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Smart city pres_vdef


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Smart city pres_vdef

  1. 1. Smart thinking solutions Barcelona 13-15 November 2012
  2. 2. Smart City ExpoWorld CongressThe global eventpromoting Smart Cities World Leader Thinking & Solutions Networking The reference The essential event The hub for business and contacts The meeting point that brings together The place to foster learning, sharing The meeting point for companies, the best experts, companies and and inspiration to support the public administration, entrepreneurs products from all over the world. development of smarter cities. and research centers to identify Thousands of professionals now have The best opportunity to showcase real business opportunities and their center of excellence in Barcelona. solutions and products. partnerships.
  3. 3. Barcelona World LeaderThe hub ofsmart cities ADVANCED, SUSTAINABLE MOBILE WORLD INNOVATIVE CITY VENUE CAPITAL Investing in new solutions Gran Via, the most Home of the Mobile and smart development. advanced venue in Europe. World Congress and a global hub for developing the Mobile industry.
  4. 4. Fira World LeaderBarcelona A powerful economic engine that brings together over 35,000 companies and more than 3 million visitors in 70 events every year. With all the experience of over 125 years, and the organizational and logistical capacity that allows it to provide service to global meetings like the Mobile World Congress.
  5. 5. The main World LeaderplatformThe world benchmarkfor the smart cities sector 118 367 Delegates from over 50 leading Speakers countries from companies from 30 countries 5 continents 6,160 2,082 78.7% visitors delegates purchase decision makers
  6. 6. World Leader World Leader“It had an outstanding representation “Smart City Expo World Congress “Smart City is a new idea:from the business world and stood out for the quality of the it needs to be refined,permitted the exchange of very attendees and the content it requires a lot of practicalimportant ideas and experiences of the conferences and panel innovation and it has to setwhich is necessary at this time.” discussions, establishing a standards. Only the SCEWC watershed in relation to smart cities.” can do these three things.”Tetsuya Nakajima, Jordi Botifoll, Greg Clark,Yokohama City VP EMEA Cisco Business of cities, ltd
  7. 7. I think cities, World LeaderI think the world“We need a new economic model that hasto be based on a new energy regimecombined with a communicationrevolution agile enough to manage itscomplexity; A third industrial revolutionbased on renewable energies,distributedly produced, stored and shared.” Jeremy Rifkin, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends , See the opinion of some experts from last year’s event.
  8. 8. Thinking & Solutions2012edition smart thinking World Congress smart solutions Exhibition Area
  9. 9. Thinking & Solutions2012edition Innovation and technology are the drivers of a smart Smart City, a vision that integrates energy, society, of businesses, and of governments facing the technology, mobility, urban planning, environment, challenges of the 21st century: climate change, high and governance and city management to develop consumption of non-renewable resources, economic solutions for innovative and sustainable cities. development, growing populations and ageing infrastructures.
  10. 10. World Thinking & SolutionsCongressSmart Thinking A conference program make up of the most relevant experts and leaders of the world’s most innovative cities, companies, initiatives and solutions. The best opportunity to explain, discuss, inspire and exchange knowledge and ideas at the highest level.
  11. 11. Smart drivers Thinking & SolutionsAn integrated vision of allinteracting areas in thedevelopment of innovativeand sustainable cities Technology & Innovation Energy Urban Planning Smart society Environment & Mobility Collaborative city Emergencies & Smart GEO Security Economy & Governance
  12. 12. Smart drivers Thinking & Solutions Collaborative City Keywords & Smart Society Liveable cities Smart society Social innovation ParticipationEnergy Technology & Innovation Urban planning EnvironmentRenewable energies Sensorization Creative city WaterEnergy grid Cloud Citizen involvement Product cycleEnergy storage M2M Smart growth CO2 / emissionsZero carbon Big data Green building Urban sustainabilityEV equipment AppsGovernance & Economy Mobility Emergencies & Security Smart GEOPPP ICTs City resilience Data analysisSmart funding New paradigms City services CartographyOpen Government Electric Vehicle Visualization Geo information
  13. 13. Thinking & SolutionsExhibition AreaThe most powerfulbusiness platform The place where the most innovative businesses showcase their latest developments, products and solutions. An event where you can make yourself visible, relate, create new opportunities and attract the attention of governments, cities and businesses.
  14. 14. Smart City Thinking & SolutionsplazaA space where our partnerswill exhibit their real solutions “The best showcase for a smart city is the city itself.”
  15. 15. World Smart Thinking & SolutionsCities AwardsBringing together experts from all fieldsto reward excellent smart cities,solutions and initiatives.Its first edition achieved great successwith over a 100 companies andinitiatives competing.
  16. 16. Smart connect & Networking Global networking Business Bridge An activity which aims to bring together and generate new opportunities among a selection of trade delegations from prominent countries and markets.Business MatchAn exclusive service of Fira de Barcelona whichallows you to manage your appointmentsbefore, during and after the event. A fast andconvenient tool which allows you to: organizeyour agenda, select the profile and contacts that Hosted Buyers Programbest suit your company and arrange meetings in Personal agendas betweenadvance at Smart City Expo World Congress. Qualified buyers and Exhibitors. Formats: speed dating, B2B, meetings...
  17. 17. Smart connect & Networking Global networking Gala Dinner Awards The World Smart City Awards have the best possible closing event: a special prize-giving dinner for the best projects, ideas and solutions. An ideal setting to share excellence with the most prominent exponents of the “smart city” market worldwide. Speakers’ CornerWelcome Lunch Special areas for direct interactionOpening event to welcome and between businesses and public.promote business contacts The most dynamic way to presentat the highest level. solutions, projects and ideas.
  18. 18. Road Show Networking2012Madrid BruxellesLos Angeles CopenhagueTokyo StockholmYokohama NewYorkHangzhou HyderabadMedellín San FranciscoDubai Sao PauloLondon Rio de JaneiroNew Delhi Bogotá Fira de Barcelona’s Delegations Algeria Germany Poland Argentina Holland Portugal Austria Hong Kong Peru Belgium India Russia Brazil Ireland Switzerland Bolivia Israel Taiwan Canada Italy Tunisia Chile Kazakhstan Turkey China Luxembourg Ukraine France Mexico United Kingdom Ecuador Morocco United States
  19. 19. Media Impact NetworkingAn integrated campaignto maximize the impacton all media Visibility Internet Social Media Relationship Exclusive agreements with The website interactive tool for A global relationship platform that Over 50,000 contacts general and business press information and latest news. creates and contributes value to the (institutions, companies (ie: Financial Times, Expansion) contents generated at the event. and international organizations with which to maintain regular contact).
  20. 20. Sponsorship NetworkingOpportunitiesWe offer you a wide range ofpossibilities to support the eventand obtain the best resultsin terms of visibility and, of course,capacity to generate newbusiness opportunities throughsponsorship or the high addedvalue activities that are part ofSmart City World Congress.
  21. 21. Business opportunitiesAvailableSponsorshipOpportunities Delphine Romeu Fran Lucena Luis Fernández Pedro Sánchez Main Global Event Event Partner Sponsor Sponsor Global Main Event sponsor partner
  22. 22. We will be shaping the futureat the Smart City Expo World Congress. Be part of it!