Mastering LinkedIn’s Targeting Capabilities

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May. 9, 2019

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Mastering LinkedIn’s Targeting Capabilities

  1. Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn
  2. • Fundamentals • New targeting features • Demo • Best practices • Q&A Agenda
  3. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce
  4. Customer demand Businessgrowth
  5. Reach the right professionals the right way EngagementAudience Environment
  6. The right audience Retargeted visitors Demographic segments Audience extension Job seekers Employee networks Intent signals Saved sales leads High quality reach at scale 40M business decision makers 100M Members come back
  7. 2018 Business Insider Digital Trust Report
  8. $ $ $ $$ $
  9. Targeting on LinkedIn Fundamentals
  10. Audience targeting driven by a members profile Title Company Member-specified location Group Membership Company Following School Field of Study Graduation Year
  11. Targeting by Function and Job Title Inferred from user-entered title User Entered Title: Product Marketing Lead Standardized Title: Product Marketing Seniority: Manager Function: Marketing
  12. Targeting by Company Name, Industry, Size Company Entered Name: LinkedIn Company Entered Industry: Internet Company Entered # Employees: 10,001+
  13. Reach qualified prospects with targeting based on a members professional profile
  14. New targeting features
  15. Matched audiences Reach people you already know with website, contact, and account targeting When to use it: 1. Retarget website visitors with always-on campaigns 2. Nurture leads to take them from consideration through purchase 3. When you have over 200 target accounts Feature #1 New Features
  16. Lookalike audiences Find new audiences who are similar to your existing customers and website visitors When to use it: ● With a high performing matched audience ● To find people who are likely to be a good fit for your company Feature #2 New Features
  17. New Features Interest Targeting Own the conversation around the professional topics that matter to your audience When to use it: ● Reach an audience interested in topics related to your product or service ● Gain thought leadership within a topic ● Reach buyers early in the buying process Feature #3
  18. Audience templates Easily reach the right audience using pre-built combinations of targeting criteria or audiences you’ve saved When to use it: ● Discover new targeting facets that would not have otherwise considered ● To access audiences you’ve saved in your account ● Reduce friction caused by unintentional hyper targeting Feature #4 New Features
  19. Skills Targeting Reach professionals based upon their area of expertise. When to use it: ● When looking to reach those with a specialised expertise ● When an area of expertise can span a variety of job titles ● An alternative to job title targeting Feature #5 New Features
  20. Let’s look at an example
  21. Meet FixDex A collaboration and communication offering for Enterprise organizations. Seeking to grow their presence in the US.
  22. Interested Professionals Interest in collaboration & communication tools Company size over 10K United States 540,000+ members Reach those discovering new solutions
  23. IT Decision Makers Template Manager+ Function of IT or Engineering 10K+ employees United States 640,000+ members Reaching Decision Makers
  24. Website Targeting Retarget professionals who visited their website 200,000+ members Reaching warm prospects
  25. Demo
  26. Best Practices
  27. Do’s & Don’ts DON’T: Lump all of your buyer personas into one campaign DO: Make sure your buyer personas are clear and well- defined DON’T: Hyper-target your campaigns DO: Add two or fewer additional targeting facets in addition to Location facet
  28. Estimating the size of your audience We recommend an audience size of at least 100k for optimal scale Start broad, then narrow down based on performance Use LinkedIn’s aggregated demographic reporting to learn who’s clicking ads and converting, based on title, function, seniority, etc.
  29. Save your audience as a template for future use You can use the “Save your audience as a template” feature to and then re-use your audience settings for another campaign later on. You can apply these templates to future campaigns across any of your accounts.
  30. Use Website & Demographic reporting ● Accessible via Account Dashboard ● Helps you optimize the targeting of your campaigns with information on who’s responding to your offer ● With sufficient campaign data, Demographic Reporting provides detailed insights about the professionals who have clicked on your LinkedIn ads, broken down by job title, job seniority, company industry, job function, company size, and location
  31. A/B Test your targeting By testing two similar campaigns with one small variation in your targeting criteria, you can see which combination is more effective.
  32. Seniority might not always be what you think Targeting influencers who will test products and influence the purchase vs. person signing the contract. Influence the Influencer: ● Product Marketing Lead – Title ● Senior – Seniority ● Marketing – Job Function
  33. Audience A ● Skills: Information Technology ● Years of Experience: 10+ Audience B ● Job Titles: Information Security Manager, Director of Information Security, Head of Information Security, Chief Information Security Officer…+more Audience C ● Function: Information Technology, Engineering, Operations. ● Excluding those unpaid ● Seniority: Manager + Audience D ● List of contacts uploaded from your marketing automation system Target Customer: Decisions within Information Technology Test Various Targeting Criteria to See What Works
  34. Additional Resources Visit our Success Hub for tips and best practices Subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog for product news
  35. Q & A