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University Town Center Rezoning


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University Town Center Rezoning

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University Town Center Rezoning

  1. 1. Agenda Item #2 University Town Center Rezoning
  2. 2. GS General Suburban Eastgate Neighborhood Plan: Site Development Area 1 – Lincoln Avenue
  3. 3. Eastgate Neighborhood Plan • Site Development Area 1 – Lincoln Avenue - “The single-family and rear alley pattern along Lincoln should continue across the portion of the vacant 7.5- acre tract that fronts Lincoln Avenue.” • The remainder…may develop with multifamily and/or non-residential uses…and…receive vehicular access …through the private drives of University Town Center as well as Vassar Court and Wellesley Court...” • Strategy CC3.1 – “…PDD Planned Development District zoning that incorporates single-family along Lincoln Avenue, multi-family and/or commercial behind these uses to University Town Center, and the extensions of Wellesley Court and Vassar Court.”
  4. 4. PDD Concept Plan
  5. 5. Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) The TIA studied five area intersections: • Lincoln Avenue/Ashburn Avenue (blue) • University Drive/Tarrow Street East (orange) • Lincoln Avenue/Tarrow Street (orange) • Lincoln Avenue/Munson Avenue (orange) • Ashburn Avenue/Francis Drive (orange) The proposed development would also have access to Tarrow Street via Wellesley Court and Vassar Court. (red) The TIA accounted for a shift in traffic patterns resulting for the potential connection to Lincoln Avenue. All studied intersections operated at an acceptable level of service in the existing condition and development build out scenarios.
  6. 6. Proposed Modifications • Land Uses: Farmer’s Market A 1:1 slope building height setback to the existing single-family lots to the east of the property. • Building Height Setback • Sings: Area Identification/Subdivision Sign, Freestanding Sign Location, Wayfinding Signs, Low-Profile Sign. • Landscaping: Reduction in Streetscaping, Parking screening, Outdoor Sales Area Screening, Residential Buffer • Subdivision: A single tier lots, Block Perimeter
  7. 7. Proposed Community Benefits: • Infill development that will utilize existing utilities and resources and result in much needed sales tax revenue for the City. • A unique mixture of single-family, multi-family and commercial uses with an urban feel. • A walkable development with access to surrounding residents as well as the adjoining University Town Center. • The multi-family and hotel structures shall not exceed 60 feet in height. • Attached signage for the non-residential portion of the property will not face Lincoln Avenue and will be located away from the Eastgate Neighborhood. • Night Clubs, Bars and/or Taverns are prohibited within this PDD.
  8. 8. P&Z Recommendation This Planning & Zoning Commission recommended for approval unanimously with the following modifications: • Eliminate the vehicular access from the proposed commercial uses on the property to Lincoln Avenue. • Eliminate the proposed freestanding commercial signage along Lincoln Avenue.
  9. 9. Existing Traffic Volumes (September 2017)
  10. 10. Traffic Volumes from Proposed Site
  11. 11. Total Traffic Volumes with Build Out (2019)