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Josh ostroff2015masccc


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Presentation at the 5th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and 4th Sustainable Campuses Conference

Published in: Environment
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Josh ostroff2015masccc

  1. 1. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on  
  2. 2. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on   Transporta/on  policy  is  health  policy  
  3. 3. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on   Transporta/on  policy  is  housing  policy  
  4. 4. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on   Transporta/on  policy  is  economic  policy  
  5. 5. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on   Transporta/on  policy  is  environmental  policy  
  6. 6. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on   Transporta/on  policy  is  social  policy  
  7. 7. a  modern  vision  for  transporta/on   Transporta/on  policy  is  sustainability  policy  
  8. 8. What  is  Transportation  for   Massachusetts?   ì  A  statewide  coali/on  of       member  organiza/ons   suppor/ng  investment  and  innova/on  in   statewide  solu/ons   ì  Focus  on  sustainability,  health  and  equity:   transporta/on  =  access  to  opportunity   ì  We  work  on  all  modes  with  emphasis  on  public   transit,  walking  and  cycling   ì  Local,  State  and  Federal  Solu/ons      
  9. 9. Should  we  invest….   ì  …in  highways?     ì  …bike  lanes?     ì  …walking  routes?     ì  …mass  transporta/on?      
  10. 10. YES   ì  Demographics   ì  Changing  preferences   ì  Equity  and  economics   ì  Health  and  sustainability  
  11. 11. 51  and  growing  members   ì  Our  common  wealth   ì  Our  common  health   ì  Our  climate   ì  Our  communi/es    
  12. 12. Our  common  wealth   ì  Transporta/on  leverages  private  investment  and   provides  access  to  opportunity   ì  Transporta/on  catalyzes  economic  development   ì  Transporta/on  is  cri/cal  to  social  equity    
  13. 13. Our  common  health   ì  Transporta/on  drives  health  outcomes.     ì  Walkable,  bikeable  and  transit-­‐oriented   communi/es  have  lower  rates  of  obesity,  asthma   and  other  chronic  diseases    
  14. 14. Our  climate   ì  Transporta/on  is  the  largest  consumer  of   electricity  in  MassachuseNs   ì  The  transporta/on  sector  is  responsible  for  1/3  of   all  greenhouse  gas  emissions   ì  Clean  transpo  =  the  future    
  15. 15. Our  Vision   ì  MassachuseNs  needs  a  21st  century  transporta/on   network  to  support  our  people,  economy  and  culture   ì  Transporta/on  choices  should  be  convenient,  healthy,   affordable  and  accessible  to  all   ì  Transporta/on  should  complement  smart  growth  and   land  use  policy  to  support  tomorrow’s  great  places    
  16. 16. How  Did  We  Get  Here?   17
  17. 17. How  We  Got  Here:   Decreasing  Revenue  &  Rising  Costs   $0   $10.65   $10.89   $31.74   $32.21   $46.32   $48.10   $49.57   $62.73   $87.63   $113.27   $127.67   $146.87   $162.89   $179.75   $600.000000   $650.000000   $700.000000   $750.000000   $800.000000   $850.000000   $900.000000   $950.000000   $1,000.000000   $1,050.000000   2001  2003  2005  2007  2009  2011  2013  2015   Projected  Sales  Tax   Actual  Amount  Received     About   $1.11   Billion   difference   between   total   projected   sales  tax   revenue   and  actual   amount   received   Source:  D’Alessandro,  David  F.,  et.  al,  “MBTA  Review”,  11/01/2009  
  18. 18. Why  we  must  invest  in  roads  and  bridges   ì  We  are  a  statewide  coali/on   ì  MA  has  thousands  of  substandard  road-­‐miles   ì  …Hundreds  of  deficient  bridges   ì  ...Dozens  of  closed  bridges   ì  Road  repair  is  a  cri/cal  consumer  and  municipal   issue   ì  Road  projects  are  opportuni/es  for  ac/ve  streets
  19. 19. 2013/2014  outcomes   ì  New  revenue  for  transporta/on   ì  Stronger  statewide  coali/on   ì  Complete  Streets  legisla/on  and  policy   ì  Project  Selec/on  criteria   ì  Engagement  with  local  and  regional  leaders   ì  Losing  ballot  ques/on  =  strategic  opportunity  
  20. 20. 2015:  preparation  and  opportunity   ì  Engaged  with  Boston2024  to  call  for  legacy  investments   in  transit,  walking,  biking  and  housing   ì  Following  weather-­‐induced  transit  meltdown,  generated   12,000+  signatures  calling  for  safe,  reliable  transit   ì  Supported  MBTA  Special  Panel  to  focus  on  T  governance,   financing  and  opera/ons;  will  con/nue  to  advocate  with   Governor  and  Legislature  for  fairness  and  investment   ì  Growing  coali/on  statewide  to  focus  on  solu/ons   ì  May  1  summit  highligh/ng  innova/on  and  opportunity    
  21. 21. The  Opportunity   ì  Public  investment  leverages  growth/opportunity   ì  Working  with  coali/on  and  diverse  allies,  engage  with   administra/on/legislature  to  support  our  goals   ì  Public  transporta/on,  biking,  walking  are  popular   ì  Through  Project  Selec/on,  con/nue  to  advance  policy     ì  Regional  and  modal  equity  are  winners   ì  Maintain  statewide  growth  and  diversity    
  22. 22. May  1  Summit   ì  Elevate  conversa/on  beyond  reform  vs.  revenue   ì  Fix  what  we  have  –  build  what  we  need   ì  Consider  all  modes  and  regions   ì  Comprehensive    =    credible   ì  Develop  a  new  genera/on  of  leaders   ì  Celebrate  innova/on  and  look  to  the  future    
  23. 23. Please  Join  Us!   ì  Statewide  serving  all  regions   ì  Member-­‐driven   ì  A  posi/ve  vision   ì  Diverse  groups     ì  A  common  focus    
  24. 24. Case  Study  in  Change   ì  Complete  Streets  legisla/on  -­‐    local  support   ì  Bond  bill  funding   ì  Appropria/on  at  risk   ì  Rescued  in  2014  –  celebrated  immediately   ì  On  the  way  to  established  prac/ce