Walt Metz Legal Projects Portfolio


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Portfolio of Major Legal Projects by Walt Metz

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Walt Metz Legal Projects Portfolio

  1. 1. WALT METZLEGAL PROJECTS PORTFOLIO WALTER R. METZ, JR., Esq. 7325 Laurel Oak Drive Suwanee, Georgia 30024 (770) 888-3720 waltmetz@live.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/waltmetz 1
  2. 2. Walt Metz Background Walt Metz is an accomplished, executive level in-housecounsel, with functional expertise in legal affairs management, transportation law, realestate, commercial and tort litigation, transportation agreements, customeragreements, general contracts, financing transactions, M & A, risk management andcorporate secretary duties. Walts experience applies across a wide range of industries,including transportation, trucking, real estate, warehousing, and retail. This includesservice with three public companies and a five year tenure (2005-2010) as the VicePresident, General Counsel & Secretary for Americold Realty Trust/AmeriColdLogistics, North America’s largest provider of temperature controlled warehousing,food distribution and transportation logistics services, with extensive real estateholdings and REIT status. Specific accomplishments at Americold and otherpermanent and transition positions include:►Supervised the contractual, closing and implementation functions for $190Mmultiple warehouse facilities acquisition;►Coordinated the drafting, due diligence and implementation process for $1Brefinancing involving several mortgage pools;►Coordinated the internal due diligence process for stock acquisition of company;►Provided internal legal assistance for an ATM stock offering;►Served as member of the Steering Committee for a joint defense group defending amajor e-commerce patent infringement suit; and►Analyzed the need to change a trucking company’s internal liability claims handlingprocesses and the case evaluation and reporting criteria used by outside counsel inliability cases and implemented the needed changes;The first four listed items above were publicly disclosed and are the subject ofthis legal projects portfolio.Walt is available for a new in-house legal opportunity. Walt’scomplete professional profile can be accessed at:http://www.linkedin.com/in/waltmetz 2
  3. 3. SECTION IPROJECTS COMPLETED DURING WALTMETZ’S TENURE AS GENERAL COUNSELFOR AMERICOLD REALTY TRUST/AMERICOLD LOGISTICS, LLC2005-2010 “Walt is a conscientious and dedicated attorney. It has been a pleasure to work with Walt throughout his tenure at AmeriCold.” March 17, 2010 Jonathan Eady, Partner, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP ---Was with outside law firm when working with Walt at AmeriCold Logistics 3
  4. 4. AUGUST 2006 PURCHASEOFCONAGRA’STEMPERATURECONTROLLEDWAREHOUSES“I have worked opposite Walt on very large, complex businesstransactions and am impressed with his diligence, integrity,courtesy and win-win approach to getting the deal done. He has acan-do, problem-solver attitude and the skill to back it up.” October27, 2010Lee Hamann, Attorney, McGrath North Mullin & Kratz, PC LLOWas with a law firm when working with Walt at Americold RealtyTrust and AmeriCold Logistics, LLC 4
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  6. 6. DECEMBER 2006$1 BILLION MORTGAGEBACKED FINANCING“I came to Americold as CEO after The Yucaipa Companies acquired aminority interest, but had operating control. Previously, I was a Partner atYucaipa. At the time, Americold outsourced all legal work, and it was decidedthat we required dedicated staff counsel. Walt was selected for that positionfrom amongst several candidates. In this position, Walt reported to me anddeveloped a comprehensive in-house legal operation. He worked withdiligence on many projects. Primarily, his legal efforts centered on the fullportfolio of business issues: contracts, environmental, employment.Americold employed 7,000 in 98 locations nationwide and generatedrevenues in excess of $700 million. Walt represented the firm well in allmanner of work. Walt also worked with the owner group (Vornado, Crescentand Yuciapa) on projects brought forth by the sponsors. Of note, was a majorbank refinancing completed in 2007. His experience at Americold bothutilized and enhanced his professional experience.” August 28, 2010Tony Schnug, CEO, Americold--Was Walt’s boss during most of his tenure at Americold Realty Trust andAmeriCold Logistics, LLC 6
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  11. 11. AT THE MARKETSTOCK OFFERING“I had the opportunity to work with Walt on an equity transaction with a very shorttimeline. Although Walt had only been with Old Dominion for about a week, heimmediately became involved with the internal and external transaction team andhelped get the transaction completed in a timely manner. His careful attention todetail and thoughtful approach was certainly appreciated.” June 24, 2011Ross Parr, Was Member, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLCwas outside counsel to Walt at Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.“I worked opposite Walt Metz on a public offering by his client, whereScudder Law Firm was counsel for the underwriter and Walt was the leadin-house attorney for the issuer. Walt was tireless in his efforts tonegotiate the best possible terms for his client. He was diligent,resourceful, and tenacious when making, supporting, and defending hisclients point of view. He has a strong work ethic and was always ready towork as hard as anyone else on the team. Moreover, his broad and deepknowledge of the transportation industry, combined with his ability toseparate the important from the unimportant, streamlined numerousissues, which was critical in a fast-moving process. He also maintained arigorous sense of value, insisting on a process and result that respectedboth quality and cost. Walts skill set would be valuable for a broad rangeof companies in the transportation and logistics supply chain.”Mark Scudder, Partner, Scudder Law FirmScudder Law Firm was counsel for the underwriter and Walt was the leadin-house attorney for the issuer
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  14. 14. Gordon Trucking, Inc.“For a lawyer, Walts actually a pretty reasonable guy.Walt and I worked together on our biggest financingproject to date. He held his ground vs. an opposingcounsel who was very insistent. His counsel waswise, and his attention to detail assured that we gotall the issues addressed.” ---Bob Goldberg, Executive Vice President and CFO, Gordon Trucking, Inc.“I worked with Walt on the opposite side of severaltransactions as he represented a mutualtransportation client. I found Walt to be extremelydetailed oriented and represented his client as GCwith the highest level of integrity. Walt took the timeto fully understand the nature of the transactions,listened carefully to the concerns and needs of thelender, and made appropriate adjustments andrecommendations as needed. I would recommendWalt highly.” ---Christopher Algeo, Vice President and Senior 14 Relationship Manager, Key Bank.
  15. 15. WOW Logistics“I recently had an opportunity to work with Walton a couple of projects. I was extremelyimpressed with his aptitude, knowledge ofwarehouse law, and attention to detail. Mycompany was in the process of hiring a newgeneral counsel and I was up against a deadline.He went out of his way to provide feedback andguidance, so I could bring the matter to a speedyand successful closure. I would highlyrecommend Walt to anyone that needed anattorney for matters concerning third partywarehousing or transportation.” October 1, 2012---Jamie Wally, CLP, V.P. of Sales and Marketing,WOW Logistics. 15
  17. 17. OTHERACCOMPLISHMENTS■ Started New Company Legal Department■ Implemented Post Acquisition Transition Plan■ Completed Structural & Procedural Changes forRefinancing■ Assisted in Obtained Revolving Credit Facilities■ Created New Contract Process■ Implemented Contract Storage & Retrieval System■ Reviewed/Drafted All Major Company Contracts■ Supervised All Major Company Litigation and Claims■ Revised Company Claims Handling Process■ Revised Structure for Outside Counsel Reporting■ Resolved Two Major Customer Contract Disputes■ Obtained Early Dismissals of Two Major Class ActionSuits■ Provided Litigation Advice for $1 Million ClaimRecovery■ Supervised Major Patent Infringement Litigation■ Recognized Author on Current Law Topics 17■ Past Leader of Top National Lawyer’s Committee
  18. 18. Day to Day Functional Skills■ Corporate Secretary ■ Contract Reviews■ General Practice ■ Customer Agreements■ Employment Law ■ Trans. Agreements■ Transportation Law ■ Risk Management■ Warehousing Law ■ Dispute Resolution■ Commercial Leases ■ Commercial Litigation■ Commercial Loans ■ Trans. Litigation■ M&A ■ Tort Litigation■ Real Estate Transactions ■ Patent Lit. Mangmnt. 18