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Shops at University Town Center


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Shops at University Town Center

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Shops at University Town Center

  1. 1. Agenda Item #1 Shops at University Town Center Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Eastgate Neighborhood Plan
  2. 2. GS General Suburban
  3. 3. Changes Site Development Area 1 Current Language Proposed Changes
  4. 4. Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) The TIA studied five area intersections: • Lincoln Avenue/Ashburn Avenue (blue) • University Drive/Tarrow Street East (orange) • Lincoln Avenue/Tarrow Street (orange) • Lincoln Avenue/Munson Avenue (orange) • Ashburn Avenue/Francis Drive (orange) The proposed development would also have access to Tarrow Street via Wellesley Court and Vassar Court. (red) The TIA accounted for a shift in traffic patterns resulting for the potential connection to Lincoln Avenue. All studied intersections operated at an acceptable level of service in the existing condition and development build out scenarios.
  5. 5. Existing Traffic Volumes (September 2017)
  6. 6. Traffic Volumes from Proposed Site
  7. 7. Total Traffic Volumes with Build Out (2019)
  8. 8. GS General Suburban Site Development Area 1 – Lincoln Avenue