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Memoria Smartcity 2011

  1. 1. Smart society for innovative and sustainable cities 29 November – 2 December
  2. 2. CITIES
  3. 3. WELCOME!Welcome to the first edition of the annual Smart City World Congress, Barcelona.The concentration of population and economic activity in cities means that cities are vital to the successof global development. According to the United Nations, 75% of the population will be living in citiesby 2050, which implies that the focus on sustainability is moving to cities.The Smart City is the new paradigm for sustainable growth in the 21st century, the century of cities. Theobjective is to improve the quality of life for everybody and to develop sustainable cities, both on aneconomic and environmental level.The World Congress 2011 welcomes more than 300 expert speakers from more than 20 countriesaround the world. The leaders of the world’s most innovative initiatives are here to share their vision andexperience in order to shape our future.The Congress will focus on seven main themes: Urban Planning, Energy, Environment, ICT, Governance &Funding, and Living & People.The 2011 conference offers more than 70 sessions dealing with four topics: Liveable cities for people,Integrated vision, Sustainable cities and Urban mobility.City councils, governments, companies, universities and research centers are coming together to share,debate and learn about the issues surrounding the challenges of developing Smart City projects. Further-more, the debates will address important 21st Century matters: climate change, high consumption ofnon-renewable resources, economic development, growing populations, ageing infrastructures, and theefficiency of city services.Barcelona, as one of the first Smart City pioneers and a forward-looking cosmopolitan city, provides theperfect setting to host this ground-breaking event.It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Smart City World Congress. We hope this event will be eye-opening for you and we look forward to seeing you again next year.Enjoy the event!Lluis Gomez Pilar ConesaDirector Smart City Expo & World Congress Director Smart City World Congress
  4. 4. Congress and ExhibitionKnowledge and solutions for intelligent citiesThe growing density of the city population requires actions that permit sustainable economic and environmentalurban growth and which ensure the quality of life for inhabitants.This is the main challenge and the reason why today’s cities must become smart cities.Smart City is divided into 2 areas:The Smart City World Congress The Smart City Expo Companies, public administration, entrepreneurs A space where innovative companies, cities and and research centers can learn and share knowledge institutions can display their projects, solutions to develop the cities of the future. and products.
  5. 5. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Smart City World Congress The Smart City World Congress Innovation and technology are the bedrock of a smart society, which requires people, companies and governments prepared to face important 21st century challenges: climate change, high consumption of non-renewable energy sources, economic development, increasingly dense populations, and obsolete infrastructures. Through talks, round tables, and parallel sessions, the congress will spark debate on the key elements in each of the topics around which the program is structured: Energy: Environment: Clean Energy, Smart Grid, Waste management, Watersys- Smart metering. tems, Air & Pollution, Sustainable resources management. People & Living: Urban Planning & ICT Mobility & Transportation: Social & Public infrastructure: Electric transportation, ITS services,Talent, Creativity, Smart City platforms, Urban- Participation, Social (Intelligent transport systems), Planning, Internet of things, Innovation. Smart vehicles, Integrated Smart buildings. Transportation. Governance & Funding City case studies: Investment, Management model, Open Government, PPP (Public & Integrated vision, City references, Private Partnership). Strategic Plans. The congress program will be complemented by four thematic areas that will discuss different areas of interest: Smart Rural Smart Green Smart Spain Railway Forum Business links will be established with guest countries.All talks will have simultaneous interpretation services in English and Spanish.
  6. 6. Programme Tuesday, November 29th Liveable cities for people ICT Basis Keynote 9:00 h Plenary Session 9:30 h Carlo Ratti An innovative and integrated vision Director - SENSEable City Laboratory MIT Jonathan Wareham, Information Direction Management Departament - ESADE "Senseable Cities" Jordi Botifoll, Senior VicePresident EMEA – CISCO Ángel David García, Head of M2M Strategy and Alliances - Telefónica Bruno Berthon, Worldwide Sustainability Director – Accenture Donald Clark, Vice President - Invensys Tobías Martínez, CEO Abertis Telecom Moderator: Joan Majó, Chairman of Knowledge Circle Smart City models Volker Buscher, ARUP Stellan Fryxell, Symbio City -11:30 h Moderator: Ramon Sagarra, 22@ Ashwin Mahesh, Mapunity SwedenRoom 1 Bangalore José Mª Cavanillas, Atos Cloud & Connected city Yuichi Kato, NTT DoCoMo Miriam Blázquez, Indra16:50 h Moderator: Josep Ramon Ferrer, Per Blixt, European Commission Jorge Martín, TelefónicaRoom 1 Generalitat de Catalunya Internet of things Akira Maeda, Hitachi Irene Compte, Urbiotica Moderator: Ginés Alarcón, CTECNO Alessandro Bassi, European Marc Fabregas, Zolertia11:30 hRoom 3 project IOT Angelo Giannattasio, Ericsson Big Data & Strategic Data Gerard Mooney, General Graham Colclough, Cap Gemini Moderator: Manel Sanromà, Barcelona City Manager IBM Global Smarter Prof. Chary Vedala, CEEUI, ASCI,16.50 hRoom 2 Cities Hyderabad India Active Citizen: sensor + action Usman Haque, CEO Pachube Oriol Pujol, Computer Vision18.30 h Moderator: Joan Mas, Director de Negocio, BDigital Laura Forlano, Illinois Institute center, UBRoom 4 of Technology
  7. 7. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Tuesday, November 29th Liveable cities for people ICT Basis Carlo Ratti Bruno Berthon Manager of the SENSEable City Lab of the MIT. Global Managing Partner of Accenture for the practice of Architect and engineer, since 2004 he has directed a Sustainability. research group which studies the transformation of cities With a team of more than 1,500 consultants worldwide, into “cities in real time” by the implementation of sensors Bruno Berthon helps large multinational companies toand the development and popularization of electronic devices. Speaker for TED, assess and transform the challenges and opportunities arising fromhe has been chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the personalities of 2011. globalization, the climate change and sustainability. A graduate of the École Centrale Paris, MBA from INSEAD and Masters in Macroeconomy from La Sorbonne, he has written many articles and studies on Sustainability and is a regular contributor to blogs and the media. Jonathan Wareham Vice Dean of Research at ESADE and Director of the ESADE Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Ashwin Mahesh Management. Co-founder, CEO and Director of Mapunity – Bangalore Professor of Information Systems at ESADE that also Physicist specialized in Atmospheric Remote Sensing, alsoserves on the advisory boards for a number of academic institutions, NGOs, worked as a Urban Research Strategist at the Office of theand social entrepreneurs, his research has been published in over 80 Advisor to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, where hejournals such as MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences, Decision Support worked on the development of public policies for urban administration andSystems, IEEE Computer, Journal of Medical Internet Research and Journal governance, the coordination of urban public administration betweenof the American Society for Information Science and Technology. different government agencies in Bangalore and the development of draft legislation for governance in the Bangalore metropolitan region. Jordi Botifoll Senior Vice President for EMEA – Cisco Systems. Akira Maeda Telecommunications Engineer, he directs the operations of Chief Technology Officer, Information & Control the Californian technology company in the Mediterranean region and is responsible for the development of Smart Systems Company, Hitachi, Ltd.City projects in southern Europe. Appointed engineer of the year in 2008, Physicist and engineer, his major work focus is on satellitehe defends the role of networks not only as a useful platform for data and medical image processing systems and intelligenttransport but also for their key role in uniting people and experiences. information processing systems and he leads many projects of distributed and intelligent information and control system technologies, especially in the field of smart grid / city / community. Tobías Martínez Gimeno General Manager of Abertis Telecom. Gerard Mooney Senior Telecommunications Engineer with extensive General Manager, Global Government and Education, IBM. experience in the ITC sector. Before directing the With a Philosophy, Accounting and Management telecommunications operator of the Abertis Group, he background, he has an extensive experience within theheld several management positions in the technological and strategic technology industry in companies like IBM, Hewlett-consultancy sector over a period of 17 years. His professional career closely Packard, and Westinghouse Electronics. He has been in charge of manyrelated with the Administration makes him perfectly aware of the needs of innovative units and programs in different areas such as New Ventures,municipalities and agencies and of the solutions that can be provided by Bioscience, Customer Education or Defense Laura Forlano Donald C. Clark Assistant Professor of Design at the Institute of Design VP, Global Industry Solutions and Invensys Fellow - at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Global Strategic Accounts of Invensys, operations Her research is on the role of information technology in managements. supporting open innovation networks in urban environ- Chemist, responsible for developing business strategies ments with a specific emphasis on the use of mobile, wireless and ubiqui-and campaigns for IOM cross-portfolio solutions in the core global tous computing technologies to support collaboration. Forlano is co-editorindustrial markets Invensys serves, focusing on emerging sectors with great of From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen: Urban Informatics, Socialpotential of technological improvement, applied to optimize the manage- Media, Ubiquitous Computing, and Mobile Technology to Support Citizenment of the services offered in infrastructures. Engagement, which is to be published by MIT Press in 2011.
  8. 8. Programme Tuesday, November 29th Liveable cities for people Living & people Keynote 14.30 h Plenary Session 15.00 h Anthony Townsend Smart Cities: An opportunity Research Director at Institute for the Future for liveable cities "A Planet of Civic Laboratories: Anne Altman, IBM General Manager, Global Public Sector Executive Bottom-Up Innovation for the Adam Greenfield, Founder of Urbanscale Smart City" Joan Clos, Executive Director UN-Habitat Rosa Mª García, CEO Siemens España José Luis Marín, CEO ENDESA Red Moderator: Alfons Cornella, Infonomia Citizen Innovation Esteve Almirall, ESADE Chiara Camponeschi, Enabling City16.50 h Moderator: Ramon Sangüesa, UPC Ewan McIntosh, Notosh Susana Carillo, ENDESARoom 3 What’s happening? A visualization Fabien Girardin, LiftLab Elena Alfaro, BBVA Moderator: Joan Batlle, Barcelona City Sarah Williams, Spabial11.30 h Information Design LabRoom 2 Urban & Living Labs Josep M. Piqué, Barcelona 22@ M. Schreurs, Vice Mayor of Moderator: Sascha Haselmayer, Living Labs Global Artur Serra, CitiLab Innovation, EindhovenWednesday, November 30th Jarmo Eskelinen, City of17.15 h HelsinkiRoom CC1 - 1.4 Smart Collaboration Matthias Hollwich, HWKN Mark Morrin, Consulting Moderator: Alfons Cornella, Infonomia Mercè Conesa, Mayor of Sant inplace-London18.30 hRoom 2 Cugat Trends in participation approaches Daniel Innerarity, Inst. Democracy Alberto Ortiz de Zárate, Gobierno16.50 h Maria Jesús Salido, The Project Governance VascoRoom 4 Carlos Gadsen, Fundación Internacional para el desarrollo de gobiernos confiables Sustainable Tourism Erika Harms, Global Jayesh Ranjan, Government of18.30 h Moderator: Ángel Díaz, Advanced Leisure Services Sustainable Tourism Council Andhra Pradesh - IndiaRoom 3 Carla Salvadó, Cruisses Port Javier García Romero, Melià Hotels BCN International
  9. 9. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Tuesday, November 29th Liveable cities for people Living & people Dr. Joan Clos Anne Altman Executive Director of the United Nations Human General Manager of IBM’s Public Sector Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT. She has been responsible for the management and Medical doctor with a background both on Medicine and development of solutions for the public sector of the Public service and diplomacy. He was twice elected Mayor multinational technology company since 2009, a keyof Barcelona where he planned the Barcelona@22 programme which gave sector in the "smarter planet" business strategy, and has supervised theone of the city’s dilapidated industrial zone a facelift and transformed it projects implemented by IBM in cities such as Stockholm, London,into a smart city lab. He also served as Minister of Industry, Tourism and Singapore and San Francisco to transform existing infrastructures and turnTrade of Spain. And prior to joining the United Nations, he served as Spanish them into models of intelligent sustainability.ambassador to Turkey and Azerbaijan). José Luis Marín López-Otero Alfons Cornella Founder and President of Infonomia. Managing Director of Endesa Distribution Business. Physicist, with an IT background and passionate about Civil Engineer, he began his caree in 1977 in the American innovation, new ideas and emerging concepts he founded company BECHTEL, world leader in the design and Infonomia, the innovators’ reference network in Spanish. execution of energy and infrastructure projects. He joined He has published seventeen books on science, technology and innovation,Endesa in 1997 as General Manager of Diversification and member of the plus some thousand articles on how technology can transform a business,Executive Management Committee. During this period , he was appointed and is consultant to some of Spain’s biggest companies.also President of RETEVISION, Spanish Telecom and TV communicationsystem Network operator and member of the Board of Directors ofAMENA (currently Orange Spain), AGUAS DE BARCELONA and AIRTEL(currently Vodafone Spain). Mercè Conesa i Pagès Mayor of Sant Cugat. Adam Greenfield Lawyer with an academic background, she was Chief Lawyer of the Legal Service at the Catalan Association of Founder of Urbanscale. Municipalities. She began her career in the public adminis- Writer and Technologist, former design manager at Nokia tration in Sant Cugat quhere he was Deputy Mayor from 1999 until 2010 and expert in the development of friendly technological when she became mayor. She is also currently Vice President of the Barcelo- environments, he directs a centre for the development of na Provincial based on deep integration of computing in urban environments.Author of the book, “Everyware: the dawn of ubiquitous computing”, inwhich he analyses the characteristics and social and ethical consequencesof ubiquitous computing. Daniel Innerarity Catedrático de filosofía política y social en la Universidad del País Vasco. Anthony Townsend Doctor en Filosofía, es investigador del Instituto de Manager of Technology at the Institute for the Future. Gobernanza Democrática en el que explora diversos Researcher specialized in town planning who has studied aspectos de la idea de gobernanza en sus dimensiones global, europea, the impact of new technologies on cities and their nacional y local con el objetivo de renovar el pensamiento político de institutions, as well as the role of technology in economic nuestro tiempo. La revista francesa “Le Nouvel Observateur” le incluyó eldevelopment. He has advised large companies, NGO’s and is a member of año 2004 en una lista de los 25 grandes pensadores del mundo y esthe advisory council of the International Association of Scientific Parks colaborador habitual de los diarios El País y El Correo.(IASP). Erika Harms Rosa Ma. García Manager of Sustainable Development, UN Foundation. CEO of Siemens Spain. Diplomat and lawyer, she has worked in the field of A mathematician, she has more than 25 years’ experience sustainability as a consultant in the environmental policies in the Information Technology industry. She has spent of the government of Costa Rica, the World Bank and most of her career in Microsoft, where she has come to be various NGO’s. She had previously held the post of executive manager ofpresident of Iberia and then Southeast Europe. the Tourism Sustainability Council in the same UN Foundation, in which sheShe has always been concerned about facilitating access to technologies worked to achieve the collaboration of the private and public sectors in theand finding applications that improve the everyday life of people. promotion of projects to achieve a more sustainable tourist industry.
  10. 10. Programme Wednesday, November 30th Integrated Vision Urban Planning Keynote 9.00 h Plenary Session 9.45 h Vicente Guallart Challenges involved in designing Chief Architect, Barcelona and transforming the city "The City Protocol" Héctor Lostri, Subsecretario de Planeamiento de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Neil Gershenfeld Gunter Pauli, Founder of Zero Foundation Center of Bits and Atoms - MIT Nader Tehrani, Head of the Department of Architecture, MIT "City, Atoms, Bits" Ismael Fernández Mejía, President of ISOCARP Partrick Adiba, CEO ATOS IBERIA, Olympics @ mayor events Moderator: Edwin Heathcote, Architecture and Design Critic for the Financial Times Transforming cities 1 Carlos Leite, Mackenzie Univ. Sao Dr. Vijay Kumar, Government of Moderator: Willy Müller, Barcelona Regional Paulo Andhra Pradeshv11.45 hRoom 5 Alfonso Vegara, Fundación Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, Mayor Metrópoli of Tarragona Urbanization: rural to urban Narinder Nayar, Mumbai DK Osseo-Asare, Anam City - migration First - India Nigeria17.15 hRoom 4 Moderator: Sunil Dubey, Metropolis Advisor Robin Ried, World Economic Forum Transforming cities 2 Diana Mendes, Global Institute Manuel Simas, Living PlanIT Moderator: Javier Serra Gallego, Idencity AECOM Francisco Rincón, Siemens11.45 hRoom 4 Rodney Berman, Leader of Cardiff City Council City transformation & urban space Pablo Vaggione, Design Conver- Salvador Rueda, Agencia18.15 h Moderator: Andreu Esquius, MCRIT gence urbanism Ecología UrbanaRoom 6 Joan Trullen, Pla Estratègic Shaney Peña, Santo Domingo Metropolità City Council Housing & Urban Planning Douglas Mulhall, Cradle to Cradle Vicente Castro Melo, Copa Verde18.15 h Moderator: Ignasi Cubiñà, EcoIntelligent Growth Steven Beckers, Lateral Thinking Joan Sabatè, SaasRoom 1 Factory
  11. 11. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Wednesday, November 30th Integrated Vision Urban Planning Neil Gershenfeld Vicente Guallart Manager of Center of Bits and Atoms of the MIT. Vicente Guallart is chief architect of the City of This physicist, selected by the magazine, Scientific Barcelona and manager of Habitat Urbano. American, as one of the 50 most important names in the Director of the Advanced Architecture Institute since its field of science and technology, directs an interdisciplinary founding, and of Guallart Architects, he is one of thelaboratory in Boston which researches into the relationship between the international benchmarks of the integration between architecture, ecologycontents of information and their physical representation, and how and information technologies in projects such as Hyperhabitat (at thetechnology can enhance a community from its deepest level. Biennial of Venice), the Media House Project (Ciutat de Barcelona 2002 Award), the Fab Lab house (the first solar house built in Barcelona in 2010) or neighbourhoods such as Sociopolis in Valencia. Gunther Pauli Founder of ZERI and Blue Economy. Economist and entrepreneur manager of Zero Emissions Narinder Nayar Research and Initiatives (ZERI), a research group whose Chairman of Mumbai First and Chairman and task is to transfer the structure of the processes of nature Managing Director of human productive activity, making it more sustainable and eliminating As Chairman of Bombay First has been instrumental inthe production of waste. Pauli has promoted the Blue Economy movement, establishing a true public private partnership with theresponsible for stimulating a model of entrepreneurship compatible with State Government for the regeneration of Mumbai. He has beenthe theories of the ZERI. responsible several initiatives taken by the Maharashtra Government including constituting a Citizen’s Action Group and getting some of the Héctor Lostri international companies to help overcome the challenges of urbanization in Vice Secretary of Planning of the Autonomous City of the city like Mumbai with a population of 18 million. Buenos Aires. He is an Architect, Diploma of Honour (University of Steven Beckers Buenos Aires). Postgraduate in Production and Technology Founding partner of “Lateral Thinking Factory”.of Architecture (UBA) and Postgraduate in Urban Economy at the TorcuatoDi Tella University. He completed his Postgraduate in Land Market Architect with a global approach on sustainability inSpecialization at the Lincoln Institute of the National University of General architecture and urban planning, he is responsible for theSarmiento. Ex Board Member of the Environmental Urban Plan of the 250 million Euro restructuration of the EuropeanGovernment of the City of Buenos Aires. He was advisor in Urban Space Commission headquarters in Brussels, recognized as EC benchmark inand Planning of the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. He sustainability and awarded the PLEA Passive and Low Energy Architecturehas also been advisor to the Commissions of Public Space and Planning of award in Cambridge 2000. He is now an independent registered Cradle tothe aforementioned legislative body. Cradle architect/consultant. Patrick Adiba Carlos Leite CEO of Iberia and Major Events Global Business Units, Professor on City Sustainability at Mackenzie Atos Origin. Presbyterian University of Sao Paulo. Electronic and Telecommunications engineer, serves as Architect and Urban Planner, has been a visiting professor Head of Spain & Major Events Global Business Units at and lecturer at different schools in California, Canada,Atos Origin SA and is also in charge of the Olympic Games and major Barcelona and the Netherlands. He also works as a Sustainableevents. He served as Vice President of Human Resources of Development and Design consultant. His professional focus is onSchlumbergerSema, and General Manager of its Latin America Branch. He Sustainable and Smart City challenges: He is the author of the bookholds an Executive MBA at Stanford University in 2001. Cidades Sustentaveis, Cidades Inteligentes and director of Stuchi & Leite Projetos. Nader Tehrani Salvador Rueda Founder of NADAAA and Head of the Department of Director of the Urban Ecology Agency Architecture at MIT School of Architecture and Planning. of Barcelona (Spain). Architect specialized in interdisciplinary platforms, his Biologist and Psychologist, he has also a Diploma in research has been focused on the transformation of the Environmental Engineering by the Spanish Ministry ofbuilding industry, innovative material applications, and the development of Industry and Energy and a Diploma in Energy Management by Universitatnew means and methods of construction as exemplified in his work with Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC). His work has focused indigital fabrication. His work has received many awards, among which the the areas of strategic plans and planning; urbanism, green urban mobility,Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award in Architecture, the American public space, urban metabolism (energy, water, air pollution, noise andAcademy of Arts and Letters Architecture Award, and thirteen Progressive waste) and social cohesion. He has been member of the UrbanArchitecture Awards. Environment Expert of the European Union (DG XI).
  12. 12. Programme Wednesday, November 30th Integrated Vision Governance & Funding Keynote 14:45 h Plenary Session 15:15 h Greg Clark Smart City Governance Models Senior Fellow Urban Land Institute Paul Tilsley, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council "How do Smart Cities Also Mildred Warner, City and Regional Planning, Cornell University become Successful Cities?" Abha Joshi-Ghani, World Bank Manuel Ausaverri, Director Smart Cities, Indra Moderator: Germà Bel, University of Barcelona Framework of governance models Gordon Falconer, CISCO Prof. Chary Vedala, CEEUI, ASCI,11.45 h Moderator: Sunil Dubey, Metropolis Advisor Jennifer Bélissent, Forrester Hyderabad - IndiaRoom 2 Research Kathrin Humboldt, University of Bonn Public – Private Collaboration Roberta Bigliani, IDC Iñigo de la Serna, Mayor of17.15 h Moderator: Lluís Torrents, IESE Public-Private Mel Ewell, CEO Amey SantanderRoom 1 Fernanda Mendoza, Iscom Group - Bologna Funding the transformation Cristiana Fragola, NY Housing Brian Field, EIB JESSICA Task Force17.15 h Moderator: Josep Roig, UCGL Authority Andrea Tinagli, JESSICA &Room 2 Camilla Sharp, Invest in Spain Investment Funds - EIB Open Government: cultural changes Paul Natorp, Univer. city Lucía Gonzalez, Edenway18.15 h Moderator: José María Alonso, Web Foundation Nigel Shadbolt, Martín Álvarez - Espinar, CTICRoom 2 Southampton University Local Polices in times of crisis Alioune Badiane, UN-Habitat Dr. Eugenie L Birch, Penn University18.15 h Moderator: Ignasi Clos, The Cities in Motion Initiative Nicola Odatti, Napoli City Don Plusquellic, Former PresidentRoom 4 US Conference of Mayors Integrated management Todd Murphy, Barangaroo Alex Mestre, Abertis18.15 h of urban space Delivery Authority – Australia Peter North, The Greater LondonRoom 3 Moderator: Cristina Paraira, Sant Cugat City Council Jose María Miranda, ACEFAT Authority Open Innovation developing Jake Barton, Local Projects Francesca Bria, Imperial College Smart Cities Juan Rada, Oracle London17.15 hRoom 3 Moderator: Esteve Almirall, ESADE Peter Corbett, iStrategy Labs
  13. 13. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Wednesday, November 30th Integrated Vision Governance & Funding Greg Clark Abha Joshi-Ghani CEO of The Business of Cities Ltd. Manager of the Urban Development Unit Expert on city building, investment, and strategies for of the World Bank globalization, working with city and business leaders on He supervises the projects of the World Bank in the field of the challenges and opportunities of the global urban age, urban policies and advises the branches of the Bank inhe is a trusted advisor, moderator and writer. He is Chairman of the OECD Africa, Asia and Middle East on key issues for development such as townForum on Development Agencies and investment Strategies and is planning, housing, municipal finance management, urban ecosystem, citiescurrently researching and writing The Honor Chapman Report on London’s and climate change and development of sustainable tourism. In 2009, heCompetitiveness 1992 to 2022. also designed the new Urban Strategies Programme of the World Bank. Paul Tilsley Íñigo de la Serna Hernáiz Paul Tilsley has been the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Mayor of Santander. Group in Birmingham since 2005 having begun his career Civil Engineer specialized in hydraulics, oceanography and as a councillor back in 1968. Paul also represents environment, he was Chief of Staff of the Minister of Birmingham City Council on the Core Cities Leader’s Environment of the Government of Cantabria from 1999Group. He is also involved in Eurocities and after 2 years as Vice Chairman to 2003 and Alderman of the City of Santander for environment, water andhe is now Chair of Eurocities Social Affairs Forum. beaches during the 2003-2007 session. He is Vice President of the SpanishCouncillor Tilsley has lead the city both on its ambitious approach to network of cities for climate and is a member of the Commission for Sustai-tackling climate change as well as in championing the use of digital nable Development of the Council of Local and Regional Authorities oftechnology across the city. Europe. Mildred Warner Cristiana Fragola Prof. of Urban and Regional Planning, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives at the New Cornell University. York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). Doctor in Development Sociology, her research is focused Lawyer currently managing sustainability strategies for the on the field of public service provision and addresses the largest public housing authority in the United States. Sheimpact of privatization on municipal governments and on the economic was previously the Director of MillionTreesNYC, the ambitious initiative ofdevelopment of cities. She has studied the potential of market solutions in Mayor Bloombergs PlaNYC. A recipient of the Zuckerman Fellowship forthe provision of these services and the impact of their implementation in Young Leaders of the Public and Private Sectors she also co-teaches a classinner cities or rural areas. at NYU Wagner School of Public Policy on Building Green Housing and Sustainable Neighbourhoods and collaborates with consulting firms. Srinivas Chary Vedala Dean of Research and Management Studies at Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI). Nigel Shadbolt An engineer, urban planner and management professional, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, he has over 20 years of professional experience in the areas University of Southampton.of urban infrastructure and service delivery and extensively worked on 24-7 Doctor in Artificial Intelligence and Advisor of the BritishWater Supply, urban sanitation and pro poor strategies. He assists the Government, he has worked in diverse field such asMinistry of Urban Development, Government of India by undertaking robotics, human memory and the understanding of language. Along withindependent appraisal of city development plans and reforms implementa- Tim Berners-Lee, he has promoted the project, a repository oftion under the Jawaharlal National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM). public information launched by the British Government which allows for consultation and reuse of public sector information and has become a benchmark in ‘open data’. Manuel Ausaverri Ferrer Civil Engineer, MBA. Director Smart Cities in Indra and ALG Europraxis Brian Field Partner. Urban Planning and Development Adviser, European He is Civil Engineer and holds a Master in Business Investment Bank (EIB).Administration (IESE, 2000). He has 20 years of professional experience, of Economist, his current research focuses on the builtwhich 12 years have been in smart mobility, infrastructures and transporta- environment and the promotion of more sustainabletion consulting. He is leading and coordinating the Indra offering to Cities development at all spatial scales, spanning low energy planning andand Administrations in the field of Smart Cities. His professional activity has transport policies, and the social implications of settlement patterns thatbeen developed the last years mainly in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and embrace a more explicit pursuit of the “green” agenda. He has publishedother Latin American countries. extensively on planning and related matters in books and scholarly papers,For the past years, he has contributed as a Partner and Senior Consultant in and is on the editorial board of several international refereed journals.ALG Europraxis (an Indra company).
  14. 14. Programme Thursday, December 1st Sustainable cities Environment Keynote 9.00 h Plenary Session 9.45 h Jeremy Rifkin Achieving sustainable cities President, Foundation on Economic Trends, USA Michael Braungart, Professor at Erasmus Univesity Rotterdam, "Third Insdustrial Revolution" and Uni Twente Tetsuya Nakajima, Deputy Executive Director – City of Yokohama Jordi Payet, Director General Area Mediterráneo y Norte África - FCC Group Santiago Olivares, CEO Ferrovial Servicios Enric Ruíz-Geli, Director Cloud 9 Juan Antonio Guijarro, General Director - AGBAR Group Moderator: María Teresa Lara, Diputada del Congreso Smart water management Guillermo Pickering, Asociación Dr. A Ravindra, Karnataka State Moderator: Fernando Rayón, AGBAR Empresas Agua Chile Government12.15 hRoom 2 Ricardo Klatosky, IBM Albert Molina, General Director Adasa - COMSA EMTE Smart waste management Anis Ismail, Sweep-net, Tunisia Mike Molesworth,12.15 h Moderator: Carlos Abilio Pérez, URBASER Fernando Soares Bretas, BID Dennis Eagle LtdRoom 3 Carles Conill, Environment Director Barcelona Metropolitan, AMB Climate Change Management Krishna Shrestha, The University Ademar Bueno, SINAPSE17.15 h Moderator: Marta Subirà, Generalitat de Catalunya of Sydney Juan Luis Castillo, FCCRoom 4 José Andreu, World Bank What do people demand? Peter Lacy, Accenture Partner Marco Peres, Externado Moderator: Salvador Rueda, Agencia Urbana Richard Miller, KTN-UK University - Bogotá12.15 hRoom 4 Jordi Zubelzu, Agbar Sylvain Cortés, FCC
  15. 15. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Thursday, December 1st Sustainable cities Environment Jeremy Rifkin Michael Braungart F ounder and Chairman of the Foundation on Economic Father of the Cradle to Cradle concept. Trends. Scientific Manager of the EPEA (Environmental Protection Economist and sociologist, he researches into the impact Encouragement Agency), this German chemist, former of technological advances on society, economy and member of Greenpeace, promotes the redesigning of environment. Rifkin’s theories include that of the Third Industrial Revolu- production systems by imitating nature, in whose systems all components tion, according to which, in the 21st century, hundreds of millions of people are reused completely eliminating the production of waste. will turn their homes into renewable energy sources, transforming the current paradigm of energy production. A. Ravindra Advisor on Urban Affairs to Chief Minister of Karnataka state (India). Juan Antonio Guijarro Administrator by Profession; Served in Indian Administrati- General Manager of Agbar in Central-North America, ve Service for over 37 years and retired as Chief Secretary Europe, the Middle East and Africa. to Govt of Karnataka, India. Specialized in urban sector and served in Economist, he joined the Agbar Group in 1989 and in 1996 various capacities including that of the City Commissioner of Bangalore, a he took over the management of different Agbar leading metropolitan city and famously known as IT capital of India.subsidiaries in Central America. In 2002 he returned to Spain as AgbarWater’s General Manager for South-eastern Spain and in 2005 wasappointed General Manager of the water and wastewater treatment sector Fernando Soares Bretasof the Agbar Group. He is also General Director of Aqualogy (Agbar Water and Sanitation Principal Specialist at theSolutions and Technologies Division). Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Agricultural and Civil engineer, he is the Water and Sanitation Division focus person in the Emergent and Sustainable Cities Platform at IDB and is also working in water resources, Tetsuya Nakajima urban drainage and water and sanitation projects in Brazil and Peru. He has Manager of Climate Change office, City of Yokohama. previously developed other tasks as Environmental Specialist. From 1989 to 1995 we was a private Consultant in the areas of environmental, industrial Engineer specialized in town planning and leader of the pollution control, groundwater contamination and water quality Yokohama Smart Project, the programme to turn the monitoring and assessment. Japanese city into a smart city. He has worked in the development of the modern district of Minato Mirai 21, as well as in the planning of its street network and the railway line connecting it to the Anis Ismail central station of Yokohama. He has also worked tithe the environmental protection office and in the field of disaster prevention. General Secretary of GIZ and Secretariat’s lead manager of the SWEEP-Net (Tunis). Environmental engineer with a 14-year experience in the fields of environment and solid waste management. He is Santiago Olivares working since for GIZ and for the l Solid Waste Exchange of Information and Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial Servicios. Expertise Network (SWEEP-Net) in MENA Region, a regional network supported by GIZ and ANGed for the benefit of ten Arab countries. Mr Industrial engineer, involved in projects related to the Ismail is leading the secretariat’s activities and providing day to day mana- privatization of the Electric Utilities and Oil and Gas gement and supervision of the SWEEP-Net’s activities. Formerly, he joined sectors in Spain. He joined Ferrovial Servicios in 2002 as the World Bank missions and has actively participated in the preparation of Business Development Director later becoming Director of its International technical papers and evaluation reports for the decision makers and key Division. In May 2007, he was appointed CEO of Ferrovial Servicios and partners. member of the Executive Committee of Ferrovial Group. Peter Lacy Managing Director, Sustainability Services, Enric Ruiz-Geli Accenture EALA. Director of Cloud 9 Studio. He leads Accenture’s Sustainability Services business in Architect, he has materialized in his projects the possibili- Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America where he has ties of sustainable design and construction. A good worked for over a decade with the CEOs and top management of a range example is the recently awarded Media-TIC building in the of Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, European Union and public 22@ district of Barcelona. Director of the Cloud 9 Studio since 1997 and sector organizations on sustainability and climate change strategy and Co-Director of Metapolis, he was Commissioner of the Spain Pavilion at the execution. In 2010 he was voted an outstanding ‘Young Global Leader’ by V Biennial of Architecture in Sao Paulo, founder of Energy Attack and the World Economic Forum, and Chair’s the Taskforce on Sustainable Co-Chairman of The 3rd Industrial Revolution Architects. Business Models and Cradle to Cradle.
  16. 16. Programme Thursday, December 1st Sustainable cities Energy Keynote 11.45 h Plenary Session 15.15 h Tudor Constantinescu Sustainable energy Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission Lew Fulton, International Energy Agency"Smart Cities and Communities" Livio Gallo, CEO - Enel Distribuzione Enrique Valer, Country President Iberia & South America - Schneider Electric Daniel López Jordà, Director General - Gas Natural Fenosa Moderator: Pedro Nueno, IESE Energy generation / Bertrand Martin, Verónica Bermúdez,17.15 h Renewable energies COFELY - Suez R&D NEXCIS-BPVRoom 3 Moderator: Juanjo Escobar, ICAEN Belvis Martínez, FCM Smart Grids Maikel van Verseveld, Accenture Yoichi Ida, NEDO17.15 h Moderator: Rafael Herrero, ANESE Amsterdam Ignasi Cairó, IRECRoom 1 Samuele Furfari, European Commission EV - City in the energy management Dario Gil, IBM Ding Xiaohua, Shanghai17.15 h Moderator: Antoni Martínez, IREC David Beeton, IEAH & EVIA International AutomobileRoom 2 Ramon Pruneda, Live Initiative City Group Xiong Liangping, ANHUI ANKAI Automobile CO. Zero energy buildings David Bartlett, IBM – VP Industry Jose Maria Campos, Tecnalia & communities Solutions12.15 hRoom 5 Moderator: Jaume Salom, IREC Oscar Aceves, TFM – COMSA EMTE Infrastructure for the electric vehicle Manuel Moliner, Schneider Fernando García Martínez, Gas18.15 h Moderator: Juan Luis Pla, IDAE Electric NaturalRoom 2 Angel Arcos, Endesa Santiago Blanco, Indra Distribución Eléctrica What is coming? Cécile Tuil, Schneider Electric Maria Rosa Mora Marin, Siemens18.15 h Moderator: Ramon Folch, ERF Antoni Sudría,Room 3 CITCEA-UPC/ IREC Best practices and new challenges Francisco de la Torre, Mayor Gilles Simon, Schneider - ISO50001 Moderator: Assumpta Farrán, of Málaga City Javier Llansó, CEO Cespa18.15 h Generalitat de CatalunyaRoom 1 Gabriele Riedmann, SVP Estrategic Area Energy, T-Systems
  17. 17. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Thursday, December 1st Sustainable cities Energy Livio Gallo Verónica Bermúdez Manager of Nets and Infrastructures at Enel. Senior scientist of NEXCIS. Engineer. He directs the projects for the improvement of An expert in material physics and technologies for gas and electricity distribution services, and efficient fabrication of high efficiency low photovoltaic devices. management of resources in the Italian company. He is Passionate about photovoltaics and how it can be manager of the transformation projects in the intelligent networks of the integrated in an optimized urban ecosystem with high levels of PV share, existing electricity distribution infrastructures. He is also chairman and she has a strong formation in energetic efficiency, renewable energy, solar founder of the EDSO Smart Grids Association promoted by the European power, energy storage, secondary batteries, fuel cells, smart grids, energy Distribution Network Operators Association. independence, green data centers. Enrique Valer Samuele Furfari Professor at the Free University of Brussels. Country President for Spain, Portugal and South America, Schneider Electric. Chemical Engineer. He joined the European Commission in 1982 where he has spent its entire carrier on energy Industrial Engineer, he has been the Country President of matters. Back in 1994 he initiated and pushed the concept Schneider Electric for Spain, Portugal and South America of local and regional energy agencies inviting local authorities to become since 2010. His more than 25 years’ experience in the electricity sector have actors of sustainable development that emerged now in the Convenant of given him a global and detailed view of the workings of the market and of Mayors. He has developed many energy efficiency and renewable energy the industry. From his position, he promotes the design and conceptualiza- policies, particularly heating and cooling and wastes, including cogenera- tion of solutions which help achieve more efficient, green, reliable and tion and district heating policy. productive energy. Lewis Fulton Pedro Nueno Senior Transport Energy Analyst and Acting Professor of IESE, Bertran Foundation Chair on Head of the Energy Technology Policy Division of the Entrepreneurship. International Energy Agency (IEA). A Business Administration doctor from Harvard University, Energy Management and Environmental Policy specialist, this Industrial Engineer and Technical Architect is currently he has worked internationally in the field of transport/energy/environment professor and President of China Europe International Business School analysis and policy development for over 20 years. He returned to the IEA (CEIBS) in Shanghai and Beijing. He is also the Chengwei Ventures Chair on in 2007 after working there originally from 1999-2005 and after working in Entrepreneurship, founder of FINAVES, venture capital corporation and Kenya with the UN Environment Program (UNEP and developing and member of the board of several listed and privately held companies in USA implementing sustainable transport projects around the world. and Europe. Thursday, December 1st Sustainable cities Round Table by Electric Vehicle Initiative Sergio Fernandez Balaguer, Head of the Sustainable Mobility Office, Madrid City Council12.15 h Alfonso Beltrán Garcia-Echaniz, General Director IDAERoom 1 Santiago Cascante, Endesa Maria Rosa Mora, Smart Grid Innovation Manager, SIEMENS EVI-Amsterdam Moderator: Ben Holland (RMI) Tino Fuhrmann, Electromobility & Innovation Manager SEAT13.15 h Ernesto Salas Hernandes, Public Relation Director Spain, RENAULTRoom 1 Pablo Fernandez de la Torre, President and CEO, N2S Josep Bartres, CEO Mobecpoint CHAdeMO Moderator: David Beeton (IA-HEV, UK)
  18. 18. Programme Friday, December 2nd Urban Mobility Mobility Keynote 9.00 h - Room 1 Plenary Session 9.30 h - Room 1 Eric Britton Urban mobility: achieving social efficiency Founder & CEO - EcoPlan Internacional Pan Haixiao, Researcher in transport planning - Tongji University, Shangai "The new Mobility Agenda: Robert Cervero, Institute Director Urban and Regional Development at Come argue with me" the Transportation Center. Berkeley Robin Chase, Funder & CEO Buzzcar Timothy Papandreou, San Francisco Municipal Transformation Agency Peter Chamley, ARUP - Global Infrastructure Practice Chair Ger Baron, Amsterdam - Innovative Moderator: Robert Stussi, APVE and Former AVERE/WEVA President, Mobility Consultant Integrated mobility Luigi Telesca, CREATE-NET, Arturo Corbi, Telvent Moderator: Francesc Robusté, CENIT SuperHub Sebastien Renouard, Altran11.30 hRoom 3 Julio García Ramón, ERTRAC Antonio Marqués, ETRA Driving in a smart city Kazys Varnelis, Network Richard Varos Jr, IBM Moderator: Marc Torrent, BDigital Architecture Lab at Columbia Ashwin Mahesh, Mapunity -11.30 h UniversityRoom 1 Bangalore Federico Casalegno, MIT Services for sharing resources Angel López, Barcelona City Eduardo Bonet, Indra11.30 h Moderator: Pilar Tur, Urbaser Leif Thorson, CENIT Guillem Ricarte, CreafuturRoom 4 The electric vehicle Christopher Benardis, Nissan Eric Delgove, Deloitte Moderator: Tomás Megía, ACC1Ó Paola Petroni, Enel Distribuzione11.30 hRoom 2 Leonor Berriochoa, European Investment Bank Moving around Benoît Kandel, First Deputy Mischa Dohler, Wolrldsesing11.30 h Moderator: Lluis Gómez, Smart City Expo Mayor, Nice Laurence Bannerman, SabaRoom 6 José Mª Tejera, Siemens
  19. 19. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Programme Friday, December 2nd Urban Mobility Mobility Eric Britton Timothy N. Papandreou Manager of EcoPlan International. Deputy Director of Transportation Economist and political scientist who has focused his Planning & Development at SFMTA|Municipal activity on the development of initiatives and strategies to Transportation Agency. make transport and mobility in general sustainable. He has Urban Planner focused on Sustainable Mobility, he haswritten or co-authored more than 200 studies and has worked for govern- worked in the public and private sector as an urban transportation andments, administrations and companies on all the continents, as well as the landuse planner over the last 16 years both in the US and Australia. HisUNO, the EU and the OECD. current responsibilities include overseeing the agency’s ambitious sustaina- ble mobility and climate action goals through innovative multi-modal transportation planning projects, policies and programs. Robert Cervero Robert Stüssi Professor of urban planning at the University of California, Berkeley. APVE (Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association) and former AVERE/WEVA President, Mobility Consultant. Civil Engineer and urban planner, he works in the area of sustainable transportation policy and planning, focusing Urban and regional planner, specialized in transport policyon the nexus between urban transportation and land-use systems and is and planning and sustainable mobility with a 40 yearcurrently researching on the intersection of infrastructure, place-making, career. He advises governments and regional and local authorities; as teamand economic development as well as urban transformations and their or consortium leader and as project director, on new mobility concerns andimpacts on travel behavior. In 2004, Phe became the first-ever recipient of the introduction of soft and complementary modes: walking, bicycling,the Dale Prize for Excellence in Urban Planning Research. traffic calming, car sharing and pooling, flexible transport and on the introduction of alternative vehicle and fuel technologies. Robin C. Ried Kazys Varnelis Global Leadership Fellow and Head of the Director of the Network Architecture Lab Real Estate & Urban Development Industry at the World at Columbia University. Economic Forum. Historian and theorist of architecture, specialising in Urban planner, she engages leaders in business, govern- network culture, he also cofounded AUDC, a conceptualment and civil service in projects relating to urban development, infrastruc- architecture. He edited the Infrastructural City, Networked Publics and Theture, building sustainability, and affordable housing. Her interests and Philip Johnson Tapes. He has worked with the Center for Land Use Interpre-expertise lie in the areas of land use and infrastructure planning, urban design, tation. His present book project is Life After Networks: A Critical History ofinformal settlement upgrading, and urban sustainability. Network Culture. Federico Casalegno, Ph.D. Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab at the Ger Baron Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Program and Cluster Manager at Amsterdamse Her research is on the role of information technology in Innovatie Motor. supporting open innovation networks in urban environ- He has initiated and is responsible for several projects ments with a specific emphasis on the use of mobile, wireless and ubiqui- around Living Labs and Smart City, most notably the tous computing technologies to support collaboration. Forlano is co-editorAmsterdam Smart City project. His interest is on innovation, product and of From Social Butterfly to Engaged Citizen: Urban Informatics, Socialservices, and the role of the users in this perspective. Ger considers techno- Media, Ubiquitous Computing, and Mobile Technology to Support Citizenlogy as an important enabling technology, but tends to focus the adapta- Engagement, which is to be published by MIT Press in 2011.tion of technologies. Before working for the Amsterdamse Innovatie Motorhe worked for the Dutch Social Democratic party and Accenture Consulting. Pan Haixiao Director of Land Use-Transport Studies in the Department of Urban Planning,Tongji University (Shanghai). Peter Chamley Engineer. He is one of Chinas leading researchers in urban Director and Chair of Global Infrastructure Practice land use and transport planning. He has published three books and nume- of ARUP. rous articles in this area. He has involved in implementation studies on land He has over 30 years experience working on major use plan and urban transport plan in more than dozen cities in China, infrastructure projects on cities throughout the world. His including Transport and Town Development in the Shanghai Region. Hismost recent projects have included New York’s Second Avenue Subway and research focuses on the impact of metro systems within the urban spatialNo.7 Line Extension and currently, the £14billion Crossrail project in London. structure, mobility and sustainability.
  20. 20. Side EventsAn opportunity to discuss the important aspects of development andthe most advanced solutions in specific fields: rural development,management of green areas, Spain and railway sector Smart Spain The conference aims to discuss specific aspects of the development of smart cities in the Spanish context, bearing in mind the map of municipalities and the current economic situation, with its opportunities and challenges. Sessions will address issues such as economic efficiency, urban service management, Energy and Sustainability, and the challenges of implementing the electric car. Smart Rural The term ‘smart’ is usually associated with large cities and the development of technological solutions. But what about its application in less dense and less technified environments? The Smart Rural conference will define and discuss the smart concept in the rural setting and in small towns. In these areas, it is essential that the aims of investment in social and human capital and communication infrastructures should be economic development and quality of life, without compromising either existing resources or the environment. The conference will address the development of rural areas on the basis of four main areas: smartech- nology, smartliving, smartfood and smartenergy with different success stories, new challenges posed and the ever present need for entrepreneurship. Smart Green An essential element of cities is the development of green areas in the urban fabric as a paradigm of open space and area of interaction, and producer of environmental benefits basic to the quali- ty of life of citizens. Whether it be green roofs, vertical gardens or traditional parks, SmartCity Expo & World Congress offers the chance to see innovative materials and techniques in the management and maintenance of this vital infrastructure of a city.
  21. 21. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Side EventsInternational Railway ForumFira de Barcelona will be the setting for the third edition of BcnRail, the Rail Industry Fair, on the samedates as the summit on smart cities, in order to create synergies with SmartCity Expo WorldCongress. BcnRail will host the 1st International Railway Forum, which for four days will addressthe most relevant issues affecting the rail industry today, with the help of renowned national andforeign experts.Freight transport by rail and its connection with the European network will be two of the main issuesdiscussed at the Forum, whereas the international workshops will focus on the new business avenuesopened in emerging countries committed to the railway as a tool for socio-economic development,including Algeria, Russia, Turkey and India.City Case StudiesThe projects promoted by different cities will be presented in detail.EVIThe international group EVI (Electric Vehicle Initiative) is composed of ministries from differentcountries and led by USA and China, with the International Energy Agency being responsible for thetechnical secretariat.The EVI will be holding its internal meeting in the framework of the Science Centre World Congress(SCWC) where, taking advantage of the attendance of this group of experts, two round tables focusedon electric mobility will be organized.Both round tables will cover current issues in the Electric Vehicle sector and will have theparticipation of experts from both the private and public sector, with plenty of time being reservedfor the public attending the congress to ask questions.The first paper, entitled EV Deployment: what have we learned so far? , will mainly analyse thestatus of the deployment of the Electric Vehicle with experts from the public and private sector andthe lessons learned so far, both from successful cases and cases with room for improvement.The second paper, entitled EV market introduction and ramp up – can we achieve the targets?,will analyse the situation of the Electric Vehicle market, the forecasts of manufacturers and themeasures needed to meet expected market objectives. It will also analyse the example of successfulbusiness models surrounding the Electric Vehicle.
  22. 22. Side Events Smart Green Keynote 11.45 h - Room 3 Wednesday, Novembre 30th Ken Worpole, CABE Presenter: Antoni Falcon, Materia Verda "From neighbourhood parks to urban green networks" Social Innovation Jane Martin, Sant Francisco Tuesday, November 29th16.50 h Case study: "“Permeable Program landscape Jake Barton, Changes by us.Room 5 as neighbourhood treasure” Jane Martin Local Projects Moderator: Enric Pol, Barcelona University Frédéric Serrano, Le Ports aux Cerises Green Projects Peter Mullan, The High Line NY Wednesday, November 30th17.15 h Case study: “The High Line” Peter Mullan Gary Grant, Living roofsRoom 6 Moderator: Lluís Domènech, Barcelona Sagrera Michel Péna, Paisatgistes França Green Management Tan Puay Yok, CUGE Thursday, December 1st (Singapore)17:15 h Case study: "Trends in Singapore"Room 6 Tan Puay Yok Wayne Dubin, Bartlett Trees Moderator: Ignacio Pujol Xicoy, Consultor (11-S memorial NY) Sten Gillner, University of Dresden - Germany
  23. 23. Smart City Expo World Congress 2011 | 29 Nov. – 2 Dec. 2011 Barcelona, España Side Events Smart GreenKen WorpoleSenior Professor at The Cities Institute, London Metropolitan UniversityEnvironmentalist focused on the relation between social policy, landscape and architecture, he has been involved in two major Londonurban green space initiatives in the past five years: the East London Green Grid and the Bankside Urban Forest. Member of the UKgovernments Urban Green Spaces Task Force, and an Adviser to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE).His is author of Here Comes the Sun: architecture and public space in 20th century European culture.Jane MartinFounding Director of PlantSF and Principal of Shift Design Studio.Architect, artist and landscape designer who pioneered public space greening in San Francisco. Since 2003, her work has expandedopportunities for the reintroduction of natural hydrology within the city’s overloaded and aging combined sewer infrastructure - whileadding benefits of neighborhood gardens. She has served as a San Francisco Commissioner of the Environment and was named bySFMOMA as one of the Bay Area’s leading experimental designers.Jake BartonFounder of Local Projects.Widely recognized as a leader in the field of interaction design for physical spaces, and in the creation of collaborative storytellingprojects where participants generate content. Local Projects is a three-time National Design Award finalist and was named the secondmost innovative design firm by Fast Company for its redefinition of emotional storytelling. Local Projects is creating the media designfor the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the Frank Gehry designed Eisenhower Presidential Memorial.Peter MullanVice President for Planning and Design for Friends of the High Line.Architect and environmental advocate, he has lead the High Line park project, a new urban park created from deserted railroad track whichnow serves as a home to hotels and restaurants, and is also an educational venue. He is responsible for all aspects of the physicaldevelopment of the structure, including planning and advocacy, design and construction, and policy of a benchmark project in the recyclingof urban infrastructures.Gary GrantDirector of the Green Roof Consultancy.Biologist and chartered environmentalist and ecologist with three decades of experience involving several hundred projects of ecologicalsurvey and assessment, biodiversity action planning, habitat creation, wetland restoration, regional planning, green infrastructure planningand site design and management. He is a specialist in green roofs and living walls and also serves as independent consultant.Wayne S. DubinVice President & Metropolitan West Division Manager of Bartlett Tree Experts.Plant science specialist in charge of the urban forest at the 11-S memorial in NY. He brings quality tree cares to customers and under hisleadership, the company divisionhas received seven safety awards. He serves as President-Elect of the International Society of Arboricultureand is also a council member on Cook College Forestry Advisory Council. He lends his expertise and guidance to a number of arboriculturalorganizations.
  24. 24. Side Events City Cases DK Osseo-Assare, Anam-Nigeria Tuesday, November 29th Francesc Santacana, Pla Estratègic Metropolità de Barcelona Santi Vila i Vicente, Mayor of Figueres11.30 hRoom 6 Moderator: Javier Gil, IBM16.50 h Ashwin Mahesh, Mapunity, BangaloreRoom 6 Francisco Javier Leon, Mayor of Valladolid Josep Félix Ballesteros, Mayor of Tarragona Jordi Puignero, Deputy Mayor of Sant Cugat Moderator: Jordi Marin, Indra18.30 h Carolina Natividad Blasco, Concejala de BurgosRoom 6 Jayesh Ranjan, Hyderabad Iñigo de la Serna, Mayor of Santander Shaney Peña Gómez, Strategic Plan Directo, Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic Moderator: Mª José Sobrini, CISCO18.30 h BrasilRoom 1 Marcio Antonio Rodriguez de Lara, Ayuntamiento de Santos, Brasil Denize Coelho Cavalcanti, Gobierno del Estado de Sao Paulo Alba Simon, Gobierno del Estado de Rio de Janeiro Gobierno de Brasil, Secretaria de Medio Ambiente Brasilia Silvia Anette Kneip, Asesora del Gobierno del Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil Moderator: Mateu Hernández, Barcelona Global Hector Lostri, Subsecretario de Planeamiento, Buenos Aires Wednesday, November 30th Birmingham11.45 h Markku Raitio, HelsinkiRoom 6 Moderator: Iñigo Jordra Director de Estrategia y desarrollo en Ferrovial servicios Tetsuya Nakajima, Deputy Executive Director, Yokohama City Thursday, December 1st Carles Ruiz, Mayor of Viladecans12.15 h Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of MálagaRoom 6 Rodney Berman, Leader of Cardiff City Council Moderator: Xavier Blanch, Siemens18.15 h Benôit Kandel, First Deputy Mayor, NiceRoom 6 Ger Baron, Director Innovatie Motor, Amsterdam Todd Murphy, Barangaroo Delivery Authority - Australia Martin Powell, Managing Director of Cambridge Management & Research James Close, Erns & Young, London Moderator: Victor Cardador, Urbaser
  25. 25. Side Events Tuesday, November 29th Smart Rural Keynote 9.00 h - Room 4 Francisco José Estevez Cremades&calvosotelo "Conceptualizing Smart Rural" Moderator: Eloi Montcada, Lavola "Smart Food":The challenges of the new Agroindustry Moderator: Eloi Montcada, Lavola9.30 hRoom 4 Mireia Molins i Folch, IRTA Raimon Roda, Barcelona Provincial Council "Smart Energy": El nuevo modelo energético como oportunidad del desarrollo rural Moderator: Antonio López-Nava, Spanish Association9.30 h of Companies for Energy EfficiencyRoom 5 Miguel Manrique, IDAE Lluís Sanchez, Origenergia "Smart Technology": Technology as the basis for a sustainable rural economy Moderator: Ana Fernández, Mendinet11.30 hRoom 5 Ramon Sentmartí, Experto Oriol Miralbell, UOC Independiente "Smart Living": Cómo vivir mejor en un entorno rural Moderator: Meritxell Serret, Món Rural Foundation11.30 hRoom 4 Luis Matias, Municipality of Marta Torras, Obra Social Caixa Penela Catalunya Closing speech Jordi Sala, General Director Paloma López-Izquierdo,12.30 h of Rural Development for the General Deputy Director ofRoom 4 Generalitat de Catalunya Equality and Modernization of MARM