit enjoyable. Check out a recent evite McCormick, working with PWR, sent to the media to alert them of an upcoming web demo... click here . .
  8. 8. BLOW THEM AWAY WITH COVERAGE INFO Six Share information on coverage in your newsroom and news releases. It’s handy for journalists and bloggers to know what other media outlets have said about your brand and/or story. Click here to see how PWR added Coverage info to National PTA’s managed newsroom
  9. 9. POLISH IT OFF WITH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FOOTPRINT Five Include icons of the social platforms your brand has a presence on, such as Facebook and Twitter, in all your digital collateral—your website, releases, newsroom, e-newsletters and more. This is a great way to invite everyone your brand meets on-line to become your friend, broaden media outreach efforts and grow relationships. You can also spread your news further on-line by adding social media bookmarks to your digital assets, making it easy for people to share and archive your info, as well as forward-to-friend links, Sphere links and even incorporating a topic-specific blog to enable dialogue. See a Zatarains Social Media Release that PWR developed, designed to move across the web more effectively ... click here.
  10. 10. SPREAD YOUR NEWS WITH AUDIO Four Check out the audio player PWR created for a recent Build-A-Bear Workshop release, making it easy for the media to grab and transfer to their own site... click here . Audio clips of experts, quick tips, PSAs or other related topics can improve releases and newsrooms and are easy to share on social media sites and blogs. Audio is easy and inexpensive to incorporate and a great way to share a bit more info with your audience. Keep it short and simple—you won’t have their attention for long if you don’t get to the point quickly.
  11. 11. IMAGES: ICING ON THE CAKE Three Many journalists and bloggers are required to provide images with every story. In a recent survey , 85% said images with releases were (very) important. So give them images—high res and low res so they have options. And consider using an image player on-line editors and bloggers can grab and re-use in its entirety. Click here to see a Gatorade EPK PWR developed with high and low res image options
  12. 12. CROSS POLLINATE TO GROW SUCCESS Two One key to digital success is to continually cross-pollinate your efforts: plug your blog in your newsletter, ask journalists to join your RSS feed on your releases, invite your Facebook friends to join you subscription list, and let your Twitter followers know you have a YouTube channel. And make sure your branding (not some vendor's!) flows seamlessly across these channels so you’re on-line impression is impressive. See how PWR helped AAOS brand and cross-pollinate their digital collateral, including Twitter , Facebook and releases .
  13. 13. SHARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS (IF YOU DON’T…) One Make sure your bosses, Board, members, clients or even colleagues are aware of your successes. One challenge common to many PR professionals is proving how valuable you and your accomplishments are to the C-suite. Internal Media Alert newsletters can help you improve your reputation (and budget) by keeping interested parties in the loop and aware of your successes. See The Joint Commission Big News Alert PWR developed to help keep everyone in the loop… click here
  14. 14. Times Are Changing. Are You Evolving with Them?
  15. 15. GET IN TOUCH We’re happy to help For more info on PWR New Media and the many PR clients we work with, please get in touch anytime—we’re always happy to make new friends. Visit our website here Check out our blog here Join our email list here Become a Facebook fan here Follow us on Twitter here Or, just send a good old fashioned email here . We look forward to hearing from you.