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Managing Your Online Reputation (Yelp)

Presentation from the LA Digital Boot Camp for business owners April 19, 2015.

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Managing Your Online Reputation (Yelp)

  1. 1. How to Get Your Customers to Rave About You Online
  2. 2. AGENDA 01 Why should I care about my online reputation? 02 What websites/platforms matter most to my business? 03 How should I respond to reviews, comments and feedback online? 04 How can I achieve a strong online presence?
  3. 3. How Are Most Consumers Finding Local Businesses?
  4. 4. … According to a 2014 Nielsen study…
  5. 5. If you dread the words “Online Reputation,” ask yourself: “Would I approach someone if I heard them talking about my business in the real world?”
  6. 6. What websites & platforms matter most to my business?
  7. 7. Yelp Confidential   5
  8. 8. Yelp Confidential   Discounts? Photos? Promotions? Store Hours? Experience? Website? Tip #1: Determine Where You Want to Focus Your Attention & Optimize Your Profiles
  9. 9. 135 Million monthly unique visitors 71 Million Reviews (as of Q4, 2014) Yelp Exists To connect people with great local businesses.
  10. 10. The Yelp App: Coming to a Device Near You! 72M 374k 65% 523k
  11. 11. … In a Nielsen study, we found that…
  12. 12. … and that…
  13. 13. Start Here: Desktop: Mobile:
  14. 14. Free Tools, User Views and Customer Leads
  15. 15. Customer Leads: The Breakdown of what’s included…
  16. 16. Optimize Your Listing: A look at a non-optimized listing.
  17. 17. Optimize Your Listing: All of this is Free!
  18. 18. Yelp Deals & Check-In Offers: Entice customers to transact with you right from your Yelp Business Page! Available on paper… …or on your phone.
  19. 19. Your Mobile Audience: Entice them with a check-in offer. Thanks for checking in to Safari Helicopter Tours! Here’s a little something to show their appreciation: 1 Free Jurassic Waterfall Poster
  20. 20. How should I respond to reviews, comments & feedback online?
  21. 21. Craft Responses You Can Be Proud Of…
  22. 22. Negative Review? Stop, Drop & Roll.
  23. 23. Remember These Steps! Don't respond immediately. The best advice I've received is to sleep on it (although I typically lose sleep over such reviews). Waiting 24 hours can make all the difference. STEP ONE: STOP   01
  24. 24. Remember These Steps! Drop the prideful, defensive and harsh response. Let a trusted co-worker or friend read through your response before posting. Remember taking the high road is rarely a bad idea. STEP TWO: DROP   02
  25. 25. Remember These Steps! Roll with it. In the end, you can’t control the opinions of your clients. Attempt to mend any valid issues this person presented through their review. Keep providing the best possible service and products. Do those things and the more affectionate reviews will exponentially multiply! STEP THREE: ROLL   03
  26. 26. Stop, Drop & Roll in Action: 1 Star Review on 8/5/12 Review Update: 3 Stars Public Comment from Business Owner
  27. 27. Connect with Customers & Join the Conversation: You Can Send a Private Message, or Post a Public Comment (or both)
  28. 28. 8% 11% 14% 25% 42% Fact: Nearly 80% of Yelp reviews are 3-Stars of higher. Myth: Most Yelp reviews are negative.
  29. 29. Quality Controls: Why some reviews come down.
  30. 30. Why Some Reviews Are Not Recommended
  31. 31. How can I achieve a strong online presence?
  32. 32. Don’t Ask For Reviews Encourage Engagement Instead
  33. 33. Don’t Ask For Reviews Just leave a trail of breadcrumbs.
  34. 34. Update Your Email Signature Post Logos In-Office & In Marketing Materials Don’t Ask For Reviews Just leave a trail of breadcrumbs.
  35. 35. Get More Exposure with Search Ads Consider Paid Options:
  36. 36. Paid Options: Business Page Upgrades •  Call to Action Button •  Photo Slideshow •  Competitor Ad Removal •  Account Management Support
  37. 37. Remember: 01 Consumers are turning to review sites to make buying decisions. 02 To keep things manageable, stick to the top 3-5 websites or platforms that drive the most traffic through your doors. 03 Join the conversation with your customers online and remember to ‘Stop, Drop & Roll’ when faced with negative feedback. 04 Don’t ask for reviews, simply encourage engagement instead.
  39. 39. We know just the place.

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  • e.gualandi

    Apr. 27, 2015

Presentation from the LA Digital Boot Camp for business owners April 19, 2015.


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