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WDT Brochure


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WDT Brochure

  1. 1. WDT (Engineers) Pty Ltd Engineers Fabricators Constructors Reliable Suppliers to Industry
  2. 2. WDT offers a quality engineering package from project management to commissioning. Products & Services by Industry ♦ WDT Continuous Fugal ♦ Batch Vacuum Pans ♦ Continuous Vacuum Pans ♦ Evaporators (Roberts & Plate) ♦ Condensers ♦ Rotary Juice Screens ♦ Juice Heaters ♦ Clarifiers ♦ Receivers ♦ Crystallisers ♦ Sugar Dryers ♦ Tipplers ♦ Bagasse Storage Systems ♦ Bagacillo Systems ♦ Bucket Elevators ♦ Screw Conveyors ♦ Melters ♦ Tanks & Pipe work Sugar Industry ♦ Belt Conveyors ♦ Belt Feeders ♦ Hoppers ♦ Bulk Storage Bins & Silos ♦ Bucket Elevators ♦ Screw Conveyors ♦ Automatic Transfer Cars ♦ Specialized Equipment Materials Handling ♦ Stockyards & Blending systems ♦ Stackers ♦ Tripper cars ♦ Portal Reclaimers ♦ Bridge Reclaimers ♦ Circular Stockpile systems ♦ Portal Bridge Reclaimers ♦ Ship loaders Manufacture and Supply of Stockyard Equipment. ♦ Pressure Vessels ♦ Stainless Steel ♦ Heavy Fabrication ♦ Large Diameter machining ♦ Heavy plate welding & Boiler making ♦ Process Vessels & Pipe work ♦ In-house Design & Drafting Design, Fabrication and Machining
  3. 3. About Us WDT (Engineers) Pty Ltd is a general engineering company catering to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning requirements of most aspects of industry. Since incorporation in 1970 the company has grown steadily in knowledge and expertise establishing a reputation as a reliable supplier to industry. The company's head office is located in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, Australia with a second manufacturing works situated in Mackay, North Queensland. WDT (Engineers) Pty Ltd has a wealth of experience in the Sugar and Mining Industries from both materials handling and process design considerations. Our focus is on medium to major projects with the capability to cover the full scope of Design, Project Management, Drafting, Manufacture and Construction. We regularly operate in the role of Prime Contractor on larger projects. We have in house design and drafting facilities in our Brisbane office and our experienced Construction Division carries out all site installation requirements. We see our prime areas of expertise as Materials Handling, Large Process Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Storage and Load out Facilities, heavy-duty machinery applications and specialised structural fabrications. As we have our own Construction Division we also perform Shutdown and Maintenance activities. WDT operates a Management System that complies with the requirements of AS/ NZS ISO 9001:2000. Our capability covers: Design, manufacture, fabrication, supply, construction, installation and commissioning, including full “turnkey”
  4. 4. Materials Handling WDT senior personnel have extensive experience in conveyor project work and the company has full capability to cater to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning requirements of major conveyor projects. From ship loaders, stackers and reclaimers to a complete power station coal handling plant WDT has the capability to deliver on your materials handling projects. Erection of Conveyor Gantries at Tarong North Power Station as part of a $M14 Coal Handling Plant Project 4,000 Tonne Coal Receivable Bin Completed Conveyor Gantries at Tarong North Power Station
  5. 5. Two Luffing & Slewing 3000TPH Coal Ship loaders Detail design, fabrication, shop assembly & Commissioning 3000 Tonne Sugar Bin Fabricate & Construct Grain Ship loader Fabricate & Construct
  6. 6. Sugar Industry WDT have been a leading supplier of process equipment to the Australian Sugar Industry in recent years. Many of the larger contracts are undertaken on a design and construct basis with WDT acting as principal contractor, and playing a key role in up front process design support and budget preparation. We have designed, constructed and installed all components of process plant for a complete sugar mill “back end” with many designs proven in the industry over the last thirty plus years. 10.4m Juice Clarifier With top juice flash tank CSR Continuous Cascade Vacuum Pan
  7. 7. Juice Heater 136m2 Batch Vacuum Pan with internal condenser Rotary Tippler (900TPH) Dual Ring Gear & Pinion Drive
  8. 8. WDT Continuous Fugal Optimum ‘A’ & ‘B’ Massecuite Fugalling ♦ New basket design giving improved purging and drainage at low speed. ♦ Reduced wash water demand. ♦ In-basket Massecuite conditioning. ♦ Separate green / wash molasses, ideal for continuous pans.
  9. 9. 2003: Successful operation treating ‘B’Massecuite at 340 to 360 RPM.
  10. 10. Stockyard Equipment WDT have manufactured and installed Stockyard Equipment/ materials handling equipment in Australia via recognised suppliers in the field of bulk material stockyards and blending bed technology for all major industries. WDT have a strong history in the manufacture of the structural components of these machines and have performed several equipment upgrades. Bridge Type Scraper reclaimer 50m span, 1100TPH coal Luffing stacker 1200TPH Capacity
  11. 11. Circular Stacker and Bridge Type Reclaimer Upgrade to Bridge Type Reclaimer
  12. 12. Pressure Vessels Pressure vessels are designed, manufactured, tested, inspected and certified in accordance with the Australian Standard for Pressure Vessels AS1210. Vessels can be manufactured and welded to all vessel classes and constructed from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We manufacture vessels of all sizes ranging from a typical air receiver to the largest 10.0m diameter sugar process vacuum vessel. 321H Stainless Steel Con- 6m diameter Digestor Installation
  13. 13. 6MW Boiler Boiler Front End above Rotary Shaft Kiln Transport from WDT Mackay of 6m diameter Digestor Horizontal water and gas separator vessel for CSG industry
  14. 14. Machining & Fitting Machining of vessel body flange on Floor Borer Our company has shown the necessary initiative by installing suitable heavy equipment, of which few companies in Queensland would have the equivalent, whilst pursuing a progressive Research and Development policy to enable us to effectively support our growing Design and Construct Capacity. Our versatile machine shop has the capability to handle large and difficult machining tasks beyond that of your average machine shop. Fully Assembled Rotary Juice Screen (WDT Design)
  15. 15. Machining of Continuous Fugal Basket and completed batch fugal basket Asquith Radial Drills 75mm - 125mm hole 2.5m diameter lathe 6m centres, 40 Tonne
  16. 16. Workshop Capabilities Brisbane Workshop ♦ Five 10 Tonne overhead cranes in two bays (Design upgrade to 60T in hand). ♦ Maximum load out handled to date—65 Tonne. ♦ 3100mm x 25mm Plate Rolls. ♦ Falcon Plate Stripper with 6 cutting heads. ♦ Abrasive Blast Room Facility. ♦ Paint Shop Facility. ♦ SAW (Submerged Arc) Welding Facility. ♦ GMAW (MIG) Welding Facility. ♦ FCAW (Flux Cored Arc) Welding Facility. ♦ GTAW (TIG) Welding Facility. ♦ MMAW (Stick) Welding Facility. ♦ Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel Fabrication ♦ Extensive Shop Testing Capability. ♦ 4,500 m2 Covered Workshop. Shop Testing of 3000TPH Ship loader In our Brisbane Workshop.
  17. 17. Mackay Workshop ♦ 50 Tonne, 20 Tonne and Two 5 Tonne overhead cranes. ♦ 3300mm x 36mm Plate Rolls. ♦ SAW (Submerged Arc) Welding Facility. ♦ GMAW (MIG) Welding Facility. ♦ FCAW (Flux Cored Arc) Welding Facility. ♦ GTAW (TIG) Welding Facility. ♦ MMAW (Stick) Welding Facility. ♦ Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel Fabrication. ♦ 2,500 m2 Covered Workshop. Mackay Workshop
  18. 18. Construction Crew Installation of a Crystalliser At Racecourse Refinery Having our own Site Crew enables us to carry out projects to final completion and provide a Turn Key Manufacturing Service. Cranage Cranage is selected to suit the individual requirements of each work site and lifting duty so that the most cost effective solution is provided. Flexible Workforce Our Site crew covers all your on site requirements with Boilermakers, Fitters, Riggers and TA's. Shutdown Work Crew available to work within your Shutdown periods Installation of Continuous Vertical Vacuum Pan
  19. 19. Erection of Conveyor Gantries At Newlands Coal Mine Installation of a Multiple Hearth Furnace—QLD Magnesia. Two units supplied. Erection of Tail Gas Scrubber 8m Dia x 47m High. WMC—Phosphate Hill
  20. 20. Andrew HauffWDT (Engineers) Pty Ltd Brisbane Works—Head Office: Address: 124 Ingram Rd Acacia Ridge QLD 4110 Phone: 61 7 3345 4000 Fax: 61 7 3345 8697 Email: Web: Engineers Fabricators Constructors WDT (Engineers) Pty Ltd Mackay Works: Address: Commercial Avenue Paget Mackay Phone: 61 7 4952 2742 Fax: 61 7 4952 3768 Email: