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Agency 2.0 Ppt


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Presentation on change in our environment and how agencies must become aware of this to enable change within their own organisation

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Agency 2.0 Ppt

  1. 1. What is happening in the world around Agency1.0 ?
  2. 2. 25% of our population is raised in a time where “SPAM” and “COOKIE” don’t automatically conjure images of food
  3. 3. US 14-24 years spend >16 hours online p/ 56% spend >1 hour daily sending IM’s 25% prefer social networks to F2F 96% uses a social network daily
  4. 4. SA 14-24 years spend >16 hours online p/w 49% spend >1 hour daily sending IM’s 80% Watches news on TV 28% Checks news online via a cellphone 21% Checks news online via a desktop
  5. 5. 79% spend >2 hrs/day on the Internet 41% spend >2 hrs/day watching TV
  6. 6. Time intensive online destinations like Facebook are rapidly encroaching on traditional advertising mediums
  7. 7. Worldwide growth by user category people become more active Publish blog Post ratings Use RSS feeds Maintain profiles Read blogs None of the other Publish web pages Post comments Vote for websites Visit social sites Listen to podcasts Upload own content Contributes forums Add tags Joins groups Watch video’s Write/post articles Contribute articles Follows blogs Read forums/reviews
  8. 8. “Pretend it’s not happening” approach has been tried by the music industry which almost bankrupting itself by doing so
  9. 9. Main contributers to the change of traditional advertising can be attributed to Clutter , Trust & Social media
  10. 10. Clutter, 73% of web users have left a favorite website because of intrusive ads
  11. 11. The 12-17 year olds (2 nd lowest clutter receiver - Nielsen) prefer online experiences which allows them to avoid Ad clutter
  12. 12. Trust, 49% of consumers in SA (76% US) don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements
  13. 13. Trust, 63% (vs 78% US) of consumers say they trust the recommendation of other consumers above advertising “If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, They’d punch you in the face” Hugh MacLeod - Online cartoonist
  14. 14. Social media, Your brand isn’t what you say it is, It’s what they say it is
  15. 15. Social Media FAQ’ 50 000 000 Facebook users 55 000 000 YouTube users 713 000 daily active users of the iLike 3 500 photos added to Flickr per minute
  16. 16. Earned Media
  17. 17. Our business is going to be different with ots of new opportunities
  18. 18. How does South Africa go online Mobile only (33%) PC and mobile (34%) PC only (5%)
  19. 19. onceive brandexperiences and market them this is the future of advertising
  20. 20. Nike+ started a online running club 75m active community members 94% agrees to recommend Nike+ 40% that didn’t own a Nike+ product ended up buying
  21. 21. Media and consumers have changed but what are agencies doing?
  22. 22. Agency 1.0 CP + B Agency 2.0
  23. 23. Concept International roll-out
  24. 24. Create an environment in which creativity can become legendary
  25. 25. CP + B Advertising becomes more depended on multidisciplinary talent
  26. 26. Collaborative creativity motivates Art Directors, Architects, Strategists, Industrial Designers, Programmers, Analysts, Illustrators, Editors, Writers, Screenwriters, Producers, Motion Designers, Information Architects, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Content Managers, Experiential Producers, Directors
  27. 27. Creativity that reach beyond the imaginable Technology that crosses the bounds of possibilities Entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected
  28. 28. How do we want TJDR 2.0 look like?
  29. 29. Discussion points after presentation • To create a broad understanding of opportunities within the agency and it’s current clients • Inspiring to make people enthusiastic so that they will become curious which could lead to self education and exploration • Presentation on new media and online creative proposals are educational tools for clients • Presenting from board of interactive ideas is a difficulty • Managers must create embracement by each department • Growth of digital production understanding within production departments (ART/PRINT/DTP/RTV) • Enteligence is giving us an unique opportunity to be educated and as such we must start looking for client opportunities which we can brainstorm on with Enteligence • Woolworths eat in under R 100 - > • Agreement to actively search for opportunities and when found inform members of presentation to ensure continuity. • Agreed to keep pushing on this subject • Dave to do a presentation on South Africans and their cell phone usage
  30. 30. • • 60 layers of cake • BSUR • • Interview of Best Buy CMO Berry Judge • Best Buy twitter page • Futurelab marketing 2.0 presentations • Nielsen on Clutter • The new collective • Earned media Additional information