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The Proof is in the ROI: LinkedIn Marketing Insights from the Pros


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Sometimes the best way to learn about a subject is to pay close attention to what your peers are saying and doing. To help you understand how your fellow marketers are reimagining their content strategy and exceeding their marketing goals on LinkedIn, we artfully gathered insights from the pros.

Learn how these pros are proving ROI on LinkedIn as they deliver insight into:
- How they've used LinkedIn conversion tracking to optimize campaigns
- The value demand generation teams are finding on LinkedIn
- All-time high conversion rates fueled by LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
- How they're reaching niche audiences and higher quality prospects using LinkedIn Sponsored Content

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The Proof is in the ROI: LinkedIn Marketing Insights from the Pros

  1. 1. The Proof is in the ROI The Proof is in the ROI LinkedIn Marketing Insights from the Pros
  2. 2. We need every demand generation dollar we spend to have a positive effect, and we’ve been able to do that with LinkedIn. James Court Demand Generation Consultant Development Dimensions International Marketing on LinkedIn
  3. 3. The unique value of LinkedIn is that it’s more than just an awareness building channel. We’re not just sharing content freely; we’re able to translate it into lead generation. And the targeted audience for our content means that we’re seeing a much stronger Return on Investment than we ever received from pay-per-click search advertising. Matthew Tainton Product Marketing Manager Platts Petrochemicals Marketing on LinkedIn
  4. 4. We love the ability to analyse in real time and fine tune assets to improve their effectiveness and pivot on strategies while the program is running. It is truly executing on the concept of buyer’s journey based marketing. Stella Kordonis Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Australia and New Zealand Red Hat Marketing on LinkedIn
  5. 5. Our followers have increased more than eightfold, widening our quality captured audience reach. We will continue to emphasize quality, not quantity, in building on our audience numbers by utilizing LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities. Blair Abbott Head of Global Strategic Marketing & Business Development Division Mirae Asset Global Investments Marketing on LinkedIn
  6. 6. The crux of effective marketing is twofold — the ability to develop incisive messaging based on consumer insight, and finding the right communication channel to present this messaging to the consumer at the right time and in the right context. The success of our campaign on LinkedIn is a culmination of these two aspects coming together well. Kashyap Dalal Chief Business Officer Simplilearn Marketing on LinkedIn
  7. 7. LinkedIn conversion tracking lets us optimize our campaigns in real time. We’ve easily been able to adjust our programs based on metrics that matter most. Divya Dutt Sr. Manager for Search, Paid Social & Nurture Marketo LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  8. 8. LinkedIn conversion tracking is the key metric I use when thinking about how to optimize our campaigns — and it clearly shows our LinkedIn campaign performance is almost too good to be true. Rick Salmon PPC Manager ConnectWise LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  9. 9. We’ve been updating our campaign with insights gained from LinkedIn conversion tracking. At this time, 94% of leads generated through our campaign are sales-accepted. Priyank Savla Digital Marketing Manager NetBrain Technologies Inc. LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  10. 10. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail delivered a 40% conversion rate. Frankly, it blew every other campaign out of the water. Greg Apple Head of Marketing HelloGbye LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  11. 11. One of the extraordinary things about our InMail campaign is that we have two students starting in August who had never heard of this program before they received our InMail in March. In the history of my marketing experience at this school, I’ve never seen us convert that quickly. Elizabeth Hogan Associate Dean, Global Marketing Fuqua School of Business Duke University LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  12. 12. We hit a 48% open rate with Sponsored InMail. We haven’t seen open rates that high in a long time. Victor Lin Digital Marketing Manager Replicon LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  13. 13. We needed to reach the niche audience that supports the oilfield services industry. LinkedIn’s ability to hyper- target this specific segment and find key people in the industry was a huge draw for us. Nicole Baron Marketing Manager VistaVu Solutions LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  14. 14. Attracting quality students is key to the success of our graduate business programs. The ability to target our marketing efforts by region, expertise, and career level made it possible to reach and engage with the precise audience we needed. Eric Schulz Co-director of Brand Management and Strategic Marketing Utah State University LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  15. 15. LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content is the perfect marriage between its professional audience and our content- based approach to advertising. The tool helps surface relevant content for quality prospects in our target B2B market, effectively merging our inbound strategy with cost-effective lead generation. Kipp Bodnar CMO HubSpot LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  16. 16. The purpose of the campaign was to reach and engage the right audience with creative content. We focused on past LinkedIn data to methodically identify what content works with the target audience. The results vindicate our belief in the use of data to improve performance of creative campaigns. Arem Mukim Manager, Corporate Communications & Digital Marketing Ricoh India Ltd LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  17. 17. This combination of a professional, active community, and the ability to precisely target our messages, delivered unparalleled ROI at scale. Igor Belogolovsky Co-founder Clever Zebo LinkedIn Text Ads
  18. 18. Account Targeting enabled us to increase the scale of how many accounts we can target, giving us increased exposure to our most important customers. Suzanne McVey Head of Global Demand Generation Swrve LinkedIn Account Targeting
  19. 19. Targeting on LinkedIn is as valuable as search marketing. For TIAS, it’s as inconceivable not to use LinkedIn as it is not to use Google. Job van den Wildenberg Marketing Development Manager TIAS School for Business and Society LinkedIn Account Targeting
  20. 20. For the first time in the history of media, you can reach the world’s professionals all in one place. More than 467M people worldwide gather on LinkedIn to stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and work smarter. Together they comprise the largest global community of business professionals. These are the decision-makers, influencers, and the leaders of today and tomorrow — precisely the people you want to target. For more information, visit