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Life Science Marketing Beyond Web, SEO & Newsletters. Johannes Amon, June 2017

Life Science Marketing Beyond Web, SEO & Newsletters: How to efficiently share your valuable online content, interact with influencers, and generate new leads. Webinar for the Life Science Marketing Society, June 2017. Copyright Dr. Johannes Amon. All rights reserved.

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Life Science Marketing Beyond Web, SEO & Newsletters. Johannes Amon, June 2017

  1. 1. Life Science Marketing Beyond Web, SEO & Newsletters How to efficiently share your valuable online content, interact with influencers, and generate new leads Johannes Amon, Life Science Marketing Society, June 6 2017
  2. 2. Dr. Johannes Amon, Online Communications & Marketing Specialist Graduated in Microbial Genomics, Sequence Analysis & Database Specialist Start-up for Pharmaceutical Online Market Research, Web 2.0 & Semantics 6+ yrs experience in Online & Digital Marketing for major optics company
  3. 3. Content & Goals of this Webinar u Marketeers in the online world are faced with a sheer abundance of channels, platforms, and services to reach their audiences and generate new leads. In this webinar I will share some best-practice examples of how companies in the life science market can get the most out of their content marketing efforts by providing helpful high-quality content through various online distribution channels. u Get new ideas how to engage with your customers & empower them as brand ambassadors u Generate new leads by spreading your message in your customer’s online networks u Learn which online services & platforms are most suitable, and how to best implement your sales funnel through your messaging & content
  4. 4. Why „Beyond“ – Cover the Basics First! u Navigational structure and customer journey / UX on your company webpage already need to be optimized to support sales funnel u SEO needs to be optimized for your major markets and product groups so that interested leads can easily find what they‘re looking for via Google & co. u A digital marketing system for newsletters/mailblasts already needs to be in place, ideally already automated, segmented, and connected to your CRM ... now you take the step BEYOND
  5. 5. What is Multi-Channel Marketing? Interaction & Communication Content & Communication 7k followers 9,5k followers 15k followers 760k video views 28k followers 1,3k photos / 5.4mio views Customer Newsletters Global Comms & Content Hub with RSS – Company Blog, Knowledge Database etc. *exemplary numbers of major optics manufacturer, ca. 5yrs of organic growth
  6. 6. Establish a Global Comms & Content Hub for Your Company u This can be a Web CMS, a Wiki, a WordPress blog.... u Make sure to have a content strategy based on events, product launches, ... u Recommendation: A simple system with WYSIWYG editor and user management for distributing authoring rights between Marcom team members, PM, product specialists... u Have layout templates (CD!) and approval workflows for drafts in place u Combine text with photos and embedded videos for rich, dynamic content u Always make sure to include links to relevant product pages or „Contact us!“ forms – CTA! The customer journey should lead to a download, registration, contact... sales funnel!
  7. 7. Inspiration: Leica Science Lab
  8. 8. Inspiration: Andor Learning Center
  9. 9. Inspiration: ZEISS Microscopy News Blog
  10. 10. Reminder: Content IS King! u Content a company provides is considered valuable by customers when it is actually helpful for their daily work u Colourful infographics or fancy product videos/animations need to provide insights and knowledge into the application/technology/instrument that are not only worth knowing but ideally also worth spreading/sharing u Customers in life sciences/academia are highly educated and thus challenging for any marketeer – listen to your sales reps and product managers about helpful content, and constantly challenge yourself by evaluating download numbers/clickrates/“likes“ of various assets you create & provide
  11. 11. Inspiration: Successful Content u PDF: Scientific White Paper/Technology Notes/Application Guides u PDF & Graphics & Print: Application & Technology Knowledge Posters u Graphics: Product & Technology Insights, Application Images u Video: Product Tutorials, Technology Animations, Webinars, JoVE
  12. 12. Distribute Your Content EVERYWHERE! Interaction & Communication Content & Communication Customer Newsletters Global Comms & Content Hub with RSS – Company Blog, Knowledge Database etc. Don‘t limit yourself to „newsletter campaigns“!
  13. 13. Distribute Your Content Don‘t forget to include media, use keywords/hashtags and always provide CTA/weblink!
  14. 14. Empower Your Customers & Followers Life science researchers are very active on Twitter – identify influencers and actively grow your network by following!
  15. 15. Content Distribution: YouTube Improves your Google SEO rankings, helps to drive traffic to your website, simple linking and embedding. Ideally host all your web page videos here!
  16. 16. Content Distribution: LinkedIn LinkedIn not only is a powerful HR platform but also a great comms & content distribution platform that directly empowers your workforce & sales reps to share content with their professional networks!
  17. 17. Leverage External Platforms: ResearchGate Display Ads, Native Content Ads and Sponsored Emails
  18. 18. Leverage External Platforms: JoVE Sponsored Open Access Video Protocols
  19. 19. Leverage External Platforms: BitesizeBio Sponsored Articles, Webinars, Display Ads, Native Content Ads, Company presence with RSS & Social Media Feeds, Sponsored Emails, ...
  20. 20. Building a Customer Community u For life science companies still in early steps u Choose platform and necessary feature set wisely u Most available platforms (vBulletin BB, Drupal CMS, Jive, Salesforce...) need to be heavily customized to suit your CD branding & needs u Involve PM, service/support & specialists early on to define roles & responsibilities u If possible, focus on software & developer support
  21. 21. Inspiration: Bitplane Customer Community
  22. 22. Inspiration: ZEISS Customer Community
  23. 23. Future Trends – The Connected Customer u WeChat as fully integrated B2B enabler for Chinese market – 768m daily users! u More integrated customer communities with improved platforms u Better interfaces and integration of social platforms & communities to CRM & sales funnel
  24. 24. Conclusion: Why go Beyond? u Improve website traffic & SEO / online visibility - search engines LOVE dynamic, distributed content! u Boost newsletter subscription rates / new leads, fill the funnel! u Get in shorter, more direct contact with customers & prospects - reach out to a much wider audience, strengthen your brand & become more approachable Bind existing customers, empower them to become ambassadors / evangelists / influencers for your company / technology / product, and leverage their networks to hunt down new customers
  25. 25. The Moments YOU work for...
  26. 26. End of Presentation Q & A Direct contact via Connect with me!