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A Common Community Vision for Greater Lowndes County


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Presentation to the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce on the Common Community Vision for Greater Lowndes County. A full version of the report can be found at

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A Common Community Vision for Greater Lowndes County

  1. 1. A Common Community Vision Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce December 2013
  2. 2. Lowndes County in 2040 149,288
  3. 3. Lowndes County in 2040 76,082
  4. 4. Lowndes County in 2040 171,829
  5. 5. Lowndes County in 2040 32,444 64,311
  6. 6. Valdosta in 2040 68.7%
  7. 7. Existing Plans
  8. 8. Existing Plans • • • • • Transportation Economic Development Water Revitalization Comprehensive Land Use • Hazard Mitigation • • • • • • • Solid Waste Airports Bicycle and Pedestrian Natural Resources Education Business Tourism
  9. 9. Integrate New Statements & Themes Expert Review Panel Meet with Stakeholders & Public Identify Common Statements & Themes Review Community Plans Process Common Community Vision
  10. 10. Pride in Our Community • Retail is Robust • New Schools (K-12) • Police and Fire (response times) • Keep Lowndes/Valdosta Beautiful (KLVB) is a great program. • There is good collaboration and communication between MAFB and the local communities. • Good support of MAFB through land use policies • The Alapaha River is a Grade A river • Good road system • The local universities are a great source of knowledge, and provide excellent partnership opportunities.
  11. 11. Input – Partnerships & Collaboration Encourage and coordinate Through the SBDC, in partnership with public/private partnerships between between schools and non-profits, provide Partnerships governments and There is atraining agencies, counties, need for more partnerships workforce business to focus on business development services (such essential career in education, with privatebetween(Kparticularly sector the Need partnerships cities, local businesses and schools skills as: training, private consultations, schools and parents,development as well as (losing funds so need more private 12 and Technical) for the mentoring, etc.) for low and moderate between the schools and private participation) of improving work skill programs and income persons, entrepreneurs, Great More industry. public and private partnershipsPromise Partnership and Establishbusiness incubators. career education programs such as small partnerships of local career academy forCountyadults. Lowndes young has a strong governments and service providers that leverage protect, To partnership with HealthSouth. identify, preserve,and supplement requested state and federal funding promote, provide access, and manage Coordinate public-private the broad range of cultural and partnerships (façade program, a great historic resources in the Southern The local universities are demolish vacant/hazardous buildings, Georgia Region, engaging public-partnerships source of knowledge, and provide Need more public/private Establish public-private School and Business Partnerships etc.) to improve lots and structures in partnerships when excellent partnership opportunities. privateto fund improvements to park and partnerships for transportation designated revitalization areas to appropriate. recreation facilities and programs in make the areas more attractive to the Designated Revitalization Area, Good K-12 partnerships with reinvestment and victors and near Public Housing. universities (VSU, WGTC) Need better collaboration between government and businesses
  12. 12. Input – Leadership Leadership for small business development Valdosta and Lowndes need to take regional leadership role… Better leadership now It is only in the last year that we have seen any cooperation between the Valdosta City and Lowndes County Governments. That cooperation needs to extend Access to elected officials to all the cities and be a long term thing, not based upon the personalities of those elected in any given election I would like to see less division cycle. between the City and County Is improving between city and government. county
  13. 13. Input – Marketing and Awareness Develop a region-wide, Increase to be more We need more There needsmarketing about Lack of awareness of public/private, funded of and park a statewide small business development Through education/awareness Awareness of recreation local housing education and awareness business plan geared done coordinated effort, the resources Awareness what is or isn't education resources and facilities opportunities ofbeing resources (education) of local fuel and energy towards communitythe region shall be in our marketing to alternatives. community to regional, SGRJDA – Marketing improve health education. marketed as a viable Education off awareness of boat national, and global high- location for Active effort kickedand in There needs There is an to make Small businesses do not know who toAmenity wage employers. opportunity and awareness of landingpromoteto be more 2013 to locations Adult, talk to Encourage Education regional stormwater awareness and education more of the public aware of the startups our to awareness through efforts Seeking Retirees due region the many programs, about public transit services to its are that prime location, consultants and various forms Need more local Build community awareness of activities and events that available now. prospects via the and brochures, community resources natural and cultural (maps, Education current cultural, recreational and are available locally. Agri-Tourism is good, but (healthcare, South Georgia etc.)of local cycling, Better resource promotion awareness about Education and natural resources, and develop a needs more promotion and transportation, Classic toregulations enhance awareness of life and marketing sharing walking, Awareness web-based data management system re: marketing skills and Conservation awareness is and economic amenities), the road, and local to provide informational resources to an can be better development in public health and our opportunities area thatMarketing trips to increase our climate. local officials and the public. transportation region. for old age communicated to the local of site selectors by Education and visibility in front planned transit priorities Marketing of quality residents. using regional partners. learners awareness ofespecially services, (perception of of life historical resources to local schools importance) and universities. Marketing area needs improvement
  14. 14. Input – Capital Improvements Bidgee
  15. 15. Aspirational Goals
  16. 16. Common Community Vision A resilient community where partnerships and coordination promote regional success in economic development, education, infrastructure, and a high quality of life.
  17. 17. Implementation
  18. 18. Next Steps • Common Community Vision • 2040 Transportation Plan – Goals and Performance Measures – Financial Plan – Project Ideas
  19. 19. Valdosta-Lowndes Metropolitan Planning Organization