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PlanAshland Forum 12/7/2015


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Presentation given to the public at the December 7, 2015 Plan Ashland forum, Ashland, Massachusetts.

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PlanAshland Forum 12/7/2015

  1. 1. COMMUNITY FORUM December 7, 2015 Ashland Comprehensive Plan
  2. 2. Welcome: Nat Strosberg, AICP, LEED AP Town Planner, Town of Ashland Preston Crow, Chair, Comprehensive Plan Advisory Group
  3. 3. What are we doing tonight?  Presentation  The Comprehensive Plan Process  Progress on Ashland’s Plan to Date  Review of Ashland’s Community Vision Statement  Group Discussion:  Discussion of recommended goals  Prioritization of Goals  Report Back  Next Steps
  4. 4. The Comprehensive Plan: Project Overview
  5. 5. What is a Comprehensive plan? A Comprehensive plan is a strategic policy framework that guides the future physical and economic growth of a town or city based on the community’s vision and goals.
  6. 6. A Comprehensive plan is not just a document, it is a process  It’s an opportunity to envision your future  VISION: What do we want our community to be in 20 years?  It is a process to set town-wide priorities  PLAN: What do we need to do to get there?  It’s an action strategy to achieve positive change  IMPLEMENT: How do we get started? What is next?
  7. 7. What will be in the Comprehensive Plan? • Community Vision • Land Use • Housing • Economic Development • Cultural and Historic Resources • Open Space and Recreation/Natural Resources • Sustainability • Public Services and Facilities • Transportation and Circulation • Implementation PLAN ELEMENTS
  8. 8. Progress on the Plan
  9. 9. Plan input to date  Six Lightning Polls – Summer and Fall 2014  Focus Groups – August 2014  Open Space, Recreation, + Natural Resources  Land Use, Housing + Development  Visioning Session - October 2014  Two Coffee Klatches – November 2014  Senior Center lunch - November 2014  Comprehensive Plan Committee meetings – 2014 + 2015  Housing Forums – January and May 2015  Comprehensive Plan Advisory Group meetings - 2015  Town Staff meetings – 2015  Planning Board and Board of Selectmen - 2015
  10. 10. PlanAshland Vision  A thriving community  Taking charge of our future  Committed to sustainability  Regional collaborator  Public schools are centers of excellence  Resources and infrastructure  Engaged residents, business owners, and leaders working together to advance and communicate common values, goals, and priorities of the Ashland Comprehensive Plan
  11. 11. PlanAshland Vision Continued  Our downtown, key corridors and neighborhoods are sustainable and vibrant
  12. 12. PlanAshland Vision Continued  Ashland welcomes residents of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds by providing a variety of housing opportunities
  13. 13. PlanAshland Vision Continued  Ashland maintains a strong economic base and diverse local economy with places for people to live, shop, work and gather. The town provides prime access to key employment centers in our region.
  14. 14. PlanAshland Vision Continued  Ashland offers viable walking, biking and public transportation options.
  15. 15. PlanAshland Vision Continued  Ashland stewards open space and recreational opportunities and promotes an array of vital environmental, natural, historical and cultural resources.
  16. 16. Land Use Goals  Accommodate key development and preservation activities through Ashland’s Zoning Bylaw  Implement land use policies that support and encourage appropriately-scaled and mixed-use developments in key areas of town  Consider form-based code  Ensure coordination and alignment among all land use review and permitting entities
  17. 17. Housing Goals  Work to preserve and advance affordability in town  Maintain high quality of life through sustainable planning and housing production  Ensure affordability throughout town and target affordable housing production to designated sites  Build community awareness of housing issues and activities  Address unmet housing needs through programming  Adopt zoning changes to promote affordable housing production and diverse housing typologies  Promote healthy housing
  18. 18. Economic Development Goals  Plan for, stimulate and maintain viable, well- designed and vibrant development along key corridors and downtown  Provide comprehensive and site specific planning and technical assistance to advance economic development at key locations  Plan for and implement public facilities and utility improvements along key corridors and downtown  Attract and retain a range of businesses in town’s commercial areas
  19. 19. Economic Development Goals  Provide and promote incentives  Build town’s reputation as an energy-efficiency leader  Leverage open space, natural resources and recreational opportunities as an economic asset  Ensure organizational capacity to lead in and implement economic development activities  Leverage regional business leadership and organizations to promote the town and expand resources
  20. 20. Transportation Goals  Commission a parking study and ensure adequate parking is provided downtown, address space availability, management, and accessibility  Continue to advocate for and advance roadway improvements along key corridors  Create sidewalk connectivity and linkages between neighborhoods and key amenities  Advocate for and implement Complete Streets
  21. 21. Transportation Goals  Provide consistent wayfinding and signage to showcase and connect people with town amenities  Ensure local and regional development does not adversely impact traffic in neighborhoods, along key corridors and downtown  Expand and improve public transportation options  Ensure adequate resources for Town operations, street and sidewalk maintenance and reconstruction.
  22. 22. Small Group Discussions  Setting the Stage: Small group introductions (5 mins)  Recommended Goals: What do you think of the Comprehensive plan draft goals? Should anything be added or changed? Which goals would you prioritize? (50 mins)  Wrap-Up: Designate reporter to present highlights from discussion to larger group (2 mins)
  23. 23. Next Steps: Preston Crow, Chair, Comprehensive Plan Advisory Group
  24. 24. Thank you!