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How to Create Value, Attract More Clients & Charge Higher Rates to


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Ray Reyes presentation at the Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators Event in August 2012.

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How to Create Value, Attract More Clients & Charge Higher Rates to

  1. 1. How to Create Value,Attract More Clients andCharge Higher Rates to INCREASE SALES! Ray Reyes Chief Executive Officer Latitudes Training, Coaching and Consulting 1
  2. 2. How to Increase Sales• Create value• Attract more clients• Charge higher rates
  3. 3. Create Value6 principles to creating value1. Know your client2. What problems can you solve?3. Understand your client goals4. Do Customer Centric Marketing5. State your purpose6. Be an expert!
  4. 4. Create ValueKnow Your Client• Impact of the project on your client• Create a system• What is really important to the client?• Case studies• Problem solver or vendor?
  5. 5. Create ValueWhat problems can you solve?• Win more business?• Communicate with existing customers?• Train employees?
  6. 6. Create ValueUnderstand your client goals• Make more money?• Save time?• Be more competitive?• Know the ROI to show your client YOUR VALUE• ROI for prospects
  7. 7. Create ValueKnow the benefits• What in it for the CLIENT?• Good translation – Bad translation• Competitive edge• Looking to the Future
  8. 8. Create ValueClient Centric Marketing• It’s all about the CLIENT• How are you Helping, Giving or Serving?• Don’t focus on what you do• Share the problems you have solved
  9. 9. Create ValueState your purpose• State your “WHY” before your “WHAT”• Passion attracts passion• Well defined Mission Statement• Be bigger than life
  10. 10. Create ValueBe THE expert!• Focus, Focus, Focus• Expertise = Client needs• Broader scope, more work, lower rates, less money.• “Jack of all trades, master of none”.
  11. 11. Attract More Clients1. Focus, focus, focus be the expert2. Join your clients’ marquee associations3. Go to industry events4. Clients’ trade publications5. Communicate your expertise6. Communicate your VALUE on your website
  12. 12. Attract More ClientsFocus, focus, focus1. Identify a single industry2. Possibly a single discipline3. Stay updated4. Know the players5. Get involved
  13. 13. Attract More ClientsCommunicate your expertise1. Achievements and accomplishments2. What problems you have solved for other clients?3. Work history4. Skills, training, technology5. Education
  14. 14. Attract More ClientsCommunicate your VALUE1. Website (mobile app)2. Blogs3. Emails4. Business cards5. Newsletters6. Client testimonials
  15. 15. Attract More ClientsGo to industry events1. Client trade shows2. Award dinners and gala’s3. Association conferences4. Volunteer5. Holiday fund raisers
  16. 16. Attract More ClientsClient trade publications1. Advertise2. Contribute articles3. Subscribe
  17. 17. Attract More ClientsAssociations1. Join the Association that your marquee clients are members of2. Develop key relationships3. Become a Preferred vendor4. Be a guest speaker5. Co branded marketing
  18. 18. Charge Higher Rates“Pricing builds or destroys value faster thanalmost any business action.”Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School
  19. 19. Charge Higher Rates1. Never compete on price2. Solve a Problem3. Provide Value-Added Services4. Be the Expert5. Create Loyal Customers
  20. 20. Charge Higher RatesCompeting on price1. There’s only 1 of you- NO VOLUME DISCOUNTS2. Be able to say NO3. There’s only 1 Wal-Mart
  21. 21. Charge Higher RatesBe a problem solver1. Understand the project2. Ask questions3. How can you solve the problem?4. Identify and communicate the “pain” or “goal” for the project
  22. 22. Charge Higher RatesBe the expert!1. Remember YOU are the expert2. Explain the end-to-end translation process3. Understand the review process (reviewer)4. Know your clients industry5. Their industry – Your translation6. FOCUS
  23. 23. Charge Higher RatesLoyal customers1. Constant Communication2. Ask them critique you (easier than asking for a referral)3. Set expectations early4. Under sell Over deliver5. Try to get to know them outside the office
  24. 24. Charge Higher RatesREMEMBER THE KEY TO CHARGING HIGHER RATESIS TO:1. Never compete on price2. Solve a Problem3. Provide Value-Added Services4. Be the Expert5. Create Loyal Customers
  25. 25. Charge Higher RatesIncrease Sales!• Am I creating value?• Am I doing what I need to attract more clients?• Can I charge more?
  26. 26. THANK YOU!
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