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Agile’s not just about ICT | Russell Charlesworth | June 2014


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Presentation on how Agile concepts developed and proven in ICT are transferable to a business context. Presented by Russell Charlesworth at the Local Digital Academy Hot Topic event on 27 June 2014 hosted by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

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Agile’s not just about ICT | Russell Charlesworth | June 2014

  1. 1. “Agile’s not just about ICT” DCLG 27 June 2014
  2. 2. Agile for the Enterprise • Theme – Agile concepts developed and proven in ICT are transferable to a business context • The valuable concepts – Incremental thinking and planning – Minimum viable products – Net benefits focus – Simplification ethos – Good Governance remains crucial • Why are these of interest? – A common business/IT language that binds traditionally silo’d teams – ROI from Business Agile can be many times bigger than the best optimised Agile IT Programme – Teams are dysfunctional at every organisational level – Leadership, Planning, operational 2
  3. 3. Agile Capability Maturity Model • Agile restricted to small, none-critical pilot projects • Scrum-based, some changes to engineering and environment • Staff provided with basic training • Buy-in from engaged business users • Anecdotal evidence of success and improvement 1. AGILE FOUNDATION • Wider adoption within the technology function • Larger projects, more widespread adoption of Agile • Wider use of Agile engineering and release approaches • Some concern regarding visibility and control • Better business engagement and improved quality 2. AGILE PROCESS ADOPTION • Application of Governance to Agile projects • Incremental thinking at programme level • Standardisation of approach throughout function • Engineering processes mandated, automation widespread • Benefits realised at enterprise scale 3. PROGRAMME ADOPTION • Agile at a strategic organisational level • New operating model and Agile portfolio management • Structured approach to business engagement • Reduced waste, improved time to market, increased ROI • Significant competitive advantage 4. THE AGILE ENTERPRISE Organisational Capability Project Capability
  4. 4. ESCC – Agile Programme The Vision • Maximises operational efficiency and effectiveness • Key response to necessary funding cuts – saves £90M over 10 years • Radical change in the council’s culture required • Improved customer service delivery • New services digital by default, customer centric and Agile by design Stats-at-a-glance • 3 year programme commenced June 2013 • Programme Team has delivered Business case, Business Blueprint, Enterprise Architecture, Information Audit, ICT Roll-out plans, Services roll-out Programme, Property rationalisation plan, Agile Benefits Model, GoAgile Change Model & Communications campaign, PMO Governance, Scorecards & Reporting embedded. • Nearly 3500 people, 5 Directorates and 700 teams will be impacted • Agile Programme includes portfolio of 200+ ICT and transition projects • Cloud-based PMO governance & reporting platform • 18 buildings reducing to 4 Hub buildings • 3500 new laptops, smart phones, tablets and 3G/4G connectivity • c.100 HR policies modified or created • Information audits and EDRM design completed • 5 new generic Agile Business Process improvements agreed • Over 1000 potential new team-level process improvements identified 4
  5. 5. ESCC – Agile Programme Savings profile •Capital receipts from building disposals •Headcount cuts or freeze with increase in activity •Revenue expenditure reductions in utilities, paper, etc The Challenge •Need for Leadership to drive necessary culture change •Savings to be identified and tracked via administration based headcount reductions •Low staff expectations of technology delivery stems from underwhelming perception of previous IT projects 5
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