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Vision board


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Vision board

  1. 1. Community Vision Statement The Town of Ashland is a thriving community that we are proud to call home. We are committed to taking charge of our future and proud of our commitment to sustainability. We are a regional collaborator and a leader working across our municipal boundaries to achieve our goals. Our public schools are centers of excellence, drawing in new residents and families. Our community flourishes because engaged residents, business owners, and leaders work together to advance and communicate common values, goals, and priorities of the Ashland Comprehensive Plan. The Town has sufficient resources and strong infrastructure to support our thriving community. • Our downtown, key corridors and neighborhoods are sustainable and vibrant • Ashland welcomes residents of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds by providing a variety of housing opportunities • Ashland maintains a strong economic base and diverse local economy with places for people to live, shop, work and gather. The town provides prime access to key employment centers in our region. • Ashland offers viable walking, biking and public transportation options. • Ashland stewards open space and recreational opportunities and promotes an array of vital environmental, natural, historical and cultural resources. Ashland Comprehensive Plan