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Future role of mobile launch event - istanbul - 4 october 2011


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A view on the future role of mobile launched in Istanbul in October: Drawing on the initial Future Agenda programme insights plus more follow on workshops and discussions, this provides a perspective on the key areas where mobile will have an enabling influence going forward.

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Future role of mobile launch event - istanbul - 4 october 2011

  1. 1. The  Future  Role  of  Mobile   Dr  Tim  Jones   Programme  Director   4  October  2011  
  2. 2. The  Future  Agenda  is  the  world’s  largest  open  foresight  programme  that  ran  throughout  2010  and  engaged  expert  input   from  over  1500  organisa=ons  to  gain  a  unique  global  view  
  3. 3. Context   To  get  a  richer  view,  organisa=ons  want  to  complement  their   Inside-­‐Out  perspec=ves  with  informed  Outside-­‐In  views  of  how   the  world  around  them  is  changing  and  with  what  impact  
  4. 4. Context  From  the  Future  Agenda  programme,  we  highlighted  52  insights   which  many  organisa=ons  are  now  using  to  s=mulate     innova=on  thinking  and  challenge  exis=ng  perspec=ves    
  5. 5. Role  of  Mobile   A  good  number  of  these  insights  influence,  or  are  influenced  by,   the  changing  role  of  mobile  technology  over  the  next  decade  
  6. 6. Imbalanced  Popula=on  Growth   Certain=es   By  2020  we  will  add  another  750m  people  to  the  planet,     most  in  places  least    able  to  accommodate  them  
  7. 7. Key  Resource  Constraints   Certain=es   We  will  see  economic,  physical  and  poli=cal  shortages  of  key   materials  that  will  result  in  major  changes  in  our  perspec=ves  
  8. 8. Asian  Wealth  ShiU   Certain=es   The  centre  of  gravity  of  global  wealth  accelerates     East  with  decreased  influence  for  the  US  and  Europe  
  9. 9. Ubiquitous  Data  Access   Certain=es   We  will  be  connected  everywhere  -­‐  everything  that  can     benefit  from  a  network  connec=on  will  have  one  
  10. 10. The  Influence  of  and  Impact  on  Mobile  
  11. 11. Future  of  Iden=ty   Role  of  Mobile   Helping  customers  to  have  confidence  in  and  control  of  their   digital  iden=ty  allows  mobile  operators  to  act  as  a  trusted   intermediary;  enabling  secure,  open  global  transac=ons  
  12. 12. People  Tracking   Mobility   The  acceptance  of  being  tracked  by  your  mobile  is     accelerated  by  =cket-­‐less  transport  systems,  increased   surveillance  and  successful  loca=on-­‐based  services  
  13. 13. Future  of  Commerce   Role  of  Mobile   Alterna=ve  payment  systems,  virtual  currencies,  mobile  data   transfers  and  dynamic  pricing  all  combine  to  create  parallel   systems  for  credit  and  debit  exchange  and  transfer  
  14. 14. Dynamic  Pricing   Commerce   Media  consump=on,  smart  meters  and  ubiquitous  tracking    services  all  create  plaZorms  for  the  dynamic  real  =me  pricing  of     resources,  access  and  travel  to  manage  supply  and  demand  
  15. 15. Future  of  Health   Role  of  Mobile   Remote,  intelligent  monitoring  and  diagnosis  enhances  the   freedom  of  pa=ents,  improves  healthcare  efficiency  and  tries  to   offset  costs  from  a  growing,  aging  and  unhealthy  popula=on  
  16. 16. Automated  People  Care   Health   Robo=c  assisted  care  and  remote  monitoring  provide   economically  viable  support  for  the  ill  so  that  our   focus  can  shiU  from  sick-­‐care  to  preventa=ve  healthcare  
  17. 17. Future  of  Intelligent  Transport  Systems   Role  of  Mobile   Mesh  networks  and  ubiquitous  mobile  connec=ons  will  enable   automated  mobility,  more  intelligent  decision  making  and  so   improve  safety,  increase  capacity  and  reduce  conges=on  
  18. 18. Urban  (Im)mobility   Transport   Informed  real  =me  choices,  growth,  conges=on  and     regula=on    all  impact  the  world’s  ci=es  to  drive  a  shiU  to     more  sustainable  efficient  transport  op=ons  
  19. 19. Future  of  Smart  Machines   Role  of  Mobile   Billions  of  interconnected  and  intelligent  devices  deliver     24/7  improved  efficiency,  greater  flexibility  and  generate     less  waste  to  enable  us  to  do  more  with  less  
  20. 20. Intelligent  buildings   Smart  Machines   Smarter,  beaer  connected,  self-­‐monitoring  homes     and  offices  provide  safer,  more  secure,  low  energy     buildings  able  to  self-­‐manage  their  opera=on  and  u=li=es    
  21. 21. Implica@ons  
  22. 22. Networks   Role  of  Mobile   Investment  challenges,  alterna=ve  priori=es  and  demands    for  fast  lanes  will  add  to  the  requirements  of  providing     secure,  24/7  global  connec=vity  across  all  networks  
  23. 23. Privacy   Role  of  Mobile  Mobile  will  act  as  both  the  catalyst  and  monitor  of  how  personal  data  is  used:  In  a  smarter,  more  connected  world,  responsibili=es   will  shiU  and  blur  between  the  individual  and  society  
  24. 24. Vision  2020   Role  of  Mobile   The  mobile  industry  is  moving  from  just  being  in  control  of  its  own   developments  to  becoming  the  enabler  of  others’  innova=ons:     Partnership,  collabora=on  and  co-­‐opera=on  will  be  the  focus  
  25. 25. The  Future  Role  of  Mobile   Dr  Tim  Jones   Programme  Director