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BITZ BOOTCAMP DC: Welcome - Why Are You Here?

  1. ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB Welcome: Why Are You Here? G R E G S T E R L I N G LSA N E A L P O L A C H E K BOARD ADVISORS
  2. Using online services to improve your effectiveness and the customer experience
  3. What Is LSA? A not-for-profit industry association of media companies, digital agencies and technology providers who help businesses market to local consumers. 300+ Members | 20 Countries
  4. Some of LSA’s Members
  5. Two Events Local entrepreneurs SaaS/marketing services providers to local businesses
  6. Enabling a Conversation
  7. Today Is about You
  8. Today’s Speakers
  9. The Modern Customer Journey Managing Your Reputation & Online Visibility Do You Know Your (Best) Customers? Managing Cash Flow & Profits Finding and Hiring the Right People Smart Service: Winning the Customer Experience Key Lessons for Local Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Tell Us What You Think Today’s Sessions
  10. This Stuff Is Challenging
  11. Ever Feel Like This?
  12. Do you work with any outside consultants, coaches, agencies or experts?
  13. • Access to expertise • Practical advice • No-pressure environment • Start conversations What We’re Trying to Do
  14. We Want to Hear Your Stories
  15. So Do They
  16. Some of Their Questions • What was your biggest challenge when launching your business? • What is the most important software you invest in as a business owner? • How do you decide what to do in-house vs. what to hire out? • What's your biggest struggle with email marketing • How do you make decisions about software purchases? • How do you prefer being approached by technology solution offerings? • What is the biggest challenge you face when communicating with prospects/customers? • If you could hire a business coach, what would you want to learn? • How do you want to consume legal services now and in the future?
  17. • Engage: ask questions/express opinions • Network: talk to each other • Get contact info: follow up • Keep in Touch: we’re here to help How to Get the Most from Today
  18. Stay for the Reception
  19. Talk to Each Other & Us • During Q&A • Breaks • Lunch • Reception
  20. ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB NETWORK: ValoParkGuest PASSWORD: Not Required Wifi:
  21. ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB Sponsors:
  22. ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB Exhibitors:
  23. ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB S P O N S O R E D B Y: Reception:
  24. ENGAGE: SaaS/SMB S P O N S O R E D B Y:
  25. Away We Go!