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A short lesson on how to use Vine for personal and professional branding.

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The vine

  1. 1. What is Vine? Use your iOS device to record six-second snippets Share on Twitter and/or Facebook. Dom Hofmann (@dhof), Co-founder and GM ofVine, describes the service as being “about abbreviation— the shortened form of something larger. They’re littlewindows into the people, settings, ideas and objects thatmake up your life. They’re quirky, and we think that’s partof what makes them so special.”
  2. 2. The Basics Updating Your Profile Connect Twitter & Facebook What To Do Before You Record Popular Hashtags Like, Follow & Comment
  3. 3. Updating Your Profile When you join, your profile will beimported from Twitter. But it is best to make changes. Tweak your profile based on: Who your are What you’ll be sharing People discover others to followthrough a people search function. This will attract the most appropriateaudience for your content.
  4. 4. Connecting w/ Facebook & Twitter Connect either account or both. Connectingdoesn’t mean you automatically share to both. Share videos that you know your audiences oneither account will be interested in. To connect go to Vine menu > Profile >Settingsand then scroll down to Social Networks. Since Vine is owned by Twitter, it is going to beyour best bet to increase traffic. You will also find existing contacts to follow. This isdone by going to Profile > Settings then scrolldown and you’ll see the Friends section, click FindPeople option. You can’t do this with Facebook.
  5. 5. Before You Record If you want to create videos to get attention, make videos that fitwhat has already proven to work well. Regularly browse the Editors Picks, and Popular sections within the Vineapp. Use the Search by Tag feature to review the types of videos that are beingposted by others in your niche. Use a Google site: search to locate videos by keyword. Browse a few of the 3rd party sites that display Vine videos: All Around The Vines, Vine Peek, Vine Fav - Each of these sites providesa slightly different view of the latest videos posted to Vine. Vines Map - Provides a nice map view of videos by location VineRoulette - Offers a full screen visualization of Vine videos that youcan view by tag. Review what other brands are doing on Vine already.
  6. 6. Hashtags One of the main methods ofnavigating videos. So…use them! Trending now: #finals #humpday #humor #Wednesday #beauty #photoshoot #office
  7. 7. Like, Follow & Comment Participate and socialize. Search #’s to find people to follow. They will typicallyfollow you back. But make sure your profile is filledout and you have posted a few videos. Your Activity feed will display everything you like andcomment on. And others who have liked orcommented on your videos. Follow this posting strategy to get attention from anaudience who post similar things. Post a video on a specific topic, for example ‘dogs’.Don’t forget to share it to Twitter and Facebook ifrelevant. Immediately after posting your video, explore therelated tags on Vine (#dogs, #dog, #puppies, #pets,#cute, etc) looking to videos that you enjoy. Like andcomment on those videos and follow anyone that youreally like. Rinse and Repeat
  8. 8. Can Vine be used in Branding? Branding User- friendly Minimal commitment for short attention spans Quick & easy video marketing Gives transparency & humanization Artistic/creative opportunity Builds buzz Allows for demonstration Connects with customers But must use with a clear purpose and strategy. Be consistent and the marketing opportunities will be endless.
  9. 9. Branding Ideas Conference or Trade Show – Share a shot of your booth, capture the energy in theroom or host a contest with attendees. Holiday Celebrations – Get your team together and have them wish followers HappyHolidays/Valentines Day/St. Patrick’s Day/4th of July... you get the idea. Team Introductions – Granted, time is of the essence so you won’t be able to do thiswith a large team, but introduce team members with a quick shot of them at their deskstating their job title. 6 Seconds of a Day in the Office – Walk around and give a quick tour or show a typicalday of the team hard at work. Product featurettes – Give a quick demo of your product in action or showcase it fromdifferent angles. Announcements – Have a new product set to launch or even a special promotion?Announce it with video. “Before” and “After” shots – This would be great for service providers. Takebefore, during and after shots of room renovations, product installations or assemblies.